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Main brands:

Bosch, Hansella, Tavares, Uniplast, Vidic

Pasta extruders for bullet and lollipop
Pasta extruders for bullet and lollipop

Machine code: 724-742

Extruder pasta for bullet and lollipop....
Pasta extruders and lollipop
Pasta extruders and lollipop

Machine code: 620-840

Pasta extruders for bullet and lollipop.
Working in conjunction with rotate staff....
Toffe line
Visualizar Vídeo Toffe line

Machine code: 676-607

Rotate vertical stick to bullets with trafilas coupled system.
Pasta extruders for bullet and lollipop.
Working in conjunction with cute bat....
Lollipop packer Vidic
Lollipop packer Vidic

Machine code: 252-263

Brand: Vidic

Lollipop packer.

Brand: Vidic LTDA.

Lollipop diameter: 40 mm....
Candy Dough Machine
Candy Dough Machine

Machine code: 661-682

Candy Dough Machine.

Measures 1.40 in length x 0.90 in width.

Extruders for bullet and lollipop mass.

They work in conjunction with the trefila trefila.
Packer / lollipop floor boring
Packer / lollipop floor boring

Machine code: 060-538

Packer for lollipop boring...
Manufacturing line of candies and lollipops Hansella brand
Visualizar Vídeo Manufacturing line of candies and lollipops Hansella brand

Machine code: 011-274

Brand: Hansella

Manufacturing line of candies and lollipops Hansella brand consisting of:
-Cute bat, trafila and press
Cute bat brand Bosch
Cute bat brand Bosch

Machine code: 015-026

Brand: Bosch

Cute bat.
Brand: Bosch.
Length x width x 1.50 2.50 0.50 point.
Pasta extruders for bullet and lollipop....
Estampadeira for Lollipop
Estampadeira for Lollipop

Machine code: 018-583

Brand: Uniplast

Wreck uniplast for rectangular bales with the round corner type fruit....
Lose to bullet-Super Rosotoplástica
Lose to bullet-Super Rosotoplástica

Machine code: 651-335

Super rostoplastica * dies
k12k *...
Cute bat to lollipops
Cute bat to lollipops

Machine code: 481-422

Brand: Hansella

Equipment necessary for the production of candies and lollipops.
Pasta extruders for bullet and lollipop.
Working in conjunction with cute bat....
Lollipop-Tavares Estampadeira
Lollipop-Tavares Estampadeira

Machine code: 276-120

Brand: Tavares

Pattern, shape, and put sticks in lollipops....
Estampadeira-Hansella lollipop
Estampadeira-Hansella lollipop

Machine code: 556-403

Brand: Hansella

Print and put the stick in flat, round lollipops and others.
semi Equipment...
Trefila/trainer of lollipops
Trefila/trainer of lollipops  [unavailable

Machine code: 530-778

Trafila/trainer of lollipops...
Trefila of lollipops
Trefila of lollipops  [unavailable

Machine code: 102-234

Turn stick for masses of candy and candy....
Complete line for making lollipops with wreck
Complete line for making lollipops with wreck  [unavailable

Machine code: 605-650

Brand: Tavares

Complete line for making lollipops c/press...
Trafila lollipops
Trafila lollipops  [unavailable

Machine code: 127-561

Brand: Hansella

Machine designed to work together with cute stick to candies and lollipops....

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