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Chocolate Refinements

Main brands:

Baker Perkins, Carle & Montanari, Jaf Inox, Lloveras, Low & Duff, Mallosa, Meller

Chocolate Refinements
A chocolate refining ladle, also known as a "chocolate ladle" or "chocolate refining ladle", is a piece of equipment used in the chocolate and confectionery industry to process and refine chocolate. The main purpose of the refining shell is to improve the quality of the chocolate, making it smoother, more homogeneous and with a pleasant texture. Here is how a chocolate refining ladle works and what it is for:

How a chocolate refining ladle works:

Ingredient Feeding: The process begins with the introduction of key ingredients such as chocolate, milk powder, sugar and other ingredients into the refiner ladle.

Heating: The refining shell gradually heats the chocolate and maintains a controlled temperature. This is essential to melt the ingredients and create a homogeneous mixture.

Refining: The central part of the refining ladle consists of a rotating drum or ladle that contains stainless steel stones or spheres. As the drum rotates, the stones or spheres come into contact with the chocolate, refining it and breaking down solid particles, such as sugar crystals, for a smoother texture.

Conching: The process of refining and blending is called “conching”. During conching, the chocolate is constantly stirred and aerated, allowing unwanted flavors to evaporate and improve taste and texture.

Cooling and Storage: After conching, the chocolate is gradually cooled in the refiner shell to prevent the formation of unwanted crystals. Once cooled, the chocolate can be removed from the machine and stored for later use or processing.

What is a chocolate refiner shell for:

Improve Texture: Refining in a chocolate shell helps break down solid particles, creating a smoother, velvety texture in the chocolate.

Improve Flavor: Conching removes unwanted flavors and improves the flavor quality of the chocolate, making it more pleasant to the palate.

Homogeneity: The conching process evenly mixes the ingredients, ensuring that all components are well distributed throughout the chocolate.

Reduce Viscosity: Conching helps reduce the viscosity of chocolate, making it easier to handle and pour into molds.

Remove Moisture: Any unwanted moisture present in the chocolate is evaporated during conching.

Shine and Texture: Conching also contributes to the shine and texture of the final chocolate, making it more visually appealing.

Reduced Maturation Time: Well-conched chocolate can have a shorter maturation time, which is important for efficient production.

The chocolate refiner shell plays a key role in producing high-quality chocolate, ensuring the final product is smooth, flavorful and attractive. It is a critical step in the chocolate manufacturing process and is widely used in the confectionery industry.

Check out options for chocolate refiner shells for sale:
Chocolate refiner 500 kg Mallosa
Visualizar Vídeo Chocolate refiner 500 kg Mallosa

Machine code: 852-512

Brand: Mallosa

Chocolate refiner.

Brand: Mallosa.

Engine: 25 HP.

Origin: Spain.

Voltage: three-phase 220/380 V....
Chocolate refining machine 3 tons Low & Duff
Chocolate refining machine 3 tons Low & Duff

Machine code: 732-308

Brand: Low & Duff

Chocolate refining machine.

Capacity: 3,000 kg.

Brand: Low & Duff....
Chocolate shell lloveras Lloveras
Chocolate shell lloveras Lloveras

Machine code: 617-528

Brand: Lloveras

Universal shell / refiner Lloveras.

Model: L-3000.

Year: 1979.

Used by Kopenhagen.

Production capacity of a 22 to 25 micron commercial chocolate is 3,000 kg in 24 hours, with a maximum of 50% sugar crystals.

To produce a 25 to 30 micro...
Jacketed homogenizing ladle for chocolate 100 liters
Visualizar Vídeo Jacketed homogenizing ladle for chocolate 100 liters

Machine code: 270-783

Chocolate-lined homogenizing shell.

Approximate capacity: 100 liters.

For mixing cocoa mass and other ingredients (such as cocoa butter, sugar and milk).

Engine: 2 hp three-phase 220 / 380 V.

Rotation: 1130 RPM.

Approximate dimensions:...
Homogenizing ladle for chocolate JAF Inox
Homogenizing ladle for chocolate JAF Inox

Machine code: 825-370

Brand: Jaf Inox

Homogenizing shell for chocolates.

Brand: JAF Inox.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width: 700mm.

Length: 1.50 m.

Height: 1.45 m....
Line for the production of JAF Inox chocolate
Line for the production of JAF Inox chocolate

Machine code: 845-468

Brand: Jaf Inox

Complete line for the production of bean to bar chocolate.

Brand: JAF Inox.

Approximate capacity: 10 kilos.

Composed by:

Peeler 5 decks with silo.

Cocoa seed roaster.

Homogenizing shell.

5 roller refiner.

Transfer pump.

Chocolate refining machine Baker Perkins
Chocolate refining machine Baker Perkins

Machine code: 563-148

Brand: Baker Perkins

Chocolate refining machine.

Marca: Baker Perkins....
Chocolate Refiner 500 L Carle Montanari
Chocolate Refiner 500 L Carle Montanari

Machine code: 776-153

Brand: Carle & Montanari

Chocolate refining machine.

Capacity: 500 L.

Brand: Carle and Montanari....
Chocolate shell approximately 4,000 kg
Chocolate shell approximately 4,000 kg

Machine code: 066-078

Chocolate Shell.

For approximately 4,000 kg....
Industrial mixer for chocolates 3 ton
Industrial mixer for chocolates 3 ton

Machine code: 358-023

Brand: Baker Perkins

Industrial mixe for chocolates with a capacity of 3 ton

Equipment semi new...
Carle & Montanari Refining Ladle 1900 liters
Carle & Montanari Refining Ladle 1900 liters

Machine code: 134-318

Brand: Carle & Montanari

Chocolate refiner shell.

Manufacturer: Carle & Montanari.

Approximate total capacity: 1,900 liters.

Approximate working capacity: 1,500 liters.

Approximate Dimensions:

Inner diameter: 1930 mm.

Internal height: 660 mm.

Width: 2,21...
Chocolate ladle
Chocolate ladle  [unavailable

Machine code: 036-047

Chocolate ladle....
Chocolate ladle
Chocolate ladle  [unavailable

Machine code: 634-655

Chocolate ladle....
Chocolate ladle
Chocolate ladle  [unavailable

Machine code: 078-080

Chocolate ladle....
Set chocolate refining
Set chocolate refining  [unavailable

Machine code: 310-721

Brand: Meller

Chocolate refining set composed of:
Shell Meller.
Vertical refiner complete with pump.
Stainless steel tank, capacity 2,000 kg...
Chocolate shell in tempered steel
Chocolate shell in tempered steel  [unavailable

Machine code: 075-086

Chocolate ladle.

Capacity: 20 liters.

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