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Industrial fruit processor

Braesi, Incal, Mecamau, Mundinox, Ricefer, Souza Inox, Tortugan,

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Industrial fruit stripper Precisão inox
Industrial fruit stripper Precisão inox

Machine code: 177-551

Brand: Braesi

Industrial fruit stripper.

Brand: Braesi.

Model: Des 60.

Yields of pulps in descriptive photo (manual reference 2018)....
Pineapple peelers
Pineapple peelers

Machine code: 045-741

Stainless steel pineapple cutter and peeler.

Pneumatic pineapple cutter.

Removes shell and round kernel....
Fruit pulper
Fruit pulper

Machine code: 388-532

Brand: Tortugan

Fruit pulper with a stage.

Brand: Tortugan.

Model: MS - 150.

Estimated capacity: 200 kg / h.

Equipment in stainless steel 304, in horizontal cylindrical shape and conical rectangular product inlet.

Equipment driven through a central ax...
Fruit and vegetable pulping machine Mundinox
Fruit and vegetable pulping machine Mundinox  [unavailable

Machine code: 272-887

Brand: Mundinox

Fruit and vegetable pulping machine.

Brand: Mundinox.

Capacity: 1,000 kg / h.

Three-phase motor.

Finishing and sanitary....
Juice Extractor 70 L NG
Juice Extractor 70 L NG  [unavailable

Machine code: 740-657

Juice Extractor.

Capacity: 70 liters per hour.

Brand Name: NG Eireli Machines.

Model: PN 70.

Year: 2018.

shredding speed: 3,500 r.p.m....
Fruit pulp extractor Souza Inox
Fruit pulp extractor Souza Inox  [unavailable

Machine code: 268-504

Brand: Souza Inox

Extractor of poupas, for coconut, fruits and the like.

Brand: Souza Inox.

Model: ES - 200.

I was used to extract coconut oil.

Equipment operated for 1 year.

Maximum average capacity: 100 to 200 L / h depending on the product....
Pulper for fruits and vegetables
Pulper for fruits and vegetables  [unavailable

Machine code: 400-507

Brand: Incal

Pulper for fruits and vegetables.
Brand: Incal.
Year of manufacture: 1999.
State of preservation: very well kept and working in perfect condition
voltage: 380 v
production capacity: 600 kg per hour.
Accessories: stainless steel receiver T...
Vertical pulping machine for fruits and vegetables Mecamau
Visualizar Vídeo Vertical pulping machine for fruits and vegetables Mecamau  [unavailable

Machine code: 231-566

Brand: Mecamau

Components: WEG

Vertical pulping machine for fruits and vegetables.

Brand: Mecamau.

Model: D 003.

Estimated average production: 200 kg / h *.

* Varies by product to be shipped....

Machine code: 880-802

Brand: Tortugan

Brand Name: Tortugan.

Model: MF-450-F....
Industrial fruit processor Ricefer
Industrial fruit processor Ricefer  [unavailable

Machine code: 564-210

Brand: Ricefer

Industrial fruit processor.

Brand Name: Ricefer.

Stainless steel equipment.

For manufacture of hoops....
Fruit stainless steel pulper
Fruit stainless steel pulper  [unavailable

Machine code: 458-460

Fruit picking machine.

Stainless steel equipment....
Fruit processing factory
Fruit processing factory  [unavailable

Machine code: 347-328

Fruit Processing factory

check Mat Washing of fruit
k12k * lift * talisca maracuja slicer/guava
fruit Extractor

Tnq Refining balance c/
2 tnqs mixer of 2000 kg formulation each

tubular Pasteurizer Deaerator

Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

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