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Container to beat pasta

Main brands:

VEMAG do Brasil

Container to beat pasta
Industrial dough maker carts play an important role in the efficient movement and operation of this equipment in the baking and pasta production industry. I will discuss what they are for, how they work and mention some common types of carts used in conjunction with industrial dough mixers:

What are worth for:

Mass Transport:

Trolleys for industrial dough makers are used to transport the dough prepared by the dough maker to other points on the production line.

Temporary Storage:

They can be used as a temporary storage medium for dough before it is processed or molded.

Facilitate Handling:

They facilitate the movement of dough between different stages of the production process, reducing the need for manual effort.

How They Work:

Robust Design:

Carts are designed to support the weight of the dough, ensuring they can be moved safely by operators.

Casters or Wheels:

Most industrial dough maker carts have casters or wheels, facilitating smooth movement around production areas.

Durability and Hygiene:

They are built with durable materials and are often easy to clean, meeting the hygiene standards required in food production environments.


They can be designed to be compatible with different models and sizes of dough makers, providing adaptability to production.

Common Types of Industrial Dough Mixer Carts:

Dump Cart:

It has a tilting base that makes it easier to empty the dough when unloading the mixer.

Platform Cart:

A solid platform where the dough mixer is placed, facilitating the transport of the dough between different sections of the production line.

Cart with Grid:

It may have a structure with side rails to prevent the dough from spreading during transport.

Tiltable Cart:

Allows you to tilt the dough maker to facilitate unloading the dough, especially useful in large dough makers.

Stainless Steel Trolley:

Constructed with stainless steel to meet strict hygiene standards in the food industry.

Fermentation Cart:

Designed to transport the fermented dough to the fermentation area, when applicable to the production process.

Cart with Drawers or Trays:

Equipped with drawers or trays that can be used to temporarily store smaller portions of dough or ingredients.

Integrated Transport Cart:

It can be integrated into automated transport systems in large-scale production plants.
The choice of trolley type will depend on the specific production needs, the type and quantity of dough makers used, as well as the configuration of the pasta production line. These carts are fundamental pieces in optimizing the workflow in industrial food production environments.
Tank with wheels
Tank with wheels

Machine code: 521-271

Tank with wheels type trolley.

In stainless steel.

Vemag stainless steel trolley
Visualizar Vídeo Vemag stainless steel trolley

Machine code: 531-748

Brand: VEMAG do Brasil

Stainless steel trolleys.

Model: Vemag.

Approximate measurements:

Width 400 mm x Length 620 mm x Depth 500 mm....
Tacho inox with 300 liter cart
Tacho inox with 300 liter cart

Machine code: 530-542

Pot stand, mass Dumper.

300 litres Capacity, with 20 ml thickness in stainless steel.
Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits
Visualizar Vídeo Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits

Machine code: 845-727

Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits.

Line composed of:

- Two massagers.

- Three stainless steel carts.

- Elevator and mass breaker.

- Biscuit moulder.

- Electric oven 50 meters x 0.80 meters.

- Tombador with car...
15 stands for transport in carbon steel
15 stands for transport in carbon steel

Machine code: 775-706

15 stands for carbon steel transport.
internal measures.
length-1.40 m.
Shopping carts
Shopping carts  [unavailable

Machine code: 088-345

Stands for transport of goods in General...
Stainless steel cart
Stainless steel cart  [unavailable

Machine code: 762-774

Stainless steel cart with built-in stainless steel finish for biscuit dough mixers....

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