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, Hansella, Indumaba, Pavan Group, Tavares, Uniplast

Candy stampers are industrial equipment designed to shape, cut or stamp different types of sweets, chocolates or confectionery products. They play an important role in the large-scale production of sweets, allowing the creation of specific shapes, patterns or decorative designs. Let's explore what they're for, how they work, and some common types of candy stampers:

What are worth for:

Candy Molding:

Stamping machines are used to mold sweets into different shapes, such as geometric figures, characters or personalized designs.

Chocolate Decoration:

They are used to decorate chocolates with specific patterns, logos or intricate details.

Efficient Production:

They speed up the production process compared to manual methods, allowing large-scale manufacturing.

Uniformity and Consistency:

They contribute to the uniformity and consistency in the appearance of products, guaranteeing a standard of quality.

How they work:

Preparation of the Dough or Chocolate:

Before using the stamper, the candy mass or chocolate is prepared and, if necessary, melted to reach the appropriate consistency.

Equipment Power:

The prepared mass or chocolate is fed into the stamper, usually using an automatic feeding system.

Stamping or Molding:

The equipment carries out the stamping or molding process, pressing the dough or chocolate against matrices or molds that give the desired shape.


In many cases, there is a cooling step to solidify the dough or chocolate and ensure the candies maintain their stamped shape.

Product Removal:

Finished products are removed from the stamping machine and may undergo additional processes, such as packaging.

Types of Candy Printers:

Rotary Printers:

They use rotating dies to create patterns on chocolates or sweets.

Table Printers:

They are compact stamping machines generally used for small productions.

Continuous Printers:

Designed for continuous operation, being suitable for large-scale productions.

High Speed Printers:

Equipment that offers high production rates, with the ability to process large volumes quickly.

Chocolate Printers:

Specialized in molding and decorating chocolates, often used in chocolate industries.

Candy Dough Printers:

Designed for molding candy doughs, such as marzipan, to create specific shapes.
The choice of type of stamper depends on the type of candy to be produced, the desired design, production volume and other specific requirements of the confectionery industry. They are an important part of the industrial process that allows for the efficient and attractive manufacture of a variety of sweets and chocolates.
Hard bullet stamps
Visualizar Vídeo Hard bullet stamps

Machine code: 547-485

Stamp sets for hard bullets.

Stamps with different dimensions:

Stamp 1:

- Diameter: 400 mm.
- Length: 600 mm.

Stamp 2:

- Diameter: 400 mm.
- Length: 400 mm.

Stamp 3:

- Diameter: 400 mm.
- Length: 250 mm.

Stamp 4:

- Diam...
Bullet Estampadeira
Bullet Estampadeira

Machine code: 100-501

Estampadeira bullets....
Cookie dough Sheeter
Visualizar Vídeo Cookie dough Sheeter

Machine code: 612-624

Molding laminator for biscuit and biscuit dough.

By changing the formatting, extrusion molding of steak sticks, snacks, pet snacks for dogs and cats can be carried out.

Video 1: Equipment running free energized.

Equipment available for visit...
Pneumatic rotating station for hard candies
Pneumatic rotating station for hard candies

Machine code: 273-204

Pneumatic rotating station for hard candies....
Rotary hard candy machine
Rotary hard candy machine

Machine code: 311-322

Rotary hard candy machine....
Estampadeira for coconut candy
Estampadeira for coconut candy

Machine code: 067-360

Estampadeira coconut candy....
Rotary pulp for hard candies
Rotary pulp for hard candies

Machine code: 236-248

Brand: Indumaba

Rotary pulp for hard candies.

Quantity: 7 units....
Press set for candies
Press set for candies

Machine code: 372-784

Stamping set for hard candies.

Model: IMD....
Mill in wreck for snacks Pavan
Mill in wreck for snacks Pavan

Machine code: 217-228

Brand: Pavan Group

Mill in wreck for snacks, pasta, biscuits, mark Pavan, with 1.80 to larguraF...
Stamper for hard candy
Stamper for hard candy

Machine code: 043-054

Lose to bullet hard...
Estampadeira of trademark lollipops Tavares
Estampadeira of trademark lollipops Tavares

Machine code: 441-463

Brand: Tavares

Estampadeira of trademark lollipops Tavares. Print, shape and put sticks in lollipops....
Estampadeira of lollipops Hansella brand
Estampadeira of lollipops Hansella brand

Machine code: 757-760

Brand: Hansella

Print and put the stick in flat, round lollipops and others....
Estampadeira for lollipop mark Uniplast-
Estampadeira for lollipop mark Uniplast-

Machine code: 023-045

Brand: Uniplast

Wreck brand Uniplast for rectangular bales with the round corner type fruit....
Estampadeira to cracker
Estampadeira to cracker

Machine code: 057-070

Estampadeira to cracker....
Bullet mark Estampadeira Tavares
Bullet mark Estampadeira Tavares

Machine code: 124-136

Brand: Tavares

Bullet mark Estampadeira tavares...
Estampadeira for Lollipop
Estampadeira for Lollipop

Machine code: 018-583

Brand: Uniplast

Wreck uniplast for rectangular bales with the round corner type fruit....
Lollipop Estampadeira
Lollipop Estampadeira  [unavailable

Machine code: 070-253

Brand: Hansella

Estampadeira-mark hansella lollipop...
Lose to bullet-Super Rosotoplástica
Lose to bullet-Super Rosotoplástica

Machine code: 651-335

Super rostoplastica * dies
k12k *...
Lollipop-Tavares Estampadeira
Lollipop-Tavares Estampadeira

Machine code: 276-120

Brand: Tavares

Pattern, shape, and put sticks in lollipops....
Estampadeira-Hansella lollipop
Estampadeira-Hansella lollipop

Machine code: 556-403

Brand: Hansella

Print and put the stick in flat, round lollipops and others.
semi Equipment...
Line for production of ginger
Visualizar Vídeo Line for production of ginger  [unavailable

Machine code: 802-244

Set for production of ginger mints.
Capacity: 50 kg per hour.
Made up of cute bat, trafila, estampadeira and cooling mat....
Production line of ginger candy
Production line of ginger candy  [unavailable

Machine code: 006-017

Brand: Indumaba

The production line of compound ginger bullet spins trafila and estampadeira, mark Indumaba, Flow Pack packaging Feul brand pack and cooling table....

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