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Melangeur for chocolates

Main brands:

ATF Máquinas, Bauemeister, Mecal, Vonin

Melangeur for chocolates
The term "melangeur" refers to a specific piece of equipment used in chocolate processing. A melangeur is an essential machine in chocolate production, especially in small to medium scale operations. It is used to mix, grind and refine the basic ingredients of chocolate, such as cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa butter. Here is information about the purpose and functioning of a chocolate melangeur:

What is it for:

The melangeur is mainly used to perform the following functions in chocolate processing:
Mixing: Homogeneous combination of dry ingredients (cocoa powder and sugar).
Grinding: Reducing the size of solid particles of dry ingredients to create a liquid paste.
Conching: Controlled heating and mixing process that improves the texture, flavor and quality of chocolate, removing acidity and developing aroma.
How it works:

The melangeur has a cylindrical or tub-shaped tank with a rotating stone (roller) inside. The process involves the following steps:
Ingredient Loading: Cocoa powder, sugar and other ingredients are loaded into the tank.
Start of Rotation: The stone is activated to start rotating, mixing and grinding the ingredients.
Grinding Process: As the stone rotates, it crushes and grinds the solids, turning them into a liquid paste known as chocolate mass.
Heating (Conching): During the grinding process, the melangeur heats the chocolate mass. This is followed by a conching period, where the mass is continually mixed and heated to improve the quality of the chocolate.
Refining: Chocolate goes through refinement cycles, where the paste is continually ground and refined to achieve the desired texture.
Cooling: After conching and refining, the chocolate is cooled to stop the process.
Technical Features:

Granite Stone: Granite stone is often used as the crushing element in melangeur due to its durability and ability to produce fine particles.
Heating System: Some melangeurs have integrated heating systems to control the temperature during conching.
Speed Controls: Many models allow you to adjust the speed of the stone to control the grinding and refining process.
Sizes and Capacities:

Melangeurs are available in different sizes and capacities to meet the needs of different chocolate producers, from small businesses to larger industrial operations.
In summary, melangeur is an essential component in chocolate production, playing a critical role in achieving the desired texture, flavor and quality in the final chocolate.
The complete line for manufacturing Mecal bean-to-bar chocolate
Visualizar Vídeo The complete line for manufacturing Mecal bean-to-bar chocolate

Machine code: 630-725

Brand: Mecal

The complete line for manufacturing bean-to-bar chocolate.

Manufacturer/brand: Mecal.

Line composed of:

- Stainless steel cocoa bean peeler:

Approximate production: up to 15 kg per hour.

1 CV (735.5 Watt) engine in the turbine and 1 1/...
Melangeur melanger for chocolate 335 liters
Visualizar Vídeo Melangeur melanger for chocolate 335 liters

Machine code: 684-805

Melangeur melanger for chocolate.

Stone mill for refining chocolate with vat.

Approximate capacity: 335 liters.

Approximate Dimensions:

Diameter: 1.50 m.

Height: 300mm.

Overall height: 1.70 m.

Stone measurements: diameter of 550 ...
Stone melanger for chocolate 310 liters
Visualizar Vídeo Stone melanger for chocolate 310 liters

Machine code: 085-307

Stone melangeur with vat.

Capacity: 310 liters.

With rollers and marble vat bottom.

Equipment for the refining of bean to bar chocolates.


Diameter: 1,40 m.

Height: 200 mm.

Total height: 1.80 m.

Width: 1.70 m.

Melangeur melanger for Mecal chocolate
Melangeur melanger for Mecal chocolate

Machine code: 042-755

Brand: Mecal

Pneumatic chocolate melangeur.

Stone mill used to grind chocolate.

Manufacturer: Mecal.

Approximate productivity: 20 kg per batch.

The batch cycle depends on each chocolate, but varies between 24 hours and 72 hours to reach 20 - 25 micron...
Melangeur melanger for chocolate ATF Machines 10 kg
Melangeur melanger for chocolate ATF Machines 10 kg

Machine code: 224-875

Brand: ATF Máquinas

Melangeur melanger for chocolate in stainless steel.

Manufacturer: ATF Máquinas.

Approximate capacity: 10 kg.

Year: 2023.

Operated only 2 months.

Voltage: 220V.

With IBR 0.5 hp engine.

With three-phase class IR3 motor reducer and...
Melangeur for refining chocolates
Melangeur for refining chocolates

Machine code: 336-351

Melangeur for refining chocolates.

Capacity: ranging from 10 L to 100 L.

Models: MPRG10, MPRG20, MPRG30, MPRG50, MPRG70 and MSRG100.

Equipment with 304 stainless steel drum on carbon steel structures, for the manufacture of bean to bar choco...
Melanger for chocolate
Melanger for chocolate  [unavailable

Machine code: 250-662

Melanger for chocolate....
Melangeur melanger for chocolate 20 Kg Vonin
Visualizar Vídeo Melangeur melanger for chocolate 20 Kg Vonin  [unavailable

Machine code: 178-767

Brand: Vonin

Melangeur melanger for chocolate.

Manufacturer: Vonin.

Model: Andura 20.

Approximate refining capacity: up to 20 kg of chocolate per batch.

Structure in chromed steel and 304 stainless steel.

Stones / Rolls and base of the vat: in gray...
Chocolate melangeur melanger in Mecal stainless steel
Visualizar Vídeo Chocolate melangeur melanger in Mecal stainless steel  [unavailable

Machine code: 637-830

Brand: Mecal

Stainless steel chocolate melangeur melanger.

Stone mill for refining chocolate.

Manufacturer: Mecal.

Approximate capacity: 22 liters.

Videos in the links below:

Video click here...
Massadeira Melange to chocolate brand Bauemeister
Massadeira Melange to chocolate brand Bauemeister  [unavailable

Machine code: 166-178

Brand: Bauemeister

Massadeira Melange to Bauemeister * k12k brand chocolate * height 2.10 2.06 x wide...

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