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Vertical bundling machine

Main brands:

Beck Packautomaten, Calss, Dal Mak, Equiplast, Ima, JVC, KHS, MaquinaPack, Mesal, OCME, Pakmatic, Poly Pack, Projepack, ROCEL, Rodighero, STM, Taimak, Tecnotok

Vertical bundling machine
A bottle baler with bundling sealer is a machine used in industry to bundle bottles or similar products into compact bales, usually wrapping them in a shrink wrap or band of material to keep them together. This technology serves to optimize the transport, storage and handling of bottles, cans or other packaged products, making them more compact and organized. Here is how it generally works:

Bottle feeding: Empty or full bottles are loaded into the machine via a conveyor belt or other feeding system.

Grouping: Bottles are grouped in a specific pattern. The number of bottles per grouping and the layout of the bottles can be customized according to the manufacturer's needs.

Compaction: After bundling, the bottles are compacted together to reduce the bale volume. This can be done using a mechanical or pneumatic pressure system that pushes the bottles closer together.

Sealing: A shrink wrap or band of material is applied around the cluster of bottles to hold them together. This can be done using a sealing system that applies heat to shrink the plastic film or a sealer that applies a strip of material and secures it in place.

Trimming: Any excess plastic film or sealing material is trimmed to give the bale a clean, tidy appearance.

Unloading: The sealed bottle bale is then unloaded from the machine and is ready to be stacked on pallets or stored efficiently.

This technology is widely used in beverage industries, such as water, soft drinks and beer, to group bottles into compact packages that facilitate transportation and distribution. It is also used in other sectors to group products of similar shape.

A bottle baler with bundling sealer can vary in terms of capacity, speed and features depending on specific industry and production needs. It is an important tool for increasing efficiency and cost savings in packaging and logistics.
Semi automatic baler for bottles
Semi automatic baler for bottles

Machine code: 254-425

Brand: ROCEL

Components: Telemecanique, WEG

Semi automatic baler for bottles and jars.

Brand: Rocel.

Model: SFP4650 M.

Components: Weg and Telemecanique.

Approximate measurements of the tunnel mouth:

Mouth height: 450mm.

Width: 650mm....
Shrink Machine Poly Pack
Shrink Machine Poly Pack

Machine code: 170-102

Brand: Poly Pack

Shrink machine-Poly Pack.
height 1.90 mm.
width 1.05 m.
2.65 m Length.
weight 1700 kg.

1.00 mouth comp. x 0.80 of alt....
Floor sealer bundling
Floor sealer bundling

Machine code: 772-045

Vacuum/Floor Bundlig
automatically applies a filmstrip shrinkable plastic (PVC, polyethylene or Poliolefínico) to form multiple packaging.
To 50pçs per minute....
Baler for PET bottles and jars Rodighero
Baler for PET bottles and jars Rodighero

Machine code: 105-866

Brand: Rodighero

Baler for PET bottles and jars.

Manufacturer: Rodighero.

Model: ER1000.

Approximate productivity: from 1000 to 1200 packages per hour.

Year: 2014.

Stopped since 2014....
Complete line plant for the production of beer and soft drinks KHS
Complete line plant for the production of beer and soft drinks KHS

Machine code: 574-754

Brand: KHS, Mojonnier, Sabroe, Schulz, Ziemann Liess

Complete line plant for the production of beer and soft drinks.

Line composed of:

Bottle washer.

Manufacturer: Ziemann-Liess / KHS.

With 32 positions.

Year: 1994.

With tank system.

Linear rinser for bottles.

Nominal production...
Bottling line for mineral water Sidel
Bottling line for mineral water Sidel

Machine code: 264-418

Brand: OCME, ROMI, Sidel

Bottling line for mineral water.

Line composed by the main equipment:

Pet bottle blower.

Manufacturer: Roma.

Filling and capping system for pet bottles.

Manufacturer: Sidel.

Rotary labeller.

Manufacturer: Sidel.

Shrinking for bottle Mesal
Shrinking for bottle Mesal  [unavailable

Machine code: 467-071

Brand: Mesal

Bottle baler, by applying film and shrinking term.

Brand: Mesal.

Model: Pack 1200.

Capacity: 1,200 packages per hour in the current format.

Can pack 250 ml to 2.5 L....
Line for filling Mesal
Line for filling Mesal

Machine code: 226-440

Brand: Calss, Mesal

Line for filling water with or without gas.

Monoblock hermetic packing.

Brand: Mesal.

Rinser Nicale 24 calipers.


Brand: Calss.

Capacity: 1,000 u / h....
Shrink tunnel STM
Shrink tunnel STM  [unavailable

Machine code: 287-133

Brand: STM

Tunnel of shrinkage.

Brand: STM.

Model: EPET SMBP - 600.

With film applicator, shrink wrap tunnel and post-process cooling system.

