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Paint booths

Main brands:

, Deltec, Erzinger, Madal, Palfinger, Technoavance, Tecnipar

Paint booths
Paint booths are controlled environments designed for applying paints, varnishes or other coatings to surfaces made of various materials, such as metal, plastic or wood. They play an important role in the industry, providing a controlled environment for the painting process, protecting workers and ensuring the quality of finishes. We will cover their usefulness, operation and some common types of spray booths, as well as the industries that use them.

What is it for:

Application of Coatings: Paint booths are designed to uniformly apply paints, varnishes or other coatings to parts or products.

Controlled Environment: Provide a controlled environment to prevent air contamination, minimize suspended particles and ensure that coatings are applied accurately and effectively.

Worker Protection: They offer protection to workers against inhaling toxic vapors from painting chemicals.

Quality Control: The cabins help to guarantee the quality of the finish, avoiding contamination by dust or particles in the air during the painting process.

How it works:

Ventilation System: Paint booths have efficient ventilation systems to control air flow, ensuring uniform distribution of coatings and the removal of toxic vapors.

Air Filters: Filters are used to remove particles from the air, preventing them from contaminating the painted surface.

Proper Lighting: Lighting is designed to provide a clear view of the piece being painted, ensuring accurate application.

Air Exhaust and Recirculation: Contaminated air is often exhausted to the outside, while filtered air is recirculated to maintain a controlled environment.

Common Types of Paint Booths:

Open Booths: For large parts or processes that do not require strict particle control.

Pressurized Cabins: Maintain positive pressure to prevent external particles from entering.

Water Booths: Use water curtains to capture particles and vapors, providing a more environmentally friendly solution.

Drying Cabins: Designed to speed up the drying process after applying the coating.

Industries that Use Paint Booths:

Automotive: For painting cars, automotive parts and accessories.

Metallurgy: For coating metal parts, structures and machinery.

Woodworking: In the finishing of furniture and wooden products.

Aerospace: In painting aircraft and aerospace components.

General Manufacturing: In various industries for painting various products.

Choosing the type of spray booth depends on the specific needs of the process and the type of finish desired.
Electrostatic painting line powder painting
Electrostatic painting line powder painting  [unavailable

Machine code: 642-728

Brand: Technoavance

Electrostatic painting line, powder painting.

Composed by:

Painting booth.

Gas drying oven.

Dimensions: 4.3m x 3.2m x 2.5m.

With engines for recirculation.

Sleeve and cyclone filters.

Drive system.

With fan rails.

Brand: Te...
Liquid paint booth
Liquid paint booth  [unavailable

Machine code: 733-830

Liquid paint booth.

Height: 5 m.

Width: 9 m total.

Length 12 m.

Lateral exhaustion, dry....
Paint booth Erzinger
Paint booth Erzinger  [unavailable

Machine code: 455-316

Brand: Erzinger

Stove painting booth.

- Brand: Erzinger.

- Model: CPVS 800.

- Operating time: 1.5 years.

- Stop time (stored film correction): 2 years.

- Date of manufacture: 2013.

- Process: Painting of parts with drying cycle.

- Internal volum...
Blasting cabin Polo Ar
Blasting cabin Polo Ar  [unavailable

Machine code: 578-605

Blasting booth.

Brand: Polo Ar.

Model: PP 140 LAV....
Cefla Spruzatrice Chemical Paint Line
Cefla Spruzatrice Chemical Paint Line  [unavailable

Machine code: 061-812

Spruzatrice Chemical Spruzatrice and Painting Line Cefla a robot with pistols for high quality paint, especially in high gloss lacquer to both can be used uv product or pu, since this machine is already equipped with ecogel oven for drying of these t...
Cabinet and oven for painting and drying Deltec Erzinger
Cabinet and oven for painting and drying Deltec Erzinger  [unavailable

Machine code: 287-115

Brand: Deltec, Erzinger

Complete set for drying powder coating.

Composed by:

- White powder painting booth with cyclone.
Manufacturer: Deltec.
Year: 2018.

- Oven / painting oven.
Manufacturer: Erzinger.
For industrial process in drying, curing and polymerizatio...
White powder paint booth with Deltec cyclone
White powder paint booth with Deltec cyclone  [unavailable

Machine code: 078-266

Brand: Deltec

White powder paint booth with cyclone.

Manufacturer: Deltec.

Year: 2018.

For powder coating production equipment parts for supermarket, pharmacy and commercial furniture....
Industrial paint line for liquid paint
Industrial paint line for liquid paint  [unavailable

Machine code: 655-252

Brand: Madal, Palfinger, Tecnipar

Industrial paint line for liquid paint.

Brand: Tecnipar, Madal and Palfinger.

It includes two greenhouses with a thermal capacity of up to 100 ° C.

Greenhouse 1: 5 meters long.

Greenhouse 2: 9 meters long.

Both with LPG gas heating, wi...

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