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Wineries industrial equipment

Main brands:

Cimec, Gava, Recinox, Sasa, Tersainox

Wineries industrial equipment
The production of wines and sparkling wines involves a series of specific equipment for each stage of the process. Here are some of the common equipment used in winemaking:

Winemaking Equipment:


Removes the clusters from the grapes and, in some cases, squeezes the grapes to release the juice.


Used to extract additional juice from grapes, especially for white wines.

Fermentation Tanks:

For alcoholic fermentation, where grape juice turns into wine due to the action of yeast.

Stainless Steel Fermenters:

Modern tanks that offer precise temperature control during fermentation.

Oak Barrels:

Used to age wine and add flavors and aromas from oak.


They remove unwanted particles from wine before bottling.

Transfer Pumps:

They move the wine between tanks and during the filtration process.

Thermal Exchange:

Equipment to control wine temperature during different stages, such as fermentation and storage.

Sulfiting Equipment:

Used for controlled addition of sulfur dioxide, a common preservative in wines.

Clarification Equipment:

They include centrifugal clarifiers or clarifying agents to remove sediment and particles from the wine.

Dosing Equipment:

For addition you need additives such as yeast, nutrients, etc.

Mills and Destemmers-Sieves:

They prepare the grapes for fermentation by de-stemming and crushing them.

Pigeage Bombs:

Used for "pigeage" or "punch-down", which is the practice of pushing grape skins down into the must during fermentation.

Specific Equipment for Sparkling Wines:

Special Presses for Sparkling Wines:

They can be used to press grapes in a more delicate way, especially for the production of base wines for sparkling wines.

Fermentation Tanks for Sparkling Wines:

They allow controlled fermentation for the production of sparkling wines.

Sparkling Wine Bottlers:

Specific bottlers, often with valves for injecting carbon dioxide.

Autolysis Cages:

Used during the traditional method (or champenoise) for aging and autolysis of yeasts in bottles.

Bottleneck Washers and Freezers:

They prepare bottles for adding expedition liquor and avoid losses during the sediment freezing process.

Expedition Liquor Vats:

For the preparation of expedition liqueur, a mixture of sugar and wine that is added to sparkling wine before being sealed.
These are just a few examples, and the choice of equipment may vary depending on the size of the production, specific winemaking methods and the characteristics desired for the wine or sparkling wine.
Autoclave for fermentation of sparkling wines and alcoholic beverages
Autoclave for fermentation of sparkling wines and alcoholic beverages

Machine code: 850-616

Brand: Recinox

Autoclave for fermentation of sparkling wines and alcoholic beverages.

Manufacturer brand: Recinox.

Model: FR.A - 5000 Vase III.

Capacity: 5,000 L.

Quantity of equipment: 3 units.

Standard of Fab Asme VIII Div.I.

Stirrer Motor 3 CV ...
Automatic filling machine for isobaric wines and sparkling wines Sasa Cimec
Automatic filling machine for isobaric wines and sparkling wines Sasa Cimec

Machine code: 755-108

Brand: Cimec, Sasa

Automatic filling machine for isobaric wines and sparkling wines.

Manufacturer brand: Sasa Cimec.

Year: 2010.

Maximum production: 1,000 units per hour.

Equipment number 382

Type of equipment Feed Post Cork SAV-APR

Equipment Number 3...
Tank for fermentation of wines and beverages Tersainox
Tank for fermentation of wines and beverages Tersainox

Machine code: 338-537

Brand: Tersainox

Tank for fermentation of wines and beverages.

Manufacturer: Tersainox.

Volume: 5,000 L.

Model: FPP 1817.

Quantity: 4 equal tanks.

Year: 2009....
Wine distillation machine
Wine distillation machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 424-835

Brand: Gava, Rotat

Wine distillation machine.

Brand: Gava.

Garola / Concealer.

Rotat packaging machine with 12 nozzles.

Filter with 70 plate.

3 units of 2,000 liter tanks.

Tank of 2,500 liters.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine.

Pump / Centrifuge...

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