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Decanter centrifuge

Main brands:

Alfa Laval, Pieralisi, Sharples, Westfalia

Decanter centrifuge
An industrial decanter, also known as a decanter centrifuge or decanter centrifuge, is equipment used for separating liquids from solids or separating liquids with different densities in industrial applications. They play a crucial role in various industries such as food processing, chemical, petrochemical, wastewater treatment, mining and many others. Next, I will explain what an industrial decanter is for and how it works:

What is an industrial decanter used for:

Separation of solids and liquids: The main function of an industrial decanter is to separate solids from liquids in mixtures. This is useful in situations where it is necessary to recover solids from a liquid, separate solid particles from a fluid, or purify liquids.

Clarification: Decanters are used to clarify liquids, removing solid particles or suspended sediment. This is common in wastewater treatment processes and beverage production, among others.

Concentration: They can be used to concentrate solid particles present in a liquid, resulting in a thicker paste and a clearer liquid.

Oil extraction: In oil and gas industries, decanters are used to separate oil from water and impurities.

Recycling: In recycling processes, decanters can be used to separate recyclable materials from waste.

How an industrial decanter works:

Decanters work based on the principle of centrifugal force, which allows the separation of solid particles and liquids with different densities. The typical operating process of an industrial decanter is as follows:

Feeding: The mixture of liquid and solids is fed into the decanter through an inlet.

Centrifugal separation: Inside the decanter, the mixture is subjected to a centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the internal drum at high speed. This causes the solid particles to move towards the inner wall of the drum, while the liquid remains closer to the center.

Solids discharge: Solid particles, due to centrifugal force, accumulate on the inner wall of the drum, forming a paste or cake of solids.

Discharge of clarified liquids: The clarified liquid, cleaner and lighter, is directed to the center of the drum and is removed separately.

Speed control: The drum rotation speed can be adjusted to optimize the separation process, depending on the characteristics of the mixture to be processed.

Industrial decanters are highly efficient in separating solids and liquids due to the action of centrifugal force. They are versatile and can be adapted to suit a wide range of industrial applications, being an essential tool in processes involving the separation and purification of liquids and solids.

Check out decanter centrifuges for sale:
Alfa Laval stainless steel decanter centrifuge
Alfa Laval stainless steel decanter centrifuge

Machine code: 763-517

Brand: Alfa Laval

Stainless steel decanter centrifuge.

Manufacturer/brand: Alfa Laval.

Model: FOODEC 219.

Year: 2013....
Pieralisi centrifugal decanter
Pieralisi centrifugal decanter

Machine code: 884-038

Brand: Pieralisi

Centrifugal decanter.

Manufacturer: Pieralisi.

Series: FP500.

With Nemo pump, heater and mug filter.

For separation of liquid and solid phases....
Centrifugal decanter 5000 L Westfalia
Centrifugal decanter 5000 L Westfalia

Machine code: 871-221

Brand: Westfalia

Centrifugal decanter.

Brand: Westfalia.

Model: CA220-01-00.

Year: 1996.

Approximate capacity: 5000 l/h.

For separating solids from liquids....
Decanter Pieralisi
Decanter Pieralisi  [unavailable

Machine code: 652-564

Brand: Pieralisi


Brand: Pieralisi.

Model: FP600 2 Hrs / m....
Decanter  [unavailable

Machine code: 860-057


Brand: DC/500.

Decanter centrifuge in 316 L stainless steel, Sharples
Decanter centrifuge in 316 L stainless steel, Sharples  [unavailable

Machine code: 045-023

Brand: Sharples

Components: Siemens

Decanter centrifuge in 316 l grade stainless steel, Sharples P 3000, in a State of zero, with Panel and other accessories, for liquid separation solid X in suspension. 25 engine HP. 220 / 440 v.
Accompanies frequency inverter also Siemens and start...

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