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Semi automatic and automatic capsule filling machine

Main brands:

Adventech, Bosch, Capsugel, Capsutec, Erli, Ima, Imapack, King, NJP, Parke Davis, Tecfag, Zanasi

Semi automatic and automatic capsule filling machine
An automatic encapsulator is an industrial machine designed to automate the process of filling empty capsules with active ingredients in powder, granule or pellet form. These machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the production of dietary supplements, medicinal herbs and other products that are encapsulated for consumption. Here is what an automatic encapsulator is for and how it works:

What is an automatic encapsulator for:

Capsule manufacturing: The main function of an automatic capsule maker is to fill empty capsules with active ingredients. This is common in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, health and wellness products, herbal medicine, and other industries.

Standardization and precision: Automatic encapsulators ensure that each capsule is filled with the correct and consistent dosage of active ingredients, meeting desired dosage specifications.

Increased productivity: Automating the encapsulation process significantly improves production speed compared to manual filling, resulting in greater productivity.

Reduction of human errors: Automation minimizes human errors, making the encapsulation process more accurate and reliable, which is essential in the pharmaceutical industry.

How an automatic encapsulator works:

The operation of an automatic encapsulator may vary depending on the model and complexity, but generally follows the following steps:

Empty capsule feeding: Empty capsules are fed into the machine from a magazine, hopper or other feeding device.

Feeding the material to be encapsulated: The material in powder, granule or pellet form, which contains the active ingredients, is fed into the machine, usually through a hopper or feeding device.

Capsule filling: The machine fills the empty capsules with the material to be encapsulated according to the dosage specifications. This can be done using a filling device that measures the precise amount of material.

Level check (optional): Some systems include a mechanism to check the filling level of capsules, ensuring that each capsule is correctly filled.

Capsule closure: After filling, the machine closes the capsules hermetically. This may involve pressure, twisting, or another mechanism to seal the capsules.

Quality check (optional): Some machines include quality check systems that can inspect capsules for integrity and fill level.

Unloading the finished capsules: The filled and sealed capsules are ready to be sent for final packaging in bottles, blister packs or other forms of packaging.

Automatic encapsulators play a key role in the production of gelatin capsules filled with a variety of active ingredients. They guarantee the precision, efficiency and consistency of the encapsulation process, meeting the quality standards required in the pharmaceutical industry and other areas.
Semi automatic encapsulator
Visualizar Vídeo Semi automatic encapsulator

Machine code: 565-714

Brand: Erli

Semi automatic encapsulator.

Capsule filling machine, for filling powdered product in capsules.

Brand: Erli.

Model: ECG.

With tools.

With vacuum pump.

Stainless steel contact parts.


Two size zero disks.

Two disks siz...
Capsugel manufacturer capsuller
Visualizar Vídeo Capsugel manufacturer capsuller

Machine code: 073-626

Brand: Capsugel, Parke Davis

Industrial encapsulator.

Brand: Parke Davis, Treu.

Model: Type 8.

Dimension - 105 x 145 x 85.

Structure - Steel structure, stainless steel table cover.

Power supply - Three-phase 220 V / 380 V.

Closing - Semi automatic....
Capsule automatic filling machine NJP 1200
Visualizar Vídeo Capsule automatic filling machine NJP 1200

Machine code: 313-301

Brand: NJP

Capsule automatic filling machine.

Manufacturer: Imported NJP 1200.

To fill powder product in capsules.

Video on the link below:

Video click here...
Erli semi-automatic capping machine 8,000 capsules/h
Erli semi-automatic capping machine 8,000 capsules/h

Machine code: 614-774

Brand: Erli

Semi-automatic capping machine.

Capsule filling machine, for filling powdered product into capsules.

Manufacturer: Erli.

Approximate productivity: up to 8,000 capsules per hour....
Automatic capping machine
Automatic capping machine

Machine code: 533-654

Automatic capping machine for capsule number 1.

Approximate productivity: up to 36 thousand capsules per hour.

Voltage: 220 V three-phase....
Semiautomatic encapsulator Adventech
Semiautomatic encapsulator Adventech  [unavailable

Machine code: 711-481

Brand: Adventech

Semiautomatic encapsulator.

Brand: Adventech.

Model: JH - F1.

Available formats: 0.00, 1 and 2....
Semi automatic encapsulator Erli
Semi automatic encapsulator Erli  [unavailable

Machine code: 784-223

Brand: Erli

Semi automatic encapsulator.

Brand: Erli.

Stainless steel....
Stainless steel capsuller
Stainless steel capsuller  [unavailable

Machine code: 654-065

Encapsuladeira in stainless steel.
Capacity: 10,000 per hour.
Voltage: 220 V-single phase....
Manufacturer capsuller Erli
Manufacturer capsuller Erli  [unavailable

Machine code: 630-641

Brand: Erli

Erli Capsuller.
Brand: Erli.
Model: ECG.
Production: 10,000 caps/h....
Semiautomatic encapsulator Erli
Semiautomatic encapsulator Erli  [unavailable

Machine code: 288-156

Brand: Erli

Semi-automatic capping machine.

