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Rotary industrial roaster for roasting grains
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary industrial roaster for roasting grains

Machine code: 735-003

Brand: Quality montagens

Components: SEW-Eurodrive, WEG

Rotary industrial roaster for roasting grains.

Brand: Quality assemblies.

Model: QM - DBQR.

Capacity: 200 L.

Tangerine drainer.

For roasting: Walnuts, nuts, almonds, peanuts and other grains.


Weg brand motors.

Industrial coffee roaster peanut
Industrial coffee roaster peanut

Machine code: 734-286

Peanut roaster, coffee, cocoa, almonds, cashew nut and other products.

Capacity per cycle: 250 kg.


Ball: 1000 mm length x 890 mm in diameter.

It uses high pressure gas and consumes an average of 3 kg of gas per hour.

Roaster peanut / coffee wood with cooler
Roaster peanut / coffee wood with cooler

Machine code: 830-225

Roaster peanut/coffee wood with cooler....
Peanut Roaster
Peanut Roaster

Machine code: 280-201

Rotary peanut roaster.

It also serves to roast grains such as coffee, almonds, cashews, soybeans and other snacks....
Cereal toaster in stainless steel
Cereal toaster in stainless steel

Machine code: 462-050

Cereal toaster in stainless steel.

Production: 200 kg / h.

Raw wheat germ roaster among other grains.

Gas burner and frequency inverter.

Stainless steel contact parts....
Industrial coffee roasting 190 kg / h
Industrial coffee roasting 190 kg / h

Machine code: 247-544

Brand: Bosh, Incafé, Lilla, Masipack

Industrial coffee roasting.

Coffee roasting line.

Capacity: 190 kg / h, 60 kg per roasting cycle, being 15 minutes.

Composed by:


Table and supply bins

Pneumatic conveyor of roasted coffee

Roasted coffee silo

Line for roasting coffee
Line for roasting coffee

Machine code: 024-552

Brand: Leogap, Melg

- Line for roasting coffee.

- Coffee roaster for 7 sacks, with elevator for raw coffee and chiller sieve.

- Mark Leogap.

- Year: 1973.

- To work with oil or firewood.

- Two silos for roasted coffee for 2500 kg.

- Brand: Leogap.

Line for production of popcorn, Hominy and corn chips
Line for production of popcorn, Hominy and corn chips

Machine code: 376-356

Line for production of popcorn, Hominy and corn chips.

-120 kg per hour of Snacks.
-370 kg per hour of sweet/salty.
Still, automated production system.

Possibility to reverse the production of popcorn for Snacks, adding to the...
Peanut processing
Peanut processing

Machine code: 433-344

Peanut processing.

Ventilation column.
Capacity: from 4 to 8 tons per hour and with a motor of 7.5 HP.

Sieve classifier with band support.

Capacity: 1.5 tons per hour and with a 5.0 hp engine.

High production.

Great selection.
Peanut production line
Peanut production line

Machine code: 607-600

Brand: TcePak

Peanut production line composed by:
-equipment for skinning.
-set of TCE Pak Packaging (feeder, Elevator, Scale c/14 heads, platform, Impaler, and mat).
-Peanut Roaster.
-Sugar mill.
-Volumetric Raumak Packaging.
-TCE Pak Package (only fl...
Vacuum coffee machine
Visualizar Vídeo Vacuum coffee machine

Machine code: 402-814

Brand: Bosch, Fabrima, JM Mecanica, Leogap, Macafe, Masipack, Raumak

Line for the production of vacuum coffee.

Coffee roasting.

Sets of green coffee silos composed of elevators, threads, buckets and scales with a capacity of 250 scs of green coffee each.
Brand: Leogap.

Brand: Leogap.
Model: T 420...
Coffee roaster barley grains
Coffee roaster barley grains

Machine code: 536-557

Coffee roaster / barley / beans.

Pneumatic conveyor, for filling the pre-roasting silo.

Roaster, toast from 120 to 150 kg per batch.

Car of firewood.

Smoke extraction hoods.

Cooler of grain, cooler of 120 to 150 kg per batch.

Air su...
For 200 litres Peanut Roaster
For 200 litres Peanut Roaster

Machine code: 715-303

Roaster for groundnut 200 liters


Machine code: 450-612

Peanut Roaster...

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