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Industrial homogenizers high pressure

Main brands:

Alitec, APV, Artepeças, Crepaco, FB Bombas, FBF, Gaulin, GEA, Niro Soave, R.Camargo, Sollich, Technohomo, Tecnohomo, Tetra Laval Food Hoyer, Tetra Pak, Treu, West equipamentos

Industrial homogenizers high pressure
A high-pressure cylinder homogenizer is equipment used to process fluids, especially in industrial applications, where homogeneous mixing and particle size reduction are essential. These homogenizers are often used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

What is it for:
The main purpose of a high-pressure cylinder homogenizer is to homogenize liquids, ensuring uniformity of the mixture and reducing the size of solid particles or liquid droplets dispersed in the fluid. This is crucial for improving the stability, texture, flavor and other properties of final products in various industries.

How it works:
The high pressure cylinder homogenizer operates through a high pressure process that forces fluid through a series of high pressure valves and cylinders. Here is a simplified description of the process:

Fluid Supply:

The fluid to be processed is fed into the machine.
Increased Pressure:

The fluid is pressurized using a piston or high-pressure pump.
Passage through the Cylinders:

The pressurized fluid is forced through high pressure valves and cylinders. These cylinders often contain slits or grooves that cause turbulence in the fluid, resulting in shear and particle size reduction.
Pressure Relief:

After passing through the cylinders, the fluid is quickly depressurized, usually through a relief valve, which leads to the formation of microdroplets or fine particles.
Process Repetition:

The process can be repeated several times until the desired particle size is achieved.

Particle Size Reduction: The high pressure homogenizer is effective in reducing particle size, which improves the stability and quality of products.

Homogeneous Mixing: Ensures a homogeneous distribution of components, which is vital in industries such as pharmaceutical and food.

Improved Texture and Consistency: In products such as emulsions and suspensions, the homogenizer helps to obtain a uniform texture and consistency.

Increased Stability: Can increase the stability and shelf life of certain products, especially emulsions.

Solubility Improvement: It can improve the solubility of substances in liquids.

Adaptation to Different Fluids: Can be used in a variety of fluids, including viscous liquids and suspensions.

In summary, the high pressure cylinder homogenizer is a valuable tool in industries that require homogeneous mixtures, controlled particle sizes and improved stability in final products.
Aseptic sterilization system with homogenizer Tetra Pak Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex
Aseptic sterilization system with homogenizer Tetra Pak Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex

Machine code: 544-145

Brand: Tetra Pak

System for continuous direct UHT treatment of liquid food products under aseptic conditions.

Sterilizer/aseptic sterilization.

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak.

Model: Tetra Therm Aseptic FLEX.

Approximate capacity: up to 6.5 m³/h.*
*Possibility ...
FB chocolate jacketed pump
FB chocolate jacketed pump

Machine code: 254-483

Brand: FB Bombas

Bomb jacketed for chocolate.

Manufacturer: FB BOMBAS.


Video on the link below:

Video click here...
Line for production of ice cream of pasta R.Camargo
Line for production of ice cream of pasta R.Camargo

Machine code: 805-651

Brand: R.Camargo

Line for production of ice cream of pasta.

Composed by:

Producer of horizontal ice cream.

Brand: R.Camargo.

Model: PHD 80/100.

Capacity: 80 L / 100 L / h.

Tub of autonomous maturation.

Brand: R.Camargo.

Capacity: 180 L.

Homogenizer Crepaco APV
Homogenizer Crepaco APV

Machine code: 843-370

Brand: APV, Crepaco

Stainless steel cylinder homogenizer.

Brand: Crepaco, U.S.A, APV.

Model: Model: 5DS650.

With 5 pistons.

For approximately 7,500 L / h.

With complete manual.

More technical description in photo....
Homogenization pump 500 liters per hour Mark Niro Soave
Visualizar Vídeo Homogenization pump 500 liters per hour Mark Niro Soave

Machine code: 305-326

Brand: Niro Soave

Homogenization pump 500 liters per hour Mark Niro Soave ideal for products
Lactos or others....
Complete line for ice cream
Complete line for ice cream

Machine code: 404-435

Ice cream industry with a capacity of 12,000 l composed of:

- Heating tubs

- Heat exchangers

- Homogenizing pumps

- Pumps for sanitary transfer

Milk homogenizer GEA
Milk homogenizer GEA  [unavailable

Machine code: 567-603

Brand: GEA

Milk homogenizer.

Brand: GEA.

Model: One 11 TS.

Capacity: 1,000 L / H.

Year: 2014.

Max press: 20 Mpa.

