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Bottle positioners

Main brands:

Aeroar, Aritech, Fujimec, IMSB, Innovar, Posimat, Posimec, Rodopac, Tecman

Bottle positioners
Vial and bottle feeder positioners are equipment used in production lines to correctly guide and position containers (such as jars and bottles) before they are filled, labeled, capped or go through other stages of the filling process. Let's explore what they're for, how they work, and some common types of these devices:

What is it for:

Precise alignment: Positioners ensure that vials or bottles are correctly aligned in relation to the production line, allowing for a smooth and efficient flow.
Reduction of errors: Avoid misalignments and incorrect positioning that could result in product loss, damage to packaging or problems during subsequent steps of the process.
Increased efficiency: They contribute to increased operational efficiency, as they help to maintain a constant flow of containers in the production line.
How it works:

Sensing: Many feeder positioners use sensors to detect the position and orientation of approaching jars or bottles.
Actuators: Based on information from sensors, actuators, such as pneumatic cylinders or electric motors, adjust the position of containers to ensure proper alignment.
Control System: A control system coordinates the actions of sensors and actuators to ensure accurate positioning.
Types of feeder positioners:

Starwheel positioner: Uses a rotating star to position and transfer vials or bottles between different stages of the production line. Each arm of the star corresponds to a container, providing continuous and precise movement.
Belt positioner (belted orientor): Employs adjustable conveyor belts to move and align containers. It can be an effective solution for different packaging sizes and shapes.
Robotic arm positioner: Uses robotic arms to pick up and position vials or bottles with high precision. This option is flexible and can be adapted to handle a variety of packaging formats.
Suction positioner: Uses suction cups or suction devices to grab containers and position each one appropriately.
The choice of the type of feeder positioner depends on the specific characteristics of the containers to be handled, production requirements and the nature of the filling line. Each type has its advantages and is selected based on industry needs and production process requirements.
Tecman stainless steel bottle feeder positioner
Visualizar Vídeo Tecman stainless steel bottle feeder positioner

Machine code: 264-410

Brand: Tecman

Components: WEG

- Feeder/lung for "giraffe" type bottles.

Brand: Tecman.

Year: 2014.

In stainless steel.

- Rotating bottle feeder positioner.

In stainless steel.

Brand: Tecman....
JCV Engemaq dosing and sealing machine for cups, bottles and jars
JCV Engemaq dosing and sealing machine for cups, bottles and jars

Machine code: 700-864

Brand: Aritech, Engemaq, JCV Maq

Filling line for pots.

Composed by:

- Automatic dosing filler for pots.

Manufacturer: JCV.

Approximate capacity: up to 850 pots per hour.

It has a scale with 3 dosers.

For products such as cookies, snacks, peanuts, etc.

- Sealer ...
Bottle and flask feeder positioner Posimat
Bottle and flask feeder positioner Posimat  [unavailable

Machine code: 441-453

Brand: Posimat

Bottle and flask feeder positioner.

Manufacturer: Posimat.

Model: N37.

Production capacity: 24 thousand bottles / hour.

Year: 1997....
Positioner for vibratory feeder for double time
Positioner for vibratory feeder for double time  [unavailable

Machine code: 741-205

Positioner for vibratory feeder for double time...
IMSB stainless steel bottle feeder positioner
Visualizar Vídeo IMSB stainless steel bottle feeder positioner  [unavailable

Machine code: 161-721

Brand: IMSB, Rodopac

Bottle feeder positioner for filling line.

Feeder positioner.

Manufacturer: IMSB / Robopac Brasil.

Model: PFP27 . 170.

Series: 667.

Year: 2008.

In 304 stainless steel, external polishing.

Voltage: 220V.

Comes with IMSB manual....
Posimat bottle positioner
Posimat bottle positioner  [unavailable

Machine code: 222-852

Brand: Posimat

- Bottle positioning machine.

- Brand: Posimat.

- Model: Master 20....
Posimat bottles bottles indexing
Posimat bottles bottles indexing  [unavailable

Machine code: 300-702

Brand: Posimat

Positioner from plastic bottles.

Brand: Posimat.

Model: Master-20.

Serial: 8764-MXI.

Uses all kind of bottles either light or heavy, cylindrical, oval or asymmetrical, with short necks or even without a neck, as covers plans elements ...
Line for filling liquids, oils and pastes Innovar
Line for filling liquids, oils and pastes Innovar  [unavailable

Machine code: 333-845

Brand: Innovar

Complete stainless steel line for filling liquids, oils and pastes.

Manufacturer: Innovar.

Series/Model: EASX.

Approximate capacity: 2,600 to 3,200 liters/hour.

Year: 2022.

Machine operating for one year. (since October 2022)

Line c...
Automatic rotary positioning feeder Posimec
Automatic rotary positioning feeder Posimec  [unavailable

Machine code: 788-888

Brand: Posimec

Automatic rotary positioning feeder for bottles for filling lines.

Manufacturer: Posimec.

Year: 2019.

Excellent condition with 90 hours of use.

Rated production: 9,000 vials per hour....
Gravimetric filling line
Gravimetric filling line  [unavailable

Machine code: 361-431

Brand: IMSB, Posimat, Rodopac

Gravimetric filling line.

Brand: IMSB.

Model: EGT 30/10.

Process: Bottle of liquid alcohol from 500 ml to 1 L.

Approximate production: 180 vials per minute.

Bottle positioner: Posimec year 2016.

WEIGHT: 3500 KG.

VOLTAGE: 220 VAC ...
Feeder and bottles positioner/Rotary covers
Feeder and bottles positioner/Rotary covers  [unavailable

Machine code: 724-635

Feeder and bottles positioner/Rotary caps Ø 62 cm and h = 1.50 m....
Automatic positioner bottles
Automatic positioner bottles  [unavailable

Machine code: 345-357

Brand: Fujimec

Automatic bottle positioner.

Brand: Fujimec.

Model DFF-12-E.

Production of 12,000/h.

Excellent performance machine for bottles and flaconettes up to Ø = 45 mm and h = 200 mm.

Main advantages:

Easy operation.

Low maintenance.

Rotary feeder and automatic covers positioner
Rotary feeder and automatic covers positioner  [unavailable

Machine code: 443-465

Brand: Aeroar

Rotary feeder and automatic covers positioner Pan Ø 70 cm-h = 1.30.
Mark Aeroar.
In stainless steel....
Feeder and positioner rotating covers
Feeder and positioner rotating covers  [unavailable

Machine code: 288-200

Feeder and positioner rotary tapas Ø 70 cm and n = 1,70 m....
Serac rotary filling machine
Serac rotary filling machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 868-270

Brand: Fujimec, Serac

Filling set composed of feeder, positioner, filling and CSI:

Mark: Serac.
Model: DT8V8/360 FHT.
Year: 2000.

-indexing bottles:
brand name: Fujimec.
Model: Fujomax DEF 15-C 16343.
Year: 2003.


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