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Spray Drying

GALAXIE, GEA, Niro Atomizer,

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Spray Dryer Niro Atomizer GEA
Spray Dryer Niro Atomizer GEA

Machine code: 130-426

Brand: GEA, Niro Atomizer

Spray Dryer for drying.

Brand: GEA Niro Atomizer.

Model: F100.

Capacity: 3,000 liters.

Water evaporated hour transporter bagger gas washer complete dehumidifier.

Centrifugal atomizer type dryer.

Feeding system (Nemo type helical pum...
Spray Dryer
Spray Dryer

Machine code: 470-687

Dryer Spray Dryer in stainless steel.

Drying capacity between 100 and 150 kg hour.

It has nozzle because it is high pressure.

It was used in the food industry.

Drying capacity between 100 and 150 kg hour.

Unbranded equipment was assemb...
Spray Drayer Niro Atomizer
Spray Drayer Niro Atomizer

Machine code: 055-473

Brand: Niro Atomizer

Spray Drayer.

Brand Name: Niro Atomizer.

Stainless steel construction equipment.

With disc atomizers.

Gas burner system.

And another electric.

Both with production up to 10 kg / h.


02 Units....
Spray Dryer to 800 L hour Galaxie
Spray Dryer to 800 L hour Galaxie

Machine code: 286-121


Spray dryer.


Model: 3530.

Drying capacity of liquid: 800 L / H.

Year: 1998.

Used only once for açai drying test, achieving a good result, but the company's strategy has changed.

Equipment allocated since then in a su...
Fluidized bed dryer for solids, powders or granulates
Fluidized bed dryer for solids, powders or granulates

Machine code: 057-460

Fluidized bed dryer for solids, powders or granulates complete.

Has control panel, sleeve filters, high pressure centrifugal fan, dehumidifier among others.

Comes with stainless steel conveyor screw....
Spray Dryer Dryer Niro Atomizer
Spray Dryer Dryer Niro Atomizer

Machine code: 002-024

Brand: Niro Atomizer

Dryer Spray Dryer.

Brand Name: Niro Atomizer.

Model F-100.

Capacity: 2,800 liters per hour.

With flowchart....
Spray Dryer Niro Atomizer
Spray Dryer Niro Atomizer

Machine code: 626-667

Brand: Niro Atomizer

Spray dryer Dryer
folder spray dryer and hot air in counter-current contact consisting of a disk model
F-100 of the NIRO ATOMIZER and combustion chamber in stainless steel 304 5350 mm internal diameter by 8000 mm high
between tangents, with 75 ...

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