Rated Flow: 1,000 L / H....
Sollich chocolate pump
Sollich chocolate pump

Machine code: 573-238

Brand: Sollich

Chocolate pump.
Brand: Sollich.
Model: STP6000....
Particle Homogenizer
Particle Homogenizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 648-050

Brand: APV

Serves to homogenize milk, yogurt.
Brand: APV.
Capacity: 6,200 litres per hour.
Works with 200 to 250 bar pressure....
Homogenization pump Treu 1500 l
Homogenization pump Treu 1500 l  [unavailable

Machine code: 483-610

Brand: Treu

Homogenization pump 1500 lts

APV TREU perfect use

Homogenizer Treu APV
Homogenizer Treu APV  [unavailable

Machine code: 414-676

Brand: APV, Gaulin, Treu


Brand: TREU / APV-Gaulim.

Capacity: 8,000 L / hour.


Brand: TREU / APV-Gaulim.

Capacity: 10,000 L / hour....
Homogenizer Tecnohomo
Homogenizer Tecnohomo  [unavailable

Machine code: 476-433

Brand: Tecnohomo

Components: WEG

Model TEH-300, 300-liter flow time, maximum working pressure 210 BAR/two stages to render "cream sauce", again, without using
two stages of homogenization in Synthesized, Manual pressurization system.
Seats and valves,
3 Stelite Pistons in chro...
Homogenizer with stainless steel pump
Homogenizer with stainless steel pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 823-407

Brand: Artepeças

Homogenizer with stainless steel pump.
Brand Name: Artepeças.
In perfect working order....
Homogenization pump
Homogenization pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 886-288

Homogenization pump....
Pasteurization and homogenization line
Pasteurization and homogenization line  [unavailable

Machine code: 323-160

Brand: West equipamentos

Line for pasteurization and high pressure homogenization by cylinders.

Brand: West Equipment.

Year: 2022.

Homogenizer: 500L/h, working pressure up to 200 BAR in 2 stages No bottlenecks, no filling line attached.

Lower limit: 50 BAR.

Complete line for pasteurization Tetra Pak
Complete line for pasteurization Tetra Pak  [unavailable

Machine code: 474-782

Brand: Alfa Laval, Endress Hauser, Netzsch, Tetra Pak

Components: Danfoss

Complete line for pasteurization.

Brand: Tetra Pak.


Type: C - 118.

Capacity: 14,300 liters per hour.

Negative pressure deaeration tank.

Conductivity meter.

Brand: Endress Hauser.

Heat exchanger.

Brand: Alfa Laval...
Homogenizer for ice cream Technohomo
Homogenizer for ice cream Technohomo  [unavailable

Machine code: 345-448

Brand: Technohomo

Homogenizer for ice cream syrup.

Brand: Technohomo.

Model: TEH 1000.

Year: 2011.

Flow rate: 1,000 L / h.

Maximum working pressure: 210 bar.

Piston diameter: 25.

Piston stroke: 40 mm.

Drawer v nbr + canvas type of spherical val...
Homogenizer in stainless steel APV
Homogenizer in stainless steel APV  [unavailable

Machine code: 677-635

Brand: APV

Homogenizer in stainless steel.

Brand: APV6.

0.95 with 3 pistons.

Engine: 100 HP.

Frequency: 60 HZ.

Rotation: 1700 rpm.

Voltage: 220 V / 460 V.

Pressure: 200 bar.

Production: 10,000 liters / hour....
Gaulin Homogenizer
Gaulin Homogenizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 840-005

Brand: APV, Gaulin

Gaulin Homogenizer
Mark: APV Gaulin
model: M6 3TBS SMD
3000 PSI Pressure
2270 minimum capacity Ltrs/hour
maximum 3180 Capacity Ltrs/hour
15 HP Engine
APV Gaulin Homogenizers has revolutionized in numerous processes, facilitating the dev...
Homogenizer Alitec
Homogenizer Alitec  [unavailable

Machine code: 367-702

Brand: Alitec


Brand: Alitec.

Year 2005.

Model: A-2000.

Capacidade: 1,500 liters per hour.

Pressão: 200 Bar.

Potência: 15 HP.

Voltage: 220/380 V....
FBF Homogenizer
FBF Homogenizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 730-401

Brand: FBF

Homogenizer FBF
Flow = 15 lph
= until 1500 bar
mixing stages 02 pumping Pistons
voltage = 220/380 three phase
= 1.5 Kw
2010 Manufacturing time = 2.0 (2 hours)
laboratory equipment this Equipment stopped the 01.

Tetra Laval Homogenizer
Tetra Laval Homogenizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 353-502

Brand: Tetra Laval Food Hoyer

High pressure cylinder homogenizer.

Brand: Tetra Laval Food Hoyer.

Capacity: 1000 liters / hour....

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