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Blister packaging machine

ACG, Blipack, Dae Kwang Machiery, Eletro-Forming, Fabrima, Fabrisul, G.C.Neto, Ima, INDATA, Mario Cricca, Mashiba, Masipack, Neuberger, O​ystar, Paludo, Pam Pac, Pharmapack, R.E.G, REG, Selovac, Tesoura, Uhlmann, Wrap-Ade,

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Blister packing Cartoblis Pam Pac
Visualizar Vídeo Blister packing Cartoblis Pam Pac

Machine code: 363-503

Brand: ACG, Pam Pac

- Blistadeira.

- Brand: Pam Pac.

- Model: Cartoblis.

- Machine for manufacturing blister packs / medicine trays.

- It has tool set for different sizes and formats.

- Excellent condition.

- Machine formatted to work with alu + PVC....
Blister packaging machine Oystar Fabrima BP 5
Visualizar Vídeo Blister packaging machine Oystar Fabrima BP 5

Machine code: 707-100

Brand: Fabrima, Masipack, O​ystar

Components: Allen-Bradley, Altec, Festo, Rockwell, SEW

Machine: The Oystar Fabrima.

Year of manufacture: 2008.

Model: BP 5.

Vision system.

The PLC program is running normally.

Note: Video of binding machine, panel operation, bubble forming modules operation, aluminum film press, mat, coils...
Blister machine aluminium Paludo
Blister machine aluminium Paludo

Machine code: 847-546

Brand: Paludo

Components: Steck, WEG

Blister machine aluminium.

Brand: Paludo.

Built in polished stainless steel.



Brand: Steck.

Frequency inverter.

Brand: Weg.

Model: CFW 08....
Blistering machine Fabrima
Visualizar Vídeo Blistering machine Fabrima

Machine code: 447-617

Brand: Fabrima

Blistering machine for packing tablets.

Brand: Fabrima.

Model: UPS 300.

With manual....
Rotary thermoforming machine REG Galbiati
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary thermoforming machine REG Galbiati

Machine code: 506-160

Brand: R.E.G, REG

Components: Elesa Clayton, Finder, GTA Lombardia, Legrand, OMRON, Schneider, Telemecanique

Rotary thermoforming machine.

Brand: REG Galbiati.

Italian Equipment.

Model: TVR4L 50/35/9 Kw.

Year: 2009.

Short operating time.

Technical features:

Power supply standard: 380 V, with 3 neutral / earth phases.

Frequency: 60 Hz...
Blister packer Selovac
Visualizar Vídeo Blister packer Selovac

Machine code: 805-544

Brand: Selovac

Components: Atos, Festo, Merlin Gerin, Schrack, Tecmot, V.ADJ

Blister packer.

Brand Name: Selovac.

Model: Selovac BL - 220 Plus.


Width (Mold Setting): 300 mm - 550 mm.

Maximum diameter of the lower coil: 350 mm or 25 kg.

Maximum diameter of the upper coil: 300 mm or 25 kg.

Blister for display Selovac
Visualizar Vídeo Blister for display Selovac

Machine code: 024-550

Brand: Selovac

Components: ABB, Arbela, Atos, Coel, Dynapar, Festo, OMRON, WEG

Blister for display.

Brand Name: Selovac.

Model: 220 BL Plus.

With manual.

Nominal width: 160 mm - 240 mm.

Maximum diameter of the lower coil: 350 mm.

Maximum diameter of the top coil 300 mm.

Diameter of mandrel: 76.2 mm 3 inches...
Automatic Strip Paludo MP
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic Strip Paludo MP

Machine code: 334-545

Brand: Paludo

Strip wrapping machine, alu + alu.

- Brand: Paludo.

- Model: MP.

- To pack tablets, pills, medicines, supplements, capsules and sweets....
Blistering machine Blipack
Visualizar Vídeo Blistering machine Blipack

Machine code: 226-561

Brand: Blipack

- Blister machine.

