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Refining cylinders

Main brands:

, Braesi, Búfalo, Hermann, Italvisa, Jaf Inox, Maschinenfabrik Heidenau, Muller

Refining cylinders
Refining cylinders are industrial equipment used to process and refine various materials, such as polymers, grains, foods, chemicals, among others. Let's explore what they are for, how they work, and mention some common types used in different industries:

What is it for:

Particle Size Reduction:

Refining cylinders are often used to reduce the particle size of materials, resulting in a finer, more homogeneous texture.

Mixing and Homogenization:

They allow the efficient mixing of different ingredients, ensuring the homogeneity of the final mixture.

Consistency Improvement:

They contribute to improving the consistency and texture of final products, such as pasta, polymers, food products, among others.

Production of Thinner and Uniform Products:

They are essential for the production of products that require fine and uniform particles, such as chocolates, paints, polymers and some chemicals.

How it works:

Material Feeding:

The material to be processed is fed between the cylinders.

Pressure and Compression:

The cylinders apply pressure and compression to the material, causing a shearing action that reduces particle size.

Repeated Passages:

In many cases, the material goes through several passes between rolls to achieve the desired refinement.

Cylinder Opening Adjustment:

The opening between the cylinders can be adjusted to control the degree of refinement and texture of the final product.

Common Types of Refining Cylinders:

Double Roller Cylinders:

Two rollers rotate in opposite directions, compressing the material between them.

Triple Roller Mills:

Similar to double roller cylinders, but with a third intermediate roller to increase refining efficiency.

Conche Refiners:

Used in the chocolate industry, these cylinders have a concave shape, providing smooth mixing and refinement for the chocolate.

Ball Mills:

Used in many industries, these cylinders contain steel balls that rotate, impacting and grinding the material.

Mass Refiners for the Food Industry:

Specific cylinders for the food industry, used to refine pasta, creams and similar products.

Refining Cylinders for Polymers:

Designed for the processing of polymers, helping to reduce size and improve material properties.

Hammer Mills:

Cylinders equipped with hammers that beat and grind the material.

Colloidal Mills:

Cylinders specially designed to create colloidal suspensions, commonly used in the food industry.
The choice of the type of refining cylinder will depend on the material to be processed, the characteristics desired in the final product and the specificities of the industrial application. This equipment is crucial in several industries for the production of fine, homogeneous and high-quality products.
Refiner 5 rolls with JAF Inox cooler
Refiner 5 rolls with JAF Inox cooler

Machine code: 287-405

Brand: Jaf Inox

5-roll refiner with cooler.

Brand: JAF Inox.


Width: 700mm.

Length: 1.00 m.

Height: 1.70 m.

Cylinder length: 200 mm....
Drum stainless steel refiner
Drum stainless steel refiner

Machine code: 175-271

Brand: Búfalo

Drum refiner of masses, chocolate and others.

Stainless steel rollers.

Stainless steel with 5 cylinders.

Voltage: 380 V-60 Hz, 1780 rpm.

Diameter: 360 mm.

length: 880 mm.

run Diameter: 300 mm....
5 roller refiner Jaf inox
5 roller refiner Jaf inox

Machine code: 852-774

Brand: Jaf Inox

5 roller refiner.
Brand: Jaf.
Stainless steel equipment.
Measures of rollers: 0.80 X 1.50 in diameter length.
since the bean cleaning, roasting, shovel, conching, tempering, molding and enrobing.

Note: it is especially designed for chocol...
Refiner with 5 rolls brand Maschinenfabrik Heidenau
Visualizar Vídeo Refiner with 5 rolls brand Maschinenfabrik Heidenau

Machine code: 260-670

Brand: Maschinenfabrik Heidenau

Refiner with 5 rolls brand Maschinenfabrik Heidenau 1.25 each roll length
Stainless steel mill with 2 rollers for grinding grains and other products
Stainless steel mill with 2 rollers for grinding grains and other products

Machine code: 844-268

Stainless steel mill.

With 2 cylinders of 600 mm with different speeds.

To grind grains among other products.

Approximate capacity: 60 kg per hour.*
*depending on grain and operator.

Equipment with funnel and regulation.

Voltage: 220 ...
Muller two roller horizontal refiner
Visualizar Vídeo Muller two roller horizontal refiner

Machine code: 022-631

Brand: Muller

Two roller/cylinder horizontal refiner.

Manufacturer: Muller.

Approximate Dimensions:

Height: 1.40 m

Length: 1.80 m

Width: 1.25 m...
Chocolate refining cylinder with 5 rolls Hermann
Chocolate refining cylinder with 5 rolls Hermann  [unavailable

Machine code: 525-537

Brand: Hermann

Chocolate refining cylinder with 5 rolls
Mark Model FW-50
Measuring each 1.20 roll length
cylinder 2.78 Measures height x width x length 1.55 2.60...
Line for fresh pasta ravioli
Line for fresh pasta ravioli  [unavailable

Machine code: 852-517

Brand: Braesi, Cetro, HMT, Italvisa

Components: WEG


Upgrade: Made by HMT automation, control panel with WEG inverter, 220 V three-phase to 220 V single-phase.

Capacity: 50 kg / h.

Brand Name: HMT.

Voltage: 220 V.

Quick masseira.

Brand: Gastromaq.

Capacity: 5 kg / cycle...
Industrial cooker for sweets with scraper
Industrial cooker for sweets with scraper  [unavailable

Machine code: 427-438

Components: SEW-Eurodrive

Industrial cooker for sweets with scraper.
Refining cylinder with 5 rollers
Refining cylinder with 5 rollers  [unavailable

Machine code: 065-670

Refining cylinder with 5 rollers.

Roll dimensions: 400 mm x 1000 mm.

Length (each roll) with pressure regulation between rollers, a feed of the chocolate mass with protection grid, and in the output has a knife of removal of the mass of the ref...

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