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Industrial washing machines

Main brands:

AJM, Almapal, Barana, Bausch, Bellinox, Hamo, Hobart, Holstein Kappert, Imarvil, KHS, KIE, Krones Taxomatic, krones Ultramatic, Mecamau, Mitri Sleap, Paramix Mojonnier, Polos, Polos Tecnologia, Rolemaq, Saumec, Semco, Subra, Yamasa, Zirtec Proceco

Industrial washing machines
Automatic Washers:

What are worth for:
Automatic washers are equipment designed to clean and sanitize products, parts, utensils or industrial components automatically. They are widely used to remove dirt, residues, oils, grease and other contaminants, helping to maintain hygiene, quality and efficiency standards in different industrial sectors.

How they work:
The operation of automatic washing machines may vary depending on the specific type and application, but generally involves the following steps:

Loading Items:

The items to be cleaned are loaded inside the washer.
Prewash Cycle:

Many automatic washers have a prewash cycle, where items are rinsed to remove soluble residue before the main cycle.
Application of Detergents or Degreasers:

During the main cycle, specific detergents or degreasers are applied to loosen dirt and contaminants.
Mechanical Action:

The washer can use different mechanical action methods, such as pressurized water jets, rotating brushes, ultrasound, or other techniques, to efficiently remove dirt.

Items are rinsed to remove cleaning products and loose residue.
Drying (Optional):

Some automatic washers have a drying cycle to ensure items come out dry and ready to use.
Industries that Use Automatic Washers:

Food industry:

Automatic dishwashers are widely used to clean utensils, food processing equipment, containers, and other components used in food production.
Automotive industry:

In automotive parts manufacturing, automatic washers are used to clean components such as machined parts, engines, and other parts.
Pharmaceutical industry:

Equipment and containers used in the production of medicines and pharmaceutical products go through automatic washers to ensure compliance with hygiene standards.
Electronic Industry:

In electronic component manufacturing, automatic washers are used to clean circuit boards, electronic components, and other products.
Chemical industry:

Equipment and containers used to handle chemical products often go through automatic washers to avoid cross-contamination and ensure safe handling.
Metallurgical industry:

Metal parts, tools and components used in the metallurgical industry can be cleaned by automatic washers to remove oils, lubricants and processing residues.
Hospitals and Laboratories:

Automatic washers are essential to ensure proper sterilization and cleaning of medical instruments, laboratory glassware, and other devices used in hospital and laboratory environments.
Packaging Sector:

Packaging machines and packaging containers can be cleaned by automatic washers to ensure compliance with hygiene standards and prevent contamination of packaged products.
The use of automatic washing machines is a common practice in several industries where efficient cleaning and maintaining strict hygiene standards are crucial to the quality and safety of final products.
Washer stainless steel bottles Imarvil
Visualizar Vídeo Washer stainless steel bottles Imarvil

Machine code: 874-786

Brand: Imarvil

Stainless steel washer bottles, use to sterilize the product packing container to be filled.
the liquid used to wash is alcohol.

Brand: Imarvil...
Stainless steel sink basin
Visualizar Vídeo Stainless steel sink basin

Machine code: 028-735

Brand: Polos, Polos Tecnologia

Stainless steel wash basin.

Brand: Polos Tecnologia.

Model: CIP 2 Cuba.

Year: 2019....
Washer and dryer 1500 kg/h
Washer and dryer 1500 kg/h

Machine code: 384-753

Washer and dryer 1500 kg/h.

Approximate capacity: 1500 kg/h.

With drums and stainless steel tank.

It has two 40 hp engines....
YAMASA washer dryer and egg sorter
Visualizar Vídeo YAMASA washer dryer and egg sorter

Machine code: 462-036

Brand: Yamasa

Lavadora secadora y clasificadora de huevos por peso.

Marca: Yamasa.

Modelo: BCE-9642.

Con compresor radial y ventosa LM30.

Trifásica 220V.

Frecuencia: 60Hz.

Lavadora-secadora de huevos con 10 cepillos....
Double hydrodynamic washer by batch AJM
Double hydrodynamic washer by batch AJM

Machine code: 008-454

Brand: AJM

Double hydrodynamic washer by batch.

Brand: AJM.

2 tanks with filter model BTA 400.

Production: 70 kg / h....
Saumec bottle washing and capping machine
Saumec bottle washing and capping machine

Machine code: 400-073

Brand: Saumec

Isobaric filling machine, washer and bottle capper.

Brand: Saumec.

Model: SRAC0802

Approximate capacity: 200 bottles per hour.

Filling range: 300 to 600 ml.

For carbonated products, soft drinks and beers.

For glass bottles and metal...
Industrial washer for parts components laboratory Hamo
Industrial washer for parts components laboratory Hamo

Machine code: 735-670

Brand: Hamo

Industrial washer for parts, components and laboratory glassware.

Process: Sanitization, cleaning, sterilization.

Brand: Hamo.

Model: T - 420.

Year: 2000.

External dimensions:

Width: 2200 mm.

Depth: 1100 mm.

Closed door height...
Compact food sterilization tank
Compact food sterilization tank  [unavailable

Machine code: 407-063

Compact food sterilization tank.

Brand Name: NG Eireli Machines.

Model: TCO200.

Year: 2018.

Vegetable and vegetable cleaning tank, average cleaning cycle 10/15 minutes.

Voltage: 220 V....
Washing machine parts Rolemaq
Washing machine parts Rolemaq  [unavailable

Machine code: 861-356

Brand: Rolemaq

Washing machine parts.

Brand: Rolemaq.

Model: L55 / SB.

Used to wash small parts.

