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Stretch wrapper

Main brands:

Cyklop, Filpack, Lantech, MaquinaPack, OMS, Robopac, Sei Park, Torfresma

Stretch wrapper
A stretch film wrapping palletizer is equipment used to automatically wrap pallets with stretch film (also known as stretch film or stretch-wrap stretch film). This technology is commonly used in logistics and storage operations to ensure the stability and safety of pallet loads. Let’s explore what a stretch film wrapping palletizer is for and how it works:

What is it for:

Load Stability: The main purpose of the wrapping palletizer is to ensure the stability of pallet loads. Stretch film is applied around the load to keep items in place, preventing movement or damage during transport and storage.

Dust and Moisture Protection: In addition to stability, stretch film provides a protective layer that helps protect cargo against dust, moisture and other environmental elements.

Safety during Transport: Wrapping with stretch film helps ensure that the load remains compact and safe during transport, minimizing the risk of accidents or losses.

Facilitates Handling with Mechanical Equipment: Pallets wrapped with stretch film are easier to move with forklifts or other mechanical equipment, as the film keeps the load unified and stable.

Storage Organization: Facilitates the stacking and organization of pallets in warehouses, optimizing storage space.

Damage Reduction during Handling: The fixation of the load on the pallet provided by the stretch film minimizes damage caused by impacts or sudden movements during handling.

How it works:

Load Positioning on the Pallet:

The load is positioned on the pallet according to the desired layout.
Start of the process:

The operator or automated system starts the wrapping process.
Platform Rotation:

The platform of the wrapping palletizer begins to rotate, while the stretch film is unwound from a roll.
Application of Stretch Film:

Stretch film is applied to the load as the platform rotates. The overlapping layers of film create a secure wrap around the load.
Automatic Cut:

Some wrapping palletizers have automatic mechanisms to cut the film when wrapping is complete.
Termination and Removal:

After the process is complete, the wrapping palletizer completes the operation. The wrapped pallet can be removed for transport or storage.
These palletizers can vary in complexity and automation, from manual models to fully automatic systems integrated into automated production lines and warehouses. The use of a stretch film wrapping palletizer offers efficiency, consistency and safety in the palletizing process, contributing to load integrity and logistical efficiency.
Lantech stretch wrap palletizer
Lantech stretch wrap palletizer

Machine code: 641-406

Brand: Lantech

Stretch film wrapping palletizer.

Wrapper / Stretcher.

Manufacturer: Lantech.

For wrapping with stretch film used for wrapping loads.

Ideal for pallets, placing the load on the turntable.

Approximate measurements:

Height: 2500 mm.
Horizontal wrapping machine MaquinaPack
Visualizar Vídeo Horizontal wrapping machine MaquinaPack

Machine code: 762-164

Brand: MaquinaPack

Semi-automatic horizontal wrapping machine.

Manufacturer: MaquinaPack.

Model: MEH 500.

Year: 2009.

It was used to pack 6 meter long aluminum parts.

Minimum length of pieces: 400 mm.

Maximum passage width: 400 mm.

Maximum passage ...
Automatic system for robotic palletizing Torfresma
Automatic system for robotic palletizing Torfresma

Machine code: 826-587

Brand: Torfresma

Automatic system for robotic palletizing.

Robot brand: Torfresma.

Year: 2013.

Assembly of pallets of products previously boxed.

It is a palletizing system made up of conveyors that assist in the movement of the product and the pallets dur...
Automatic palletizer Cyklop
Automatic palletizer Cyklop  [unavailable

Machine code: 341-281

Brand: Cyklop

Automatic palletizer.

Brand: Cyklop.

Model: RSX.

Average capacity: 8 cycles / hour.

Voltage: 380 V.

Dimensions: 4.0 m by 1.5 m by 2.5 m....
Pallet retractable heat exchanger OMS
Pallet retractable heat exchanger OMS  [unavailable

Machine code: 147-735

Brand: OMS

Shrinkable palletizer.

Brand: WHO.

Model: FT 20.

Year: 2011.

Operating time: 3 years.

Estimated average cycle speed: 150 s / 160 s.

Maximum weight: 2,000 kg.

Dimensions of packaging:

Width: 520 mm, 1220 mm, 520 mm.

Automatic Palletizer Sei Park
Automatic Palletizer Sei Park  [unavailable

Machine code: 860-847

Brand: Sei Park

- Automatic stretch palletizer.

- Brand: Sei Park...
Complete line for the manufacture of carbonated beverages KHS Zegla
Complete line for the manufacture of carbonated beverages KHS Zegla  [unavailable

Machine code: 510-776

Brand: KHS, Mojonnier, Posimec, Zegla

Complete line for the manufacture of carbonated beverages (with gas), including soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, alcoholic beverages.

Complete syrup with stainless steel tanks.

Carbon dioxide storage and pumping system for 8,000 kg.

Filpack stretch wrap palletizer
Filpack stretch wrap palletizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 523-002

Brand: Filpack

Stretch film wrapping palletizer.

Manufacturer: Filpack.

Model: 1,500 CAF/PT.

Approximate measurements:

Height: 2600 mm.

Length: 2900 mm.

Turntable diameter: 1500 mm....
Wrapping with stretch film Lantech
Wrapping with stretch film Lantech  [unavailable

Machine code: 834-128

Brand: Lantech

Wrapping with stretch film.

Brand: Lantech.

Model Q300.

Ideal for pallets by placing the load on the turntable, the film blocks the loading of the pallet.

It is a pre-stretching system capable of stretching the material more than 300%.
Automatic Stretch Wrapper Robopac
Automatic Stretch Wrapper Robopac  [unavailable

Machine code: 406-621

Brand: Robopac

Automatic Stretch Wrapper.

Brand Name: Robopac.

Model: Robot 2001.

Wrapping pallets, the equipment rotates around the product when packing.

Ideal for reduced spaces....
Robopac Stretch packaging pallet
Visualizar Vídeo Robopac Stretch packaging pallet  [unavailable

Machine code: 575-177

Brand: Robopac

Automatic Stretch package.

Brand: Robopac.

Model: 2001 Robot.

Pallet stretch wrapper, the equipment turns around the product to pack.
Ideal for reduced spaces....

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