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Boleadoras de massas

Main brands:

, Argental, DELL'ORO, Ferneto, Fiscatto, Haas, Progresso, Tadall

Boleadoras de massas
Dough ballers are industrial machines designed to shape and round dough, especially those used in the production of bread and bakery products. Here is information about the function, operation and types of dough ballers used in industry:

1. Function:

Rounding the Dough: The main function of rounding machines is to shape the dough into uniform balls or spheres. This is particularly useful in the mass production of breads, rolls and other baked goods that require consistency in size.

2. How It Works:

Transport and Rotation: The dough is fed into the machine, which transports it using rollers or belts. As the dough moves, the baller uses rotary and pressure movements to form uniform balls.

Size Adjustment: Most dough balls allow you to adjust the size of the dough balls produced. This is done by changing the machine settings to meet the desired specifications.

3. Types of Boleadoras:

Drum Ballers: These ballers use a rotating drum to round the dough. The dough is fed into the drum, where internal rotations and movements shape the dough into balls.

Belt Rounding Machines: Use conveyor belts to move the dough through the rounding process. As the dough is transported, rollers and forming devices help it achieve the desired shape.

Pressure Rounders: Some rounders work mainly using pressure to round the dough. They usually have rollers that apply controlled pressure to form balls.

Volumetric Balling Machines: In addition to rounding, some balling machines also have the ability to measure and divide the dough into equal portions, ensuring uniformity not only in shape, but also in weight.

4. Importance in Industry:

Bread machines are essential for the efficient and standardized production of bread and bakery products on a large scale.
They save time and labor, ensuring consistency in the size of final products.
They contribute to the aesthetics of products, ensuring a uniform presentation.
In summary, dough ballers are crucial machines in the bakery industry, playing a fundamental role in standardizing the size and production efficiency of bread and related products.
Automatic divider and baller for DELL'ORO pizza dough
Automatic divider and baller for DELL'ORO pizza dough

Machine code: 874-081


Automatic dough divider and baller.

Manufacturer: DELL'ORO.



Imported from Italy.

To automatically divide and roll pizza dough into a spherical shape.

Approximate productivity: up to 1,000 un...
Automatic pasta divider Fischatto
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic pasta divider Fischatto

Machine code: 366-154

Brand: Fiscatto

Automatic pasta divider.

Brand: Fischatto.

Model: DB 25.

Capacity: 120 kg.

Hitchhiking and divides masses between 20 g and 400 g.


Tank capacity: 20 kg.

Weight: 20 g to 400 g.

Material: stainless steel....
Panetone pasta separator
Panetone pasta separator

Machine code: 724-063

Brand: Tadall

- Bowling divider for Panetone pasta.

- Brand: Taball, mechanical constructions for bakery Taball.

- Used previously in the manufacture of panetones....
Conical Boleadora
Visualizar Vídeo Conical Boleadora

Machine code: 080-342

Automatic dough sheeter, panettone and other pasta.

System for above 250 grams.

Taper ball brewer....
Ferneto semi-automatic ball divider
Ferneto semi-automatic ball divider  [unavailable

Machine code: 640-085

Brand: Ferneto

Semi-automatic bole divider.

Manufacturer: Ferneto.

Model: DSA 330.

Year: 2016.

Press division models: 30 and 54....
Production line for French bread pre-pizza loaf of bread Argental
Production line for French bread pre-pizza loaf of bread Argental  [unavailable

Machine code: 318-041

Brand: Argental

Production line for French bread, pre-pizza, loaf of bread and panettone.

Brand: Argental.

Model: Veneto.

With production of up to 1200 pieces / hour.

It can work independently (with manual loading) or jointly forming a semi-automatic lin...
Mass divider Progresso
Mass divider Progresso  [unavailable

Machine code: 846-831

Brand: Progresso

Mass divider.

Brand: Progresso.

Equipment designed to divide and roast pasta between 25 and 80 grams for rounded products such as hamburger bread, potato bread, raisins, pizza etc.

Equipment accompanies a rounding dish.

Estimated producti...
Boleadora / splitter Tadall
Boleadora / splitter Tadall  [unavailable

Machine code: 432-322

Brand: Tadall


Brand Name: Tadall.

Country of manufacture: Spain....
Boleadora new unused Haas
Visualizar Vídeo Boleadora new unused Haas  [unavailable

Machine code: 572-177

Brand: Haas

Boleadora new unused.
Brand: Haas of Brazil....

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