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Vacuum industrial dust

Main brands:

, Lemaq

Vacuum industrial dust
Industrial vacuum cleaners, also known as industrial dust collectors or dust collection systems, are equipment designed to remove solid particles suspended in the air in industrial environments. They play a crucial role in maintaining air quality, keeping the workplace safe, and preventing health problems related to the inhalation of fine particles. Here is some information about its function, types and applications:


Dust Collection:

The main objective is to collect solid particles, such as dust, smoke, pollen and other contaminants present in industrial air.

Air Quality Improvement:

By removing particles suspended in the air, they contribute to improving air quality in the workplace, making it safer and healthier.

Explosion Prevention:

In environments where combustible dust is present, industrial vacuum cleaners help prevent explosions by reducing the concentration of dust in the air.

How They Work:


They use a suction system to suck out contaminated air.


The sucked air passes through filters that retain solid particles. Filters can vary in type and efficiency depending on the application.


The collected particles are stored in containers, such as collection bags or airtight compartments.


The clean air is returned to the room or, in some cases, can be directed out of the room.

Types of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners:

Portable Vacuum Cleaners:

Small and mobile, suitable for localized cleaning or difficult-to-reach areas.

Central Vacuum Cleaners:

Systems that provide centralized suction for multiple workstations or areas.

Stationary Dust Collectors:

Fixed in specific locations, they are ideal for production areas or continuous processing.

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaners:

They use centrifugal force to separate particles from the air.


Manufacturing Industries:

Dust control in machining, welding, sanding processes, among others.

Chemical Industries:

To deal with powdered chemicals or toxic particles.

Food Industries:

Dust and particle control during production and packaging processes.

Pharmaceutical Industries:

Dust containment in drug production processes.

Wood and Furniture Industries:

Control of dust generated by sawing and finishing processes.
The choice of industrial vacuum cleaner depends on the specific needs of each application, such as the type of dust to be collected, the amount of air to be processed and other environmental factors.
Vacuum cleaner for tablet compressor Lemaq
Visualizar Vídeo Vacuum cleaner for tablet compressor Lemaq

Machine code: 040-153

Brand: Lemaq

Vacuum cleaner for tablet compressors.

Stainless steel industrial vacuum cleaner.

Manufacturer: Lemaq.

Voltage: 220 V....
Industrial vacuum cleaner brand Aspo
Industrial vacuum cleaner brand Aspo  [unavailable

Machine code: 037-058

Industrial vacuum cleaner.

Brand: Aspo.

Modelo CR8...

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