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Industrial dryers

Main brands:

Almapal, Battenfeld, Bernauer, Glatt, Hogner, Inbramaq, Kohls, Masipack, MCI, Niro Atomizer, Polidryer, Sidtec, SKYMSEN, Treu, Vegedry, Wenger Machine, Zirtec Proceco

Inbramaq continuous rotary tempering dryer
Visualizar Vídeo Inbramaq continuous rotary tempering dryer

Machine code: 366-143

Brand: Inbramaq

Continuous rotary tempering dryer in stainless steel.

Manufacturer: Inbramaq.

For expanded snacks.

With structure in carbon steel.

Approximate cylinder dimensions:

Diameter: 600 mm.

Length: 2000 mm....
Washer and dryer 1500 kg/h
Washer and dryer 1500 kg/h

Machine code: 384-753

Washer and dryer 1500 kg/h.

Approximate capacity: 1500 kg/h.

With drums and stainless steel tank.

It has two 40 hp engines....
Oven drying cereal snacks for 2,500 kg / h Wenger Machine
Oven drying cereal snacks for 2,500 kg / h Wenger Machine

Machine code: 657-526

Brand: Wenger Machine

Oven drying cereal snacks for 2,500 kg / h.

Brand Name: Wenger Machine.

With gas heating system.

Working temperature: 180 ºC.

Measures of entry: Width: 1120 mm.

Height: 330 mm.

Output dimensions: Width: 240 mm.

Height: 1130 mm.
Stainless Steel Peanut Dryer
Stainless Steel Peanut Dryer

Machine code: 601-613

Industrial dryer for grain.

All stainless steel.

With hot circulating air system.

With drying belt and with stirrer axis.


Length 2 m.

Width: 1,60 m.

Height: 1,30 m....
Line of chips for 250 kg
Line of chips for 250 kg

Machine code: 705-457

Brand: Inbramaq, Masipack

Line for production of up to 250 pounds of finished product, composed of:
rotary cutter/Rotary screw/Alimentador Washer/Trocador/Silo with heat metering/screw Feeder trough/Fritador Keep/14 Package Masipack Scales (optional)
Kohls vacuum dehydrator dryer
Kohls vacuum dehydrator dryer

Machine code: 460-034

Brand: Kohls

Vacuum dehydrator dryer with 3 trays.

Vacuum evaporation.

Manufacturer: Kohls Indústria de Máquinas.

Model: Tuneo Type.

Year: 2006.

Approximate capacity: 110 liter chamber.

It has 3 trays measuring 32 x 48 cm.

Maximum temperature...
Fertilizer rotary dryer
Fertilizer rotary dryer

Machine code: 316-710

Rotary dryer for fertilizers.

Approximate capacity: from 10 to 20 tons....
Continuous line for potato chips and straw MCI
Continuous line for potato chips and straw MCI

Machine code: 780-757

Brand: MCI

Continuous line for chips and straw in stainless steel.

Manufacturer: MCI.

Year: 2011 / 2012.

Composed by:

-Continuous dryer / cooler to remove excess water through hot air and double fan.

-Continuous fryer with paddles to transport th...
Dehydrator dryer leaves Bernauer
Dehydrator dryer leaves Bernauer  [unavailable

Machine code: 335-258

Brand: Bernauer

Dehydrator dryer leaves, tea, stevia, fruits, vegetables, smoke and vegetable products.

Brand: Bernauer.

Capacity: 3,000 kg finished dehydrated product.

With heating and control system....
Fluidized bed drying
Fluidized bed drying  [unavailable

Machine code: 521-132

Fluid bed dryer.

It worked with plastics, but can be adapted to other products, such as: food products, pharmaceuticals, PVC resin, residues of hydrapulper, polymers from the recycling processes of PE, PP, PET, etc., among others.

It is not wor...
Fluidized bed dryer for solids, powders or granulates
Fluidized bed dryer for solids, powders or granulates  [unavailable

Machine code: 057-460

Fluidized bed dryer for solids, powders or granulates complete.

Has control panel, sleeve filters, high pressure centrifugal fan, dehumidifier among others.

Comes with stainless steel conveyor screw....
Double rotary dryer
Double rotary dryer  [unavailable

Machine code: 424-532

Double rotary dryer.

Manufacturer: German.

Capacity: 16,000 liters....
Vegedry Dryer
Vegedry Dryer  [unavailable

Machine code: 741-752

Brand: Vegedry

Hair dryer
watermark Year-2009
model dryer sheets and 4000 kg boiler
/3000 kg/h Production Capacity
equipment near Mint State...
Hair dryer
Hair dryer  [unavailable

Machine code: 676-326

Yeast dryer For Contini...
Pharmaceutical granulate dryer Hogner
Pharmaceutical granulate dryer Hogner  [unavailable

Machine code: 768-504

Brand: Almapal, Hogner

Components: Danfoss, Festo, Phoenix Contact, Saia-Burgess, Schneider, Telemecanique

Pharmaceutical drying oven.

