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Lines for the production of biscuits

Geiger, Haas, Hamilton, Hebenstreit, Hypo, Hyppolito, Macforno, Rotomax, Rtech, Siam Util, Suprimax,
Food processor 40 L Geiger
Food processor 40 L Geiger

Machine code: 247-566

Brand: Geiger

Food processor.

Brand: Geiger.

Model: MU 40.

Without upper scraper.

Upgrades: Vacuum pump support....
Small line for cracker production RTech
Small line for cracker production RTech

Machine code: 817-615

Brand: Rtech

Small line for cracker production.

With dough roller, shaper, cutter, conveyor belts and dough mixer.

Line mark: RTech....
Rolling mills
Rolling mills

Machine code: 553-000

Cylinders of pasta with stamped biscuits.

With wrapping machine.

Brand: Gotesp.

Model: Gopack OM - 1.

Refurbished equipment....
Line for production of butter cookies
Line for production of butter cookies

Machine code: 244-063

Brand: Hamilton, Hypo, Hyppolito, Rotomax

Line for production of cookies amantegados.
Composed of:
-2 Ovens Perfecta Rotomax 1.7 mark.
-sweet and salty folders injection.
-is Keyhole shaped Machine 3 M box
-semi automatic Package JCV with two scales.
-semi automatic Hyppolito dri...
Line for making biscuit / waffer Haas
Visualizar Vídeo Line for making biscuit / waffer Haas

Machine code: 308-336

Brand: Haas, Hebenstreit

Cookie / waffer manufacturing line.

Composed of:

2 wafer ovens.

1 Inverter of busquinhas.

1 Cooler of nozzles.

1 Wafer creamer.

1 Vertical cooling tunnel.

1 Wafer cutter.

1 Wrapper V3.

1 Wafer dough batter.

1 Wafer cream...
Automated line for production of cookies capacity 800 kg/h
Automated line for production of cookies capacity 800 kg/h

Machine code: 064-172

Brand: Gotesp, Macforno, Siam Util

Automated industrial line for food products based on wheat flour: popular Biscuits of various formulations and conformations. Cookies Cream Cracker type grouped and Maria. Butter cookies: coconut Doughnut types, cookies, etc.

Manufacturing line of flour biscuits
Manufacturing line of flour biscuits

Machine code: 100-102

Brand: Rotomax, Suprimax

Manufacturing line of biscuits from flour composed of:

-Oven Rotomax 1.10 gas.
two units available.
Ideal for cookies, sighs and rolls.
each oven comes with 2 auxiliary trolleys with 30 divisions (each Division supports 2 baking sheets) to ...

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