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Paint booths

Aggafer, DeVilbiss, DMC, Erzinger,
Liquid paint booth
Liquid paint booth

Machine code: 733-830

Liquid paint booth.

Height: 5 m.

Width: 9 m total.

Length 12 m.

Lateral exhaustion, dry....
Paint booth Erzinger
Paint booth Erzinger

Machine code: 455-316

Brand: Erzinger

Stove painting booth.

- Brand: Erzinger.

- Model: CPVS 800.

- Operating time: 1.5 years.

- Stop time (stored film correction): 2 years.

- Date of manufacture: 2013.

- Process: Painting of parts with drying cycle.

- Internal volum...
Paint booth DMC
Paint booth DMC

Machine code: 425-632

Brand: DMC

Spray booth DMC.
Model: Twister.
Fan: Limit LOAD 500.
Engine: 2 x 12.5 HP.
: 104 x 40 w Lamps
estimated Consumption; 38.9 KVA.
Current estimated 59.2.
: three-phase 380 v Voltage.
Height 1500 mm (gauge pressure).

external ...
Blasting machine
Blasting machine

Machine code: 312-824

Blasting machine.
Width: 900 mm.
height: 700 mm.
depth: 850 mm.
Filter Area: 3.0 m ²....
Paint booth filter dry-liquid Ink
Paint booth filter dry-liquid Ink

Machine code: 564-575

Paint booth filter dry-liquid Ink.
Width: 2,000 mm.
height: 2,250 mm.
depth: 1.50 mm.
filters: 4.
Motor: 3 HP/3 f.
flow: 250 m ³/min....
Spray booth filter dry-liquid Ink
Spray booth filter dry-liquid Ink

Machine code: 626-647

Spray booth filter dry-liquid Ink.
With air carrier.
Width: 4,000 mm.
height: 4,250 mm.
depth: 1.50 mm.
dry filter: 4.
engine: 6 HP/3 f.
flow: 600 m ³/min....
Spray booth-liquid Ink
Spray booth-liquid Ink

Machine code: 580-081

Spray booth-liquid Ink.
Filters are made of galvanized sheet, provided in modules of 900 mm high by 970 mm long.
Filter cleaning is facilitated, because it is made by a non-ink and its application can be made for pistol before use and after each ...
Spray booth dust projection with automatic scraper MVH-Binks Sames
Spray booth dust projection with automatic scraper MVH-Binks Sames

Machine code: 871-272

Spray booth dust projection with automatic scraper MVH-Binks Sames
length: 2320 mm.
height: 3500 mm.
width: 2480 mm.
the base Image: 1900 mm x 5200 mm.
from the base: 3100 mm x 4600 mm.
Manufacturer: steel Itself.
Function: carr...
Devilbiss brand paint equipment
Devilbiss brand paint equipment

Machine code: 180-601

Brand: DeVilbiss

Devilbiss brand paint equipment....
Blasting cabin Polo Ar
Blasting cabin Polo Ar

Machine code: 578-605

Blasting booth.

Brand: Polo Ar.

Model: PP 140 LAV....
Spray booth AGGAFER
Spray booth AGGAFER

Machine code: 343-006

Brand: Aggafer

Spray booth AGGAFER
spray booth with exhaust fan and dry filter with 4,000 mm chimney built with profiles 1020 steel plates, being a front-opening 1800x800mm.
height: 3,550 mm
width: 2000 mm
length: 2000 mm
height with feet: 4,000 mm
Cefla Spruzatrice Chemical Paint Line
Cefla Spruzatrice Chemical Paint Line

Machine code: 061-812

Spruzatrice Chemical Spruzatrice and Painting Line Cefla a robot with pistols for high quality paint, especially in high gloss lacquer to both can be used uv product or pu, since this machine is already equipped with ecogel oven for drying of these t...
Dry painting booth with chimney
Dry painting booth with chimney

Machine code: 382-456

Dry painting booth with chimney...

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