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Electric forklift patolada
Electric forklift patolada

Machine code: 775-048

Brand: CMH, Hanhcha

Electric forklift truck patolada.
Brand: CMH.
Model: ES 1616 E-AC
load capacity/1,400 Kg load Centre 600 mm/
Max-3,000 mm.
Lowered Fork height-90 mm
-1,150 mm Fork length
Total width-850 mm.
Outer turning radius-1,512 mm.
Patolada brand electric forklift Ameise
Patolada brand electric forklift Ameise

Machine code: 603-546

Brand: Ameise

Electric forklift truck patolada.
Brand: Ameise.
Model: EJC 15 (yellow).
Year 88.
In normal operation.
Comes with charger....
Electro-hydraulic forklift Paletrans
Electro-hydraulic forklift Paletrans  [unavailable

Machine code: 113-211

Brand: Paletrans

Electro-hydraulic forklift.

Brand: Paletrans.

Model: LE 1016C.

Capacity: 1000 kg....
Forklift for 2,500 kg Toyota
Forklift for 2,500 kg Toyota  [unavailable

Machine code: 886-657

Brand: Toyota


Brand: Toyota.

Capacity: 2500 kg.

Model: 32 - 8F G25.

Hour meter: 6,000 h....
Forklift for handling loads  4.000 kg Hyster
Forklift for handling loads 4.000 kg Hyster  [unavailable

Machine code: 217-621

Brand: Hyster

Forklift for handling loads.

Brand Name: Hyster.

Model: h90j.

Load capacity: 4000 kg.

Maximum tower height: 4 m.

Fuel: LPG.

Engine: 2.2, 6 cylinders.

Maximum boom opening: 1100....
Forklift trucks for 2.500 kg Hyster
Forklift trucks for 2.500 kg Hyster  [unavailable

Machine code: 084-620

Brand: Hyster

Forklift trucks.

Brand Name: Hyster.

Model: H 80 J.

Year: 1987.

Load capacity: 2500 kg.

Maximum tower height: 4 m.

Fuel: LPG.

Max. Boom opening: 1100....
CMH Hanhcha Forklift
CMH Hanhcha Forklift  [unavailable

Machine code: 786-708

Brand: CMH, Hanhcha

Capacity: 4,000 kg
model: CPCD40 RG 24.
Year: 2013-With 2,352 hours of use.
-25 K diesel engine.
-3 - stage tower.
-Elevation of 4,300 forks mm.
-Torre demoted of 2,160 mm.
-side Shifter.
-length of 1...
Retractable forklift.
Retractable forklift.

Machine code: 505-517

Brand: Hyundai

Retractable forklift.
Brand: Hyundai.
Model: 16brj-7.
Capacity: 1,120 kg.
Year: 2012.

Note: used for making stacking of products, but also used for loading/unloading goods or machines in truck....
Fork-lift Clark
Fork-lift Clark  [unavailable

Machine code: 756-777

Brand: Clark


Brand Name: Clark.

Model: CMP C300HY.

Capacity: 2.4 Tons....
Fork-lift Hyster
Fork-lift Hyster  [unavailable

Machine code: 645-656

Brand: Hyster


Brand: Hyster.

Model: 55X LPG.

Capacity: 2.5 Tons....
Fork-lift Clark
Fork-lift Clark  [unavailable

Machine code: 115-527

Brand: Clark


Brand: Clark.

Model: CMP230L Lpg.

Capacity: 2.5 Tons....
Forklift  Agab Mobile 12 T
Forklift Agab Mobile 12 T  [unavailable

Machine code: 868-260

Brand: AGAB

Brand: Mobile 12T.
Model: AGAB WG M12.
Capacity: tons....
16 Hyster Forklift
16 Hyster Forklift  [unavailable

Machine code: 815-826

Brand: Hyster

Brand: Hyster.
Model: Fortis-H60FT/H60-H55XM/XM/H 155 XL2.
Capacity: 2.5/3/7 tons.
Year: 1996/1999/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/20010/2011....
Textile industry
Textile industry  [unavailable

Machine code: 258-032

Brand: Beghim, Liftrans, Rimslow, São Roque, Schulz

Components: WEG

Complete textile industry.

Press for machine fuwaire.

Brand: Koma-Tech.

Model TK-450-P.

Power: 1400W.

Power supply 220 Volts single phase.

Dimensions: Width 550 millimeters, length 640 millimeters and height 450 millimeters.

Electric forklift Hyster
Electric forklift Hyster  [unavailable

Machine code: 812-887

Brand: Hyster

Components: JLW Eletromax


Brand Name: Hyster.

Model: S1.6 6-42

Year: 2004.

With two batteries.

Mobile stand for forklift batteries.


Brand Name: JLW Eletromax

FA 24/60.

Reference model Hyster S1.6 year 2018.

Load capacity: 1,600...

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