- Brand Name: Blipack.

Click here to download the manufacturer's manual
Bender Bull
Bender Bull

Machine code: 754-123

Brand: G.C.Neto

Bender Bull....
Tablet packaging sache Fabrisul
Tablet packaging sache Fabrisul  [unavailable

Machine code: 324-573

Brand: Fabrisul

Tablet packaging sache Fabrisul ...
Packing machine pills Paludo
Packing machine pills Paludo

Machine code: 017-505

Brand: Paludo

Packing machine pills.
Brand: Paludo.
Modelo: MPE strip....
Blister machine Pharmapack
Visualizar Vídeo Blister machine Pharmapack  [unavailable

Machine code: 226-706

Brand: Eletro-Forming, Pharmapack

Components: Coel, Festo, Merlin Gerin, Paem, S&E, Telemecanique

Blister machine.

Type: Pharmapack.

Brand: Electro-Forming.

With tooling for other formats.

Blister pack for alu + pvc.


S&E CITD 721 temperature controller.

Valves, cylinders and pneumatic components.

Brand: Festo. ...
Remedy compactor Neuberger
Remedy compactor Neuberger

Machine code: 586-832

Brand: Neuberger

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger Tools.

Model: MN21.

With funnel in stainless steel.

With 16 punches.
Tablet packaging Paludo
Tablet packaging Paludo

Machine code: 201-171

Brand: Paludo

Packing machine tablet with dual film and four welds....
Blister packing machine Fabrima Blisterflex
Blister packing machine Fabrima Blisterflex  [unavailable

Machine code: 317-532

Brand: Fabrima

Blister packing machine.

Brand Name: Fabrima.

Model: Blisterflex.

Year: 1998.

Equipment for pvc / alu.

Production speed: 50 cycles / m....
Blister filling machine Indata
Blister filling machine Indata  [unavailable

Machine code: 266-307


Blister filling machine of liquids.

Brand: Indata.

Model: B 100.

Current format: 4 x 4.

Speed: 45 cycles per minute, depends on the product.

Year: 2011/2012.

You packed daisy.

Pack it hot and cold.

With panel....
Blister display thermoforming machine Selovac
Blister display thermoforming machine Selovac  [unavailable

Machine code: 286-070

Brand: Selovac

Blister pack for blister packs.

Brand Name: Selovac.

Model: LR 420 BL.

Year: 2011.

Speed: 14 cycles per minute.

CLP: Acts.

IHM: Schneider.

Date printer.

Brand: Linx.

Model: 4900.

Year: 2011.


Brand: Posi...
Automatic line for blister with cartoning packaging machine IMA
Automatic line for blister with cartoning packaging machine IMA  [unavailable

Machine code: 212-543

Brand: Garvens Automation, Ima, Markem-Imaje, Uhlmann

Components: Nordson

Automatic line for blister with encartuchamento.

For high productivity.

Line consisting of:


Brand: IMA.

Model: C 95.

Automatic packing machine.

Brand: IMA.

Model: A 95.


Brand: Markem Image.

Blister machine
Blister machine

Machine code: 126-858

Automatic and semi automatic blister machine....
Blister packaging machine Blipack
Blister packaging machine Blipack

Machine code: 502-112

Brand: Blipack

Blister packaging machine.

Brand Name: Blipack.

Accompanies set of tools....
Automatic thermoformer, filling and blister Capper
Automatic thermoformer, filling and blister Capper  [unavailable

Machine code: 671-285

Brand: Tesoura

Automatic thermoformer, filling and Capper of blister.
Equipment makes the formation of blister packing for heating a PET plate, frame her for blowing,
after filling system (for slurries and liquids) then undergoes a Capper/vacuum
and finally p...
Packing machine Fabrisul
Packing machine Fabrisul  [unavailable

Machine code: 001-313

Brand: Fabrisul

Packing machine for medicines.

