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Steam boiling pan

Main brands:

Cozil, Cozilândia, Elvi, Hobart, JHM, Klainox, Milainox, Mobinox, Topema

Steam boiling pan
Industrial cauldrons or pans are essential equipment in industrial kitchens and in large-scale environments where large quantities of food need to be prepared. Let's explore their functions, operating principles, and some common types.

Function of Industrial Cauldrons or Panelões:

Preparation of Large Volumes of Food:

Industrial cauldrons are designed to cook large quantities of food, making them ideal for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, school canteens and other large establishments.


They can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, from soups and broths to pasta, stews, sauces and foods in large quantities.

Working Principles:

Heat Source:

Industrial boilers are equipped with heat sources, which can be gas, electricity or steam, depending on the model and specific needs.

Thermal Coating:

They have thermal insulation to maintain internal temperature and optimize energy efficiency.

Heat exchanger:

The heat is transferred to the cooking surface, which can be a coil, an electric resistance or other elements, uniformly heating the contents of the cauldron.

Temperature Controls:

Industrial stockpots often have precise temperature controls to ensure food is cooked properly.

Agitators or Mixing Paddles:

Many stockpots have stirrers or mixing paddles to ensure homogeneity of the preparation and prevent food from sticking to the bottom.

Types of Industrial Cauldrons or Cookware:

Tilting boilers:

They have a tilting base that makes it easier to empty the contents, making them useful for cooking large volumes of liquids, such as broths and soups.

Fixed cauldrons:

They have a fixed structure and are ideal for cooking denser foods, such as stews and pasta.

Steam Cauldrons:

They use direct steam to heat food. They are efficient and preserve the nutritional characteristics of food.

Electric boilers:

They work with electrical resistances to generate heat. They are common in kitchens that do not have easy access to gas.

Gas boilers:

Powered by gas, they are popular in industrial kitchens where gas infrastructure is available.

Tilting Cauldrons:

They can be tilted to facilitate the emptying of cooked food, without the need to remove the contents manually.

Kettles cauldrons:

These are high-capacity cauldrons used for specific processes, such as the production of large batches of sauces, soups or processed food products.

Pressure Boilers:

They cook food faster under pressure, reducing preparation time.
The choice of the type of cauldron will depend on the specific needs of the industrial kitchen, considering factors such as production volume, the type of food prepared and the availability of energy (gas, electricity or steam).
500 liter stainless steel pan
500 liter stainless steel pan

Machine code: 181-145

Pot pan for industrial kitchen in stainless steel.

Approximate capacity: 500 liters....
Panelão á gás 50 litros Mobinox
Panelão á gás 50 litros Mobinox

Machine code: 643-553

Brand: Mobinox

Stainless steel panel.

Brand: Mobinox.

Capacity: 50 L.

Gas cooker....
Industrial cooker for 100 L Mobinox
Visualizar Vídeo Industrial cooker for 100 L Mobinox

Machine code: 318-111

Brand: Mobinox

Stainless steel panel.

Brand: Mobinox.

Capacity: 100 L.

Gas cooker....
2 industrial Cauldron (or steam autogerador) 1000 gas in stainless steel 304
2 industrial Cauldron (or steam autogerador) 1000 gas in stainless steel 304  [unavailable

Machine code: 870-705

Brand: Cozil

2 industrial Cauldron (or steam autogerador) 1000 gas in stainless steel 304.
Brand Name: Cozil.
Model: CGVILK-500 a.
capacity: 500 litres.
American cover.
Measures: 1,405 mm × 910 mm....
Stainless steel cooking pots
Stainless steel cooking pots  [unavailable

Machine code: 702-714

Stainless steel cooking pots with several capabilities for industrial kitchens....
Cooker for food with 150 liters
Cooker for food with 150 liters  [unavailable

Machine code: 055-076

Stainless steel jacketed panel for cooking food.

Capacity: 150 liters.

Pot 500 digestor liters in stainless steel
Pot 500 digestor liters in stainless steel  [unavailable

Machine code: 445-357

Industrial cooker pan for 500 liters.

Stainless steel....
50 liter stainless steel cooking pot
50 liter stainless steel cooking pot  [unavailable

Machine code: 047-060

Stainless steel panel for industrial kitchen.

Capacity: 50 liters....
Complete line for cassava production
Complete line for cassava production

Machine code: 314-108

Brand: Hobart, JHM, Milainox

Complete line for the production of cork type cassava.

Approximate capacity: up to 375 kg / h.*
*3 tons per day.

Line composed of:

- Stainless steel pans. (4 units to confirm availability).
Approximate capacity: 300 liters.

With winch a...
Cooking machine 500 liter  Topema
Cooking machine 500 liter Topema  [unavailable

Machine code: 620-760

Brand: Topema

Panel / boiler in stainless steel.

Brand: Topema.

Model: PAGG-AM / 201.

Quantity: Two units.

Process: Cooking / Baking.

Shipped to work with steam.

Capacity: 500 liters....
Food cooker Elvi
Food cooker Elvi  [unavailable

Machine code: 746-200

Brand: Elvi

Industrial cooking pots
Industrial cooking pots  [unavailable

Machine code: 223-300

Several paneloes for indsutriais kitchens with capacity to 100/150/200/300/400/500 litres...
Autoclave cooker 200 L
Autoclave cooker 200 L  [unavailable

Machine code: 016-287

Brand: Cozilândia

Autoclave cooker for food cooking.

Brand: Cozilândia.

For industrial or volume kitchens.

Equipment entirely in stainless steel.

Capacity: 200 L....
Line for making empanadas
Line for making empanadas  [unavailable

Machine code: 342-871

Brand: Brasforno, Cozil, Haas, Icaterm, Klainox, Tecnomecal

Components: Bitzer, Brahma, Danfoss, Dungs, Hofomat, Siemens

Line for making empanadas.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Composed by:

Forming of empanadas.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Model: ML-300.

Lamination of two seasons.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Model: 600.

Two cylinders of imported mass Argenti...
Big pot 500 l autoclave Mobinox
Big pot 500 l autoclave Mobinox  [unavailable

Machine code: 788-887

Brand: Mobinox

Pan / busted-autoclave.

Brand: Mobinox.

Busted-stainless jacketed.

Capacity: 500 litres.

Year: 2015.

Model: CG500T....

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