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Delta, Mekatronis, Morbidelli, Nina, Precision, Primalinea, Thunder Comat, Victor Ciola, White Martins,

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CNC router cutting machine
CNC router cutting machine

Machine code: 205-530

CNC router cutting machine.

It has a useful working area of 98 cm x 187 cm.

Machine operated with new electronic system.

Ability to receive tools with shanks from 1.5 mm to 8 mm thick....
CNC router Thunder
CNC router Thunder

Machine code: 733-580

Brand: Mekatronis, Thunder Comat

CNC router for mdf, wood, marine plywood, aluminum, acrylic, mold, acm among others.

Brand: Thunder / Mekatronis.

Model: IMP3200 ATC.

Year: 2013

Voltage: 380 V....
CNC router Morbidelli SCM
CNC router Morbidelli SCM

Machine code: 447-756

Brand: Morbidelli

CNC router.

Brand: Morbidelli.

Model: Universal 3615.

Working area: 3660 by 1550 mm.

Year: 2014.

CNC machining center with movable portal structure and fixed table for panel work of various types, such as chipboard, MDF, plywood, plast...
CNC router Precision
CNC router Precision

Machine code: 014-132

Brand: Precision

CNC router for cutting, milling and painting.

Brand Name: Precision CNC.

Process worked: 1,000 pairs of slipper per day or 25 mats per day....
CNC router machine Primalinea
CNC router machine Primalinea

Machine code: 751-303

Brand: Primalinea

CNC router machine.

Brand: Primalinea.

Model: PL-2030.

Year: 2012.

In operation in production with vacuum pump and RIZ ON CUT brand RIZON.

With accessories (used), in perfect operation and with spindle motor, stepper motor, cooling uni...
CNC Router Victor Ciola
CNC Router Victor Ciola

Machine code: 864-552

Brand: Victor Ciola

CNC Router.

Brand: Victor Ciola.

Model: Sculptor 1011.

Year: 2002.

Working area: 1030 mm x 1100 mm.

"X" axis "unlimited".

"Z" axis passage of 150 mm.

Electronic control, servo motor movement.

With 5-speed Joystick system.

Router CNC Delta
Router CNC Delta

Machine code: 125-435

Brand: Delta

CNC Router.

Brand Name: Delta.

Model: D2515.

Working range: 1500 mm x 2500 mm.

Spindle motor with 3 hp.

Year: 2016.

With little use.

Used for manufacturing MDF furniture, such as cribs, chests and tables.

Used for drilling and...
Router CNC Nina
Router CNC Nina

Machine code: 564-168

Brand: Nina

CNC Router Machine.

Brand Name: Nina.

Model: Gold 2.0.

Main features:

MDF table with full length grooves for fastening with tabs, double-sided tape or pinning.

High performance vacuum table (optional to the table with grooves) which el...
Router CNC White Martins
Router CNC White Martins

Machine code: 317-330

Brand: White Martins

Oxyfuel machine.

Brand: White Martins.

Cutting table: 1500 mm x 3000 mm.

Cutting torches / cutting pens 4.

Year: 2003.

Weight without table 200 kg.

Table weight 300 kg....
Visual communications company with routher cnc equipment
Visual communications company with routher cnc equipment

Machine code: 816-677

Visual communications company with routher clipping and cnc equipment slot all configured for artistic slots.
cnc Equipment with thousands of g code configured to work with visual communication equipment with 2 years of use, measures of working are...

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