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Machining centers CNC

Main brands:

Anacom, Ares Seiki, Clever, Drill Machine, Eurostec, Feeler, Franho, Galax, Heller, Hurco, Index, Invicta, Maho, Mazak, Morand, Morganite, Nardini, OKUMA, Pittler, Rocco, ROMI, Tecnoavance, Thyssen Hueller, Travis

Machining centers CNC
CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining centers are highly automated machine tools that perform various machining operations, such as milling, drilling, threading and other processes, controlled by computers. Let's explore what they are for, how they work, and mention some common types of CNC machining centers:

What is it for:

Precision Machining:

CNC machining centers are designed to perform high-precision machining operations on metal, plastic and other materials.

Batch or Mass Production:

They are used for the efficient production of parts in batches or in mass, ensuring dimensional consistency and quality.

Processing Versatility:

They allow you to perform a variety of operations, including milling, drilling, threading and other machining processes, all on a single machine.

Programmable Control:

Computer numerical control allows precise programming of operations, facilitating the production of complex and personalized parts.

How it works:

CNC Programming:

Operators program machining operations in CAD/CAM software, generating CNC codes that instruct the machine on the steps to be performed.

Fixing the Part:

The part to be machined is firmly fixed on the machine's worktable, often using specific clamping devices.

Axis Movement:

The machine moves the cutting tool along multiple axes (usually three or more) controlled by servo motors, following instructions from the CNC program.

Machining Operations:

The cutting tool performs operations such as milling, drilling, turning, among others, as programmed.

Automatic Tool Change:

Many CNC machining centers have automatic tool change systems, allowing various operations to be performed without manual intervention.

Parameter Control:

During the process, parameters such as cutting speed, feed and cutting depth are automatically controlled to optimize efficiency and quality.

Common Types of CNC Machining Centers:

Vertical Machining Centers (VMC):

The work table is vertical. Ideal for parts with relatively small dimensions.

Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC):

The work table is horizontal. Suitable for large and heavy pieces.

5-Axis Machining Centers:

They allow simultaneous movement in five axes, offering greater flexibility for machining complex parts.

Double Column Machining Centers:

They have a two-column structure to support large and heavy pieces, providing greater stability.

High Speed Machining Centers (HSC):

Designed to operate at very high speeds, providing faster and more precise machining.

Multitasking Machining Centers:

They can perform multiple operations on a single machine, such as turning and milling.

Machining Centers for Specific Materials:

Designed to machine specific materials, such as plastics or composite materials.
The choice of the type of CNC machining center will depend on the specific production needs, the size and complexity of the parts to be machined, as well as the materials to be processed. These machines are essential in manufacturing environments that require high precision and efficiency in the production of mechanical components.
Romi Machining Center
Visualizar Vídeo Romi Machining Center

Machine code: 078-246

Brand: ROMI

Components: Siemens

Machining center.

Manufacturer: Roma.

Model: Discovery.

Year: 2004.

It was used for machining hookah parts with aluminum.

Numerical control: Siemens 810D Shopmill.

Stroke in x: 762 mm.

Y stroke: 406 mm.

Stroke in z: 508 mm.
Machining center Feeler
Machining center Feeler

Machine code: 388-686

Brand: Feeler

Machining center.

Brand: Feeler.

Model: VMP 40.

With 24 quick change tools.

PLC command: Mitsubishi.

Axes: X-1000mm Z-500mm Y-500mm.


Vertical lathe CNC Pittler
Vertical lathe CNC Pittler  [unavailable

Machine code: 754-735

Brand: Pittler

Components: Siemens

Vertical lathe.

Brand: Pittler.

Model: PV 500/1 - 1.

Year: 2002.

CNC: Siemens 810D / OP10C / PCU50 (PII-333MHZ).

For machining and turning metal parts.

Maximum turning diameter: 850 mm.

Maximum turning height: 660 mm.

Axis tra...
Vertical cnc center CNC Hurco
Vertical cnc center CNC Hurco  [unavailable

Machine code: 561-281

Brand: Hurco

Vertical cnc center.

Brand: Hurco.

Model: VMX 24 T.

Year: 2008....
CNC lathe Eurostec
CNC lathe Eurostec  [unavailable

Machine code: 337-132

Brand: Eurostec

CNC lathe.

Brand: Eurostec.

Model: Turner 4.

Year: 2016.

It has less than 200 hours of use....
CNC lathe Nardini
CNC lathe Nardini  [unavailable

Machine code: 413-573

Brand: Nardini

CNC lathe.

Brand: Nardini.

Model: CNC Diplomat 3011 revolution RV 220.

Precision machining with numerical computerized control, initially built for the production of machined parts of revolution or cylindrical that comes equipped with two ba...
Machine for making drills
Machine for making drills  [unavailable

Machine code: 656-858

Machine for making drills.

With hydraulic operation....
Machining center Romi D 600
Machining center Romi D 600  [unavailable

Machine code: 663-001

Brand: ROMI

Machining center.

Brand: ROMI.

Model: D 600.

Year: 2008.

Equipment in good condition.
Machining center Thyssen Hueller
Machining center Thyssen Hueller  [unavailable

Machine code: 247-613

Brand: Thyssen Hueller

Components: Maxitec

Machining center.

Brand name: Thyssen Hueller.

Model: NB-H70.

With 4 horizontal axes and 2 pallets, 2 magazines for 48 tools.

Command: Maxitec.

Voltage: 380 V.

In operation, excellent condition.

Year: 1988....
CNC lathe Travis TR 2
CNC lathe Travis TR 2  [unavailable

Machine code: 664-525

Brand: Clever, Travis

Components: Fagor

CNC lathe.

