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cartridge gluer

Main brands:

Fabrima, IWKA, Jemak, Melton, Nordson, Priscell, Promaler, Tecnor

cartridge gluer
A cartridge gluer is a piece of equipment used in the packaging industry, especially in the manufacture of cardboard cartridges. The main purpose of a cartridge gluer is to automate and improve the process of gluing cardboard cartridges, which are often used to package products such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics and more. Here are the main purposes and functions of a cartridge gluer:

Cartridge Assembly: The gluer is used to assemble cardboard cartridges from pre-cut pieces. This includes folding, gluing, and assembling the cardboard pieces to create the final cartridge.

Precise Gluing: The machine precisely and evenly applies glue to the appropriate areas of the cardboard cartridge, ensuring a strong and durable adhesion.

Labor Reduction: A cartridge gluer automates the cartridge assembly process, reducing the need for manual work and increasing production efficiency.

Mass Production: It is ideal for mass production of cartridges, allowing rapid and consistent production of large quantities of packaging.

Size Flexibility: Some gluers can be adjusted to handle different sized cartridges, which is useful for manufacturers who produce multiple cartridge variants.

Quality and Consistency: The machine helps ensure the quality and consistency of cartridges, avoiding human errors in assembly and gluing.

Production Speed: Industrial cartridge gluers can operate at high speed, accelerating the production process.

Time and Resource Savings: By automating the gluing process, companies save time and resources, improving efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Personalization: Some gluers allow you to customize the printing or labeling on the cartridges, making them suitable for specific products.

Cartridge gluers are widely used in the packaging industry, making the production of cardboard cartridges more efficient and economical. They play an important role in ensuring packaging quality and accelerating the manufacturing process.

Check out cartridge gluer for sale:
Cartoner machine Jemak
Visualizar Vídeo Cartoner machine Jemak

Machine code: 054-602

Brand: Jemak

Components: Alfamatec


Brand Name: Jemak.

Production: 60 cartridges per minute.

Double system for application of glue, lot recording and validity.

Coleman Makmelt.

Machine has input and output matrices.

Year: 2010.

Machine operated unti...
Semi automatic cartridge gluing cartridge Priscell
Semi automatic cartridge gluing cartridge Priscell

Machine code: 173-300

Brand: Priscell

Semi automatic cartridge gluing cartridge.

Brand: Priscell.

Model: EMC.

Year: 2012.

Production: 15 units per minute....
Horizontal cartoning machine Promaler
Horizontal cartoning machine Promaler  [unavailable

Machine code: 858-250

Brand: Promaler

Components: Melton

Is Keyhole shaped used continuous horizontal box/cartridge.
Model: FHC 03.
Brand Name: Promaler.
Year: 2012.
Coleiro brand Valcomelton
Model coleiro: EC4-Hot Melt Systms By Valcomelton
140 mm belt width by length 2,200.
Measurement of 5...
Meltron paste machine
Meltron paste machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 201-203

Brand: Melton

Paste machine.
Mark Meltron Spain 4 kg Model....
Encartuchadeira Promaler with coleiro Meltron
Encartuchadeira Promaler with coleiro Meltron  [unavailable

Machine code: 464-376

Brand: Promaler

Components: Atos, Melton

Floor/Encartuchadeira Promaler.

Model: EVI.
in: 2007.

Working pressure 6 BAR-220 V voltage

60 mm Format with clp actions.

Coleiro Meltron brand model Spain 4 kg.

Approximate capacity up to 75 packages per minute.

Closing sealer for cartridges
Closing sealer for cartridges

Machine code: 845-316

Closing sealer for cartridges.

Brand: Mesp.

Model: SSCC - 3600.

Year: 2019....
Wrapping machine Tecnor
Wrapping machine Tecnor  [unavailable

Machine code: 774-248

Brand: Tecnor

Components: Nordson

Cartoning machine.

Cartridge shutter, semi automatic.

Brand: Tecnor.

Model: TEC FIVE.

The movements are continuous and all the flaps are automatically folded and sealed.

We emphasize the TEC FIVE transport system that loads the cartrid...
Cartoner machine Vertopac IWKA
Cartoner machine Vertopac IWKA  [unavailable

Machine code: 146-037

Brand: Fabrima, IWKA

Components: Evocryl, OMRON, Sense, Steck, WEG

Vertical carton.

Brand name: IWKA, German.

Model: Vertopac.

Condition: Retrofit.

Equipment similar to Fabrima Vertopac.

Parts that come in contact with the product in stainless steel.

With magazine system for feeding disassembled bo...
Coleiro Nordson
Coleiro Nordson  [unavailable

Machine code: 506-527

Brand: Nordson


Brand: Nordson....
Encartuchadeira Jemak
Encartuchadeira Jemak  [unavailable

Machine code: 040-708

Brand: Jemak


Brand: Jemak.

Encartuchadora JEMAK
Encartuchadora JEMAK  [unavailable

Machine code: 377-030

Brand: Jemak

The machines JEMAK ZETA models 30/40 HM are 4 cartridges can seaming machine or automatic background tabs with a production capacity of up to 40 rounds per minute. Versatile, compact and simple and fast adjustment, can be easily displaced among the p...
Encartuchadora JEMAK
Encartuchadora JEMAK  [unavailable

Machine code: 067-143

Brand: Jemak

Encartuchadora JEMAK ...

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