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Hamel, M.A.M

Winders and rewinders are essential equipment in the textile, paper, plastic and other industries that deal with materials in roll or coil form. Let's explore its functions, basic operations and some common types:

What is it for:


Coil Production: The main objective is to transform roll materials, such as threads, fabrics, paper, plastic films, among others, into coils or cones suitable for storage, transportation and subsequent processing.


Reprocessing: Allows you to unwind existing coils for inspection, cutting, splicing or additional coating. They can also be used to convert coils from one diameter to another.
How it works:


The material to be wound is fed into the machine.
The machine winds or "coils" the material onto a core or cone, forming a coil.
During the process, controlled tension techniques and speed adjustments can be applied to achieve uniform winding.


The process begins with the introduction of an existing coil into the machine.
The rewinder unwinds the original coil.
Various processes can be carried out during operation, such as cutting, quality inspection, splicing of materials and rewinding into a new core or cone.

Common types of winders and rewinders:

Automatic Winders:

Fully automated, operating without significant human intervention.
High efficiency and large-scale production.

Semi-Automatic Winders:

They require some human intervention for configuration and monitoring.
They offer a balance between automation and flexibility.

Cone Winders:

Specifically designed to transform materials into cones, commonly used in the textile industry.

Paper Rewinders:

Specialized in processes involving paper, such as cutting, inspection and rewinding.

Plastic Film Rewinders:

Suitable for plastic materials, adjusting to the specific characteristics of these materials.

Fabric Rewinders:

Designed to process fabrics, often including tension control systems to prevent distortion.
Each type of winder or rewinder is designed to meet the specific needs of the industry and material in question, ensuring efficiency, quality and compliance with desired standards.
Double winding machine MAM
Double winding machine MAM  [unavailable

Machine code: 341-525

Brand: M.A.M

Double winder against set, to receive extruder film with attendant.

Brand: Meccanica Alto Milanese, MAM.

Film capacity: 2.4 m.

Average production: 300 kg up to 350 kg per hour.

Year: 1997....
Winding machine Hamel
Winding machine Hamel  [unavailable

Machine code: 374-050

Brand: Hamel

Winding machine.

Brand Name: Hamel.


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