Brand: Erli.

Model: ECG/NUMBER-1350.

Voltage: 220V.

Comes with 2 discs for capsule size 0.

It has a steel structure covered with stainless steel plate.

The operation of the machine is divided as follo...
Automatic encapsulator for size 0 capsules NJP 800 C
Automatic encapsulator for size 0 capsules NJP 800 C  [unavailable

Machine code: 474-113

Brand: NJP

Automatic encapsulator for size 0 capsules.

Model: NJP 800c.

Year: 2019.

Estimated production: 48,000 capsules per hour, depending on product and operating conditions.

It uses stepless speed regulation conversion and PLC controller, which...
automatic capping machine
automatic capping machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 188-733

Brand: NJP

TYJX automatic capping machine.

Model: NJP1200.

Approximate capacity: 72,000 capsules per hour.

Weight: 850 kg.

Three-phase 380V.

Frequency: 50Hz....
Semi-automatic capping machine
Semi-automatic capping machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 066-351

Brand: Tecfag

Semi-automatic capping machine for filling products in capsules.

Brand: Tecfag.

Model: Union Pro.

Estimated production: 25,000 u/h.

Year: 2021.

It also comes with self-locking, which means that the tray lid opens and closes automatical...
Medicine capsule filling machine Imapack
Medicine capsule filling machine Imapack  [unavailable

Machine code: 615-504

Brand: Imapack

Medicine capsule filling machine.

Brand: Imapack.

Model: AZ - 20....

Machine code: 056-832

Brand: Bosch

Zanasi ZR5000 -R2 Automatic Encapsulator
Zanasi ZR5000 -R2 Automatic Encapsulator  [unavailable

Machine code: 135-477

Brand: Ima, Zanasi

Automatic encapsulator.

Brand: Zanasi/IMA.

Model ZR5000 -R2.

High productivity, has a pellet format, ” 3 ”.

It has manuals and spare parts.

Great condition, prompt delivery....
Zanasi Encapsulator (IMA) AZ 40 F
Zanasi Encapsulator (IMA) AZ 40 F  [unavailable

Machine code: 844-253

Brand: Ima, Zanasi

Zanasi Encapsulator (IMA).

Model AZ - 40 F.

Nominal production 40,000/h, cabin, all in stainless steel.

Available format number: “0”....
Machine for dosing tablets in bottles King
Machine for dosing tablets in bottles King  [unavailable

Machine code: 504-065

Brand: King

Machine for dosing tablets in bottles.

With counting system.

Brand Name: King.

Model: TB 04.

Year: 2006.

Stainless steel equipment....
Automatic encapsulator in stainless steel Zanasi IMA
Automatic encapsulator in stainless steel Zanasi IMA  [unavailable

Machine code: 148-228

Brand: Ima, Zanasi

Automatic encapsulator in stainless steel.

Brand Zanasi.

Model AZ-20.

Maximum capacity: 20,000 u / h.

Excellent condition....
Semi-Automatic Encapsulator Capsutec
Semi-Automatic Encapsulator Capsutec  [unavailable

Machine code: 202-108

Brand: Capsutec

Semi automatic encapsulator.

Brand: Capsutec.

Year 2013.

Model: EMA 2,000.

Production speed: 1,500 u / h up to 2,000 u / h *.

Technical Details: The EMA 2.000 has a fully enclosed enclosure that prevents debris deposition on the intern...
Encapsuladeira semi automatic
Encapsuladeira semi automatic  [unavailable

Machine code: 857-563

Brand: Erli

Encapsuladeira semi-automatic.
Powder feeder with vacuum pump.
Electronic speed control for powder in weight control capsules.
Hoppers for capsules and powder in stainless steel.
Accompanying accessory for capsules size n. 00.
Structure in ...
Encapsulation Erli
Encapsulation Erli  [unavailable

Machine code: 518-216

Brand: Erli


Brand: Erli....
Semi-automatic capsuller
Semi-automatic capsuller  [unavailable

Machine code: 385-645

Brand: Erli

Encapsuladeira semi-auto with powder feeder, vacuum pump, electronic speed control for powder weight control inside the capsules, funnels and powder capsules supply, stainless, and carbon steel structure painted, feet, and lock table in stainless ste...
Capsule packing machine Capsutec
Capsule packing machine Capsutec  [unavailable

Machine code: 460-320

Brand: Capsutec

Capsule packing machine Capsutec.

Feeding of capsules, powders and closures.

Brand: Capsutec.

Model: EMA 2000.

Capacity: 1,500 to 2,000 capsules / hour.

Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 85 cm (length x width x height).

Weight: 85 kg.


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