Brand Name: Fabrisul....
Emblistadora of Fabrima brand pills
Emblistadora of Fabrima brand pills  [unavailable

Machine code: 302-313

Brand: Fabrima

Tablet blender.

Brand Name: Fabrima.
Model: M301-PP3402.

Year: 2004....
Packing machine Paludo
Packing machine Paludo  [unavailable

Machine code: 434-446

Brand: Paludo

Packing machine.

Brand Name: Paludo.

Model: MP10....
Blistadeira Mashiba
Blistadeira Mashiba  [unavailable

Machine code: 580-000

Brand: Mashiba

Blister blister

Manufactures blister using coil of plastic material (PVC, PET, etc) to make
liquid product vertically.

Branch of production, chemical cosmetic, veterinary, food, all products mono use

Capacity: all small volumes and maximum ...
Automatic vacuum forming thermoforming machine Dae Kwang
Automatic vacuum forming thermoforming machine Dae Kwang  [unavailable

Machine code: 853-875

Brand: Dae Kwang Machiery

The machine was assembled and rotated for only a week, being used to make blisters for cell phones of two big companies.

The machine is Korean.

Brand Name: Dae Kwang Machiery.

Model: 2F8100S.

It has 11 m in length and the table of 1200 x ...
Blender Pharmapack
Blender Pharmapack  [unavailable

Machine code: 380-301

Brand: Pharmapack


Brand: Pharmapack....
Blisterflex Fabrima
Visualizar Vídeo Blisterflex Fabrima  [unavailable

Machine code: 403-405

Brand: Fabrima, Masipack

Blisterflex fabrima
98 x 39 mm Blister
60000 Approximate 8 hours for packaging blister in dragees.
Equipped * tooling k12k * year of manufacture: 1997....
Blister machine Selovac
Blister machine Selovac

Machine code: 588-868

Brand: Selovac

Blister machine.

Brand Name: Selovac.

Model: 220 Plus....
Wrapping machine strip Paludo
Wrapping machine strip Paludo  [unavailable

Machine code: 607-006

Brand: Paludo

Components: SKB

Strip wrapper.

Brand Name: Paludo.

Model: MP 8.

With panel and system....
Friggin' pills double strip
Friggin' pills double strip  [unavailable

Machine code: 055-620

Strip fabrisul tablets duo package...
Packing machine Paludo
Packing machine Paludo  [unavailable

Machine code: 212-780

Brand: Paludo

Packing machine pills Paludo.
Model: MP 8.
Double Funnel....
blister pack machine Mario Cricca
blister pack machine Mario Cricca  [unavailable

Machine code: 765-777

Brand: Mario Cricca

Emblistadeira automatic.
Mario Cricca Brand.
Model S-200.
Production (size 40 x 90 mm): 200 blister per minute
base Material: PVC, PVDC, PVC-PVC, aclar PP, ALU/PVC etc.
205/maximum diameter: 550 mm.
cover Material: AL, AL SOFT, MULTILAYER...
Automatic Strip Envelopadora Paludo
Automatic Strip Envelopadora Paludo  [unavailable

Machine code: 705-717

Brand: Paludo

Automatic Strip Envelope.

- Paludo Brand.

- For tablet with vibratory chute....
Envelopadora of pills and tablets
Envelopadora of pills and tablets  [unavailable

Machine code: 047-114

Brand: Wrap-Ade

Envelopadora of pills and tablets
equipment State: the State
Source: Roche Laboratory
Mark: Wrap-Ade
Model: Manufacturer: EQUIP * k12k PACKGING * process in which was used: produce type sachet envelopes (4 weldings) with 4 inserts
Blistadeira Pharmapack
Blistadeira Pharmapack  [unavailable

Machine code: 622-501

Brand: Pharmapack

Pharmapack Blister machine, semi-new, in normal use.
contains 1 mould for round tablets with 10 units and more 2 necesitando cleaning and mold repair.


Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

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