Brand: Hogner.

Model: Dryer 8001 E / SP Anti-explosive.

Year: 2009.

Tray dimension: 880 mm x 880 mm x 40 mm (Width x Length x Height).

Width: 980 mm.

Height: 1750.

Depth: 1,000 mm.

Volume: 1715 m³. ...
Spray Dryer
Spray Dryer  [unavailable

Machine code: 470-687

Dryer Spray Dryer in stainless steel.

Drying capacity between 100 and 150 kg hour.

It has nozzle because it is high pressure.

It was used in the food industry.

Drying capacity between 100 and 150 kg hour.

Unbranded equipment was assemb...
TNL Pellet feed pellet dryer 13,000 kg
TNL Pellet feed pellet dryer 13,000 kg  [unavailable

Machine code: 846-016

Cooling dryer for pellet feed.

Manufacturer: TNL Indústria Mecânica Ltda.

Approximate production up to: 13000 kg per hour....
Industrial dehydrator Polidryer
Industrial dehydrator Polidryer  [unavailable

Machine code: 370-662

Brand: Polidryer

Industrial dehydrator.

Brand: Polidryer.

Model: PD - 250.

Description: The PD-250 is a tunnel-type dehydrator (extended drying chamber), as it works with two carts inside the drying chamber.

This configuration allows for a better distribu...
Line for manufacturing potato chips
Line for manufacturing potato chips  [unavailable

Machine code: 113-210

Brand: Sidtec, SKYMSEN

Line for manufacturing potato chips.

Brand: Skymsen and Sidtec.

Prepared for wavy potatoes.

Composed of: Vegetable peeler.

Wavy potato slicer.

Wash tank.

Water basket centrifuge.

Oil basket centrifuge....
Dryer Glatt
Dryer Glatt  [unavailable

Machine code: 105-732

Brand: Glatt, Treu

Dryer and granulates.

By fluidized bed system.

Brand: Glatt (TREU).

in stainless steel.

Approximate capacity: 120 liters / 60 kg.

It has 02 buckets.

Material in contact with product 316 L....
Spray Drayer Niro Atomizer
Spray Drayer Niro Atomizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 055-473

Brand: Niro Atomizer

Spray Drayer.

Brand Name: Niro Atomizer.

Stainless steel construction equipment.

With disc atomizers.

Gas burner system.

And another electric.

Both with production up to 10 kg / h.


02 Units....
Granulate injection dryer Battenfeld
Granulate injection dryer Battenfeld  [unavailable

Machine code: 522-646

Brand: Battenfeld

Dryer for granulates to be used in the plastic injection process.

Brand Name: Battenfeld....
Industrial machine for parts washer / plastic boxes Zirtec Proceco
Industrial machine for parts washer / plastic boxes Zirtec Proceco  [unavailable

Machine code: 704-706

Brand: Zirtec Proceco

Washing machine plastic boxes.
Brand Name: Proceco Zirtec.
Model: MBCW24X16.
Purpose: industrial Washing of plastic boxes for packaging of parts (average capacity of 10,000 boxes/day)
-length: 9.1 m.
-width: 2.7 m
-height: 2.52 m ...
Spray Dryer Dryer Niro Atomizer
Spray Dryer Dryer Niro Atomizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 002-024

Brand: Niro Atomizer

Dryer Spray Dryer.

Brand Name: Niro Atomizer.

Model F-100.

Capacity: 2,800 liters per hour.

With flowchart....
Cooling Rotary Dryer
Cooling Rotary Dryer  [unavailable

Machine code: 882-630

Rotary Cooler Drier
in stainless steel 304.
Rotary Dryer, type route tubes. 92 m ² exchange area, pressure hull/0.01/tubes 5 KGF/m ², temp. hull/110/50° C tubes, fluid hull/mtn/air tubes, hull material/304 stainless steel pipes, diam. 54.30 pes, 2...
Spray Dryer Niro Atomizer
Spray Dryer Niro Atomizer  [unavailable

Machine code: 626-667

Brand: Niro Atomizer

Spray dryer Dryer
folder spray dryer and hot air in counter-current contact consisting of a disk model
F-100 of the NIRO ATOMIZER and combustion chamber in stainless steel 304 5350 mm internal diameter by 8000 mm high
between tangents, with 75 ...

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