Film Width: 585 mm.
Sealing machine MaquinaPack
Sealing machine MaquinaPack  [unavailable

Machine code: 511-013

Brand: MaquinaPack

Sealing machine.

Brand: MaquinaPack....
Baler Tecnotok
Baler Tecnotok  [unavailable

Machine code: 486-408

Brand: Tecnotok


Brand: Tecnotok.
Semi-automatic bottle baler Equiplast
Visualizar Vídeo Semi-automatic bottle baler Equiplast  [unavailable

Machine code: 233-447

Brand: Equiplast

Semi-automatic bottle baler.

Brand: Equiplast.

Model: EQ 5000

Year: 2013

Production: 400 packages per hour *.

* Manufacturer information for new equipment for model EQ 5000....
Tunnel of shrinkage Equiplast
Tunnel of shrinkage Equiplast  [unavailable

Machine code: 824-633

Brand: Equiplast

Tunnel of shrinkage.

Brand Name: Equiplast.

Model: EQ 5000.

Year: 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013....
Shrinking tunnel shrink Dalmak
Shrinking tunnel shrink Dalmak  [unavailable

Machine code: 102-513

Brand: Dal Mak

Shrinking tunnel Shrink Dalmak.
500/400 model.
Width 1.00 m 3.00 m Length
Height 1.76 m
mouth Measures: 400 mm x 300 mm...
Shrinking tunnel shrink Dalmak
Shrinking tunnel shrink Dalmak  [unavailable

Machine code: 108-010

Brand: Dal Mak

Shrinking tunnel Dalmak tag.
0.98 m Width
3.00 m. Length
height 1.75 m.
word-length x 0.52 0.34 point....
Taimak wrapping baler 1600 bales/hour
Taimak wrapping baler 1600 bales/hour  [unavailable

Machine code: 343-226

Brand: Taimak

Packing baler.

Manufacturer: Taimak.

Model: EAT 1600

Approximate productivity: up to 1,600 bales/hour.

Electric shrink tunnel heating system.

Works with bottles from 200 ml to 2000 ml....
Baler ROCEL  [unavailable

Machine code: 526-824

Brand: ROCEL


Brand: ROCEL.

Model: SFP 4650M.

Manufacture: 2002.

Voltage: 380v....
Filling line 42,000 cans per hour
Filling line 42,000 cans per hour  [unavailable

Machine code: 530-154

Brand: Angelus, Grown Simplimatic, Pakmatic, Solbern

Complete line for can depalatization, rinser, filling, can rewriter, conveyor, chiller tunnel, baler, palletizer and strech wrapper.

More information get in touch.

Production: 42,000 u / h.


Brand: Grown Simplimatic.

Automatic packaging sealing Ima
Automatic packaging sealing Ima  [unavailable

Machine code: 566-434

Brand: Ima

Automatic packaging sealing machine for Shrink boxes.

Stainless steel.

Tunnel of Shrinkage.

Brand: Ima.

Model MS 500 + T 500.

Year 2001.

Production of 30 per minute....
Shrink tunnel Rodighero
Shrink tunnel Rodighero  [unavailable

Machine code: 867-623

Brand: Rodighero

Automatic baling machine.

Brand: Rodighero.

Model E.R.M 600 A.

With automatic sealing and cutting system.

Capacity: 700 u / h.

Polycarbonate feed mat.

Packaging process: automatic (Feed belt has optical sensors that perceive the pre...
Packing Machine for sugar Tecnotok
Packing Machine for sugar Tecnotok  [unavailable

Machine code: 261-273

Brand: Tecnotok

Packing machine.

Brand: Tecnotok.

Model: MGT 5000.

Year: 2012.

Capacity: 70 packages per minute.

Balances Ensacamix.

Bagger with capacity of 90 bags of 25 kg per hour.

Packaging of crystal and refined sugar.


Funil em...
Bottle baler Equiplast
Bottle baler Equiplast  [unavailable

Machine code: 001-403

Brand: Equiplast

Thermo shrinkable tunnel
NOTE: With automatic temperature controller....
Bundling machines brand Projepack
Bundling machines brand Projepack  [unavailable

Machine code: 108-110

Brand: Projepack

Machines for Bundling Projepack brand
2 sets and vacuum tunnel entirely in stainless steel...
Shrink Tunnel Beck Packautomaten
Shrink Tunnel Beck Packautomaten  [unavailable

Machine code: 268-406

Brand: Beck Packautomaten

Shrink Tunnel

Brand: Beck Packautomaten.

To wrap products in shrinkable film....
Vacuum coupled bundling
Vacuum coupled bundling  [unavailable

Machine code: 107-403

Brand: JVC

Vacuum coupled bundling and shrinking tunnel (used in packaging) pneumatics and monoblock, houses tunnel with galvanized steel mesh mat, being built with steel plate and epoxy.
brand: JVC
model: 201 M


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