Production: 1800 pieces / hour.

Upgrades made: Adequacy NR 10 and NR 12....
Onion cleaner and sorter Barana
Onion cleaner and sorter Barana  [unavailable

Machine code: 643-378

Brand: Barana

Line for cleaning and classification of vegetables.

It is formatted for classification of onions.

Brand: Barana....
Line for production and packaging of preserved
Line for production and packaging of preserved  [unavailable

Machine code: 414-425

Brand: Bellinox

Line for production and packaging of preserved foods like fruits and vegetables.
The line was producing pickles.
Year: 2011.
Composed by:

stainless steel manual filling Table with benches to assist the filling.

Pots for stainless steel ...
Washer of cashier Subra
Washer of cashier Subra  [unavailable

Machine code: 321-332

Brand: Subra

Lavadora de Caixa Subra.
Modelo: CT47.
Ano: 2008.
CAPACIDADE 540 Unidade / Minuto.
Composta de:
- DOS AQUECIMENTO tanques: 90 kw.
- AQUECIMENTO fazer sopro: 24 kw.
- Bomba de pré-Lavagem: 7,5 kw.
- Bomba de enxágue: 7,5 kw.
- Motoredutor pri...
Rinser Type Twister
Rinser Type Twister  [unavailable

Machine code: 180-278

Rinser Twister Type 6.85 Meters in length

Composed by dildo, bike pump 1 HP and 1 HP reducer...
Tray Washer Machine Hobart
Tray Washer Machine Hobart  [unavailable

Machine code: 506-346

Brand: Hobart

 AUTO CLAVE For Cleaning And SANITIZING Of Shapes And ALIMENTOMarca TRAYS: Hobart...
Washer Mecamau
Washer Mecamau  [unavailable

Machine code: 173-761

Brand: Mecamau

Washer continues Mecamau Sao Jose Ltda Steamer keep 2000 l, Mod L001, Cap. 300 kg/hr...
A dishwasher inox brand Semco
A dishwasher inox brand Semco  [unavailable

Machine code: 447-080

Brand: Semco

Dishwasher brand industrial Semco

With washing capacity up to 2500 plates per hour, the dishwasher is an economic model and which guarantees a high-quality service at your restaurant or professional kitchen, since it has the latest technology and...
Shuck Feeder and shrimp rating
Visualizar Vídeo Shuck Feeder and shrimp rating  [unavailable

Machine code: 140-223

Shrimp and seafood peeler and classifier.

- Shrimp peeler.

Model: MBCR 66.99

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 700 mm.

Width: 1200 mm.

Length: 2050 mm.

Weight: 470 kg.

- Shrimp classifier.

Model: MCCA 66.99.

Approximate di...
Glass bottle washer Bausch
Glass bottle washer Bausch  [unavailable

Machine code: 617-330

Brand: Almapal, Bausch

Glass Bottle Washer The machine has 8 wet and dry cleaning stations. The sequence in which the media will be used is in accordance with the customer's request.

Exit station.

Here the conveyor pliers open and the slider arm pulls the objects int...
Line for shredding, washing and drying plastics
Line for shredding, washing and drying plastics  [unavailable

Machine code: 431-753

Brand: KIE

Line for shredding, washing and drying plastics.

Brand: KIE.

The KIE washer grinds large pieces of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) of all densities.

It then throws the cut material into a tank of water responsible for washing the un...
Fruit wash Mecamau
Visualizar Vídeo Fruit wash Mecamau  [unavailable

Machine code: 468-518

Brand: Mecamau

Washing machine brand Mecamau.

Fruit wash, thymus, soak, bubble and shower compound tank with blower for water movement;

Sanitary belt with talisca and evaporation system.

Engine: 2 HP....
Industrial machine for parts washer / plastic boxes Zirtec Proceco
Industrial machine for parts washer / plastic boxes Zirtec Proceco  [unavailable

Machine code: 704-706

Brand: Zirtec Proceco

Washing machine plastic boxes.
Brand Name: Proceco Zirtec.
Model: MBCW24X16.
Purpose: industrial Washing of plastic boxes for packaging of parts (average capacity of 10,000 boxes/day)
-length: 9.1 m.
-width: 2.7 m
-height: 2.52 m ...
Washer Holstein Kapper
Washer Holstein Kapper  [unavailable

Machine code: 081-383

Brand: Holstein Kappert

Washer Holstein Kapper.
Year 1996.
Innoclean Model turned off more than 5 years....
Machine for making beverages
Machine for making beverages  [unavailable

Machine code: 253-501

Brand: Holstein Kappert, KHS, Krones Taxomatic, krones Ultramatic, Mitri Sleap, Paramix Mojonnier

Machine for making beverages.
Brand Name: Paramix Mojonnier.
Model: K-48SR.

Labeling machine.
Model: JP-20R

Can wrapping machine.
Brand: Mainar Sortil Temocontraibles.

Labeling machine.
Brand Name: Mitri Sleap.

Can sealer.
Brand: Kr...
Bottle washer Holstein Kappert
Bottle washer Holstein Kappert  [unavailable

Machine code: 438-004

Brand: Holstein Kappert

Bottle washer.

Brand name: Holstein Kappert.

Model: 6240105....
Bottle washer
Bottle washer  [unavailable

Machine code: 033-220

Bottle washer.

Brand name: Nicale.

8 washes per cycle....
Washing Machine industrial Holstein Kappert
Washing Machine industrial Holstein Kappert  [unavailable

Machine code: 678-734

Brand: Holstein Kappert

Industrial Washing Machine.

Brand name: Holstein Kappert.

No. 301.

Type: 23/90.

Manufactured: 1976....

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