Brand Name: Travis.

Manufacturer: Clever.

Model: TR2.

Year: 2011.

Turning over the busbar: 630 mm.

Passage on the transverse carriage: 400 mm.

Capacity between tips: 1850 mm.

Hydraulic plate.

Hydraulic point.

Lathe CNC Romi Centur 45 A
Lathe CNC Romi Centur 45 A  [unavailable

Machine code: 315-644

Brand: ROMI


Year: 1994 retrofitted in November 2013.

Distance between points: 3250 mm.

Diameter above the busbar: 850 mm

Diameter on the transverse carriage: 550 mm.

Power Installed: 35 KVA.

GSK 988T CNC control....
Horizontal lathe Mazak
Horizontal lathe Mazak  [unavailable

Machine code: 803-725

Brand: Mazak

Horizontal lathe.

Brand: Mazak.

Model: Mazak Quick Turn Smart 350.

Year: 2015....
CNC lathe Romi Centur 30 D Multiplic
CNC lathe Romi Centur 30 D Multiplic  [unavailable

Machine code: 608-840

Brand: ROMI

CNC lathe Romi Centur 30 D Multiplic.
Year: 2007.
Control: Fanuc.
Electric Tower 8 positions.
Among tips: 1,000 mm.
Against pneumatic point....
CNC lathe Galaxy 10 Romi
CNC lathe Galaxy 10 Romi  [unavailable

Machine code: 141-482

Brand: ROMI

CNC lathe Galaxy 10 Romi.
Year: 2002.
Fanuc 21I command.
Chip carrier.
Pistol washing.
12 Tower positions supported by tools.
Machine working 100%....
Ares Seiki machining center
Ares Seiki machining center  [unavailable

Machine code: 211-135

Brand: Ares Seiki

Machining center.

Brand Name: Ares Seiki.

Model: A-600.

Fanuc Command.

Courses: 600 mm x 400 mm x 600 mm.

table size: 700 mm x 410 mm/8,000 RPM-BT 40.

Magazine Exchange quickly for 24 tools.

Advances: 36/36/36 m for minute...
CNC lathe Multiplic 35 S ROMI
CNC lathe Multiplic 35 S ROMI  [unavailable

Machine code: 258-260

Brand: ROMI

CNC lathe Multiplic 35 S.

Brand: ROMI....
Mechanical lathe ROMI Centur 50 D
Mechanical lathe ROMI Centur 50 D  [unavailable

Machine code: 682-504

Brand: ROMI

Components: Siemens

Machine: CENTUR 50 d
Manufacturer: ROMI
command: SIEMENS
main Motor: 33.6 KW
power: 50 KVA
year of manufacture: 2009
Home tree axis (mm): 135
RPM (2 tracks): 1 ~ 258/1 ~ 1048
Diameter on the bus: 700
course in (X/Z): 520/3020
Romi lathe model Discovery 560
Romi lathe model Discovery 560  [unavailable

Machine code: 621-643

Brand: ROMI

Components: Siemens

Machine: Discovery 560
Manufacturer: ROMI
command: SIEMENS
main Motor: 9.3 KW
power: * k12k 20KVA * year of manufacture: 2005
tree Cone: ISO 40
RPM: 7500
course in "Z": 508
fast forward (X/Y/Z): 30 m/min
courses (X/Y/Z): 560 X 406 X...
CNC Lathe Okuma
CNC Lathe Okuma  [unavailable

Machine code: 480-302

Brand: OKUMA

CNC lathe.

Mark Okuma.

Model LB 15.

Year 1990.

Missing controller....
CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe  [unavailable

Machine code: 023-035

Brand: ROMI

CNC lathe
brand name: Romi Centur k12k * model: * 30 D
year 9 Mach 2004.
With electric Tower 8 positions....
Machining center
Machining center  [unavailable

Machine code: 854-806

Brand: Maho

MARK MAHO MH MODEL 600E with CNC432 COMMAND and COLOR VIDEO GRAPHIC CONNECTION 24V for 22 tools, NP 48588, IS0 40.  ...
Vertical machining center CNC Okuma
Vertical machining center CNC Okuma  [unavailable

Machine code: 426-066

Brand: OKUMA

Vertical machining center.

Brand: Okuma.

Model: MX - 55 VB.

CNC: Okuma UPS - U 100 L.

For machining metal parts.

Number of pallets: 1.

Pallet dimension: 560 x 1300.

Automatic pallet exchange: No.

Maximum load on the table: 700...
Metallurgical industry for the manufacture of wheels
Metallurgical industry for the manufacture of wheels  [unavailable

Machine code: 481-254

Brand: Anacom, Drill Machine, Franho, Galax, Index, Invicta, Morand, Morganite, Nardini, Rocco, ROMI, Tecnoavance

Components: Fagor, Fanuc, Siemens

Metallurgical industry for the manufacture of wheels (vehicle hoops).

Date of foundation: 1987.

The company has as an activity the manufacture of sports wheels for motorcycles and mopeds, being alloy wheels and hubs for wheels.

The company i...
Machining center Romi
Visualizar Vídeo Machining center Romi  [unavailable

Machine code: 730-741

Brand: ROMI

Machining center Romi Discovery model 4022 year 98....
Heller machining center
Heller machining center  [unavailable

Machine code: 137-681

Brand: Heller

Machining center brand/manufacturer Heller.

Available for sale 5 units.

Model: MCP H 250

Machine underwent maintenance.

-equipment Data


-longitudinal x-axis Stroke (mm)-800

-longitudinal Stroke y-axis (mm)-800 ...

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