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Industrial heaters

Main brands:

, Hebleimar, J.G Equipamentos de Vapor, Lawes, Mapre, Morganti

Industrial heaters
Industrial heaters are equipment designed to provide heat in various industrial processes. They play a crucial role in industries such as petrochemical, food, chemical, automotive, textile and many others. Here is information about the usefulness, operation and some common types of heaters used in industry:

Production processes:

Heaters are essential for providing heat needed at various stages of industrial production processes.
Heat treatment:

In processes such as quenching, tempering, annealing, casting, among others, heaters are used to reach specific temperatures.
Heating of Thermal Fluids:

Heaters are often employed to heat thermal oils or water which, in turn, transfer heat to industrial processes.
Drying and Curing:

They are used in product drying processes or in the curing of coatings, paints and composite materials.
Heat Generation:

Heaters can use different energy sources such as electricity, gas, steam, thermal oil or solid fuels to generate heat.
Heat transfer:

The heat generated is transferred to a medium (usually air, water or thermal oil) which, in turn, is used to heat the process or product.
Temperature control:

Temperature control systems are often incorporated to ensure that ideal conditions are maintained in the industrial process.
Common Types of Industrial Heaters:
Hot Air Heaters:

Used to heat air, which can be directed to drying processes or in applications where heated air is required.
Water Heaters:

Employed in industrial processes that require hot water for various applications such as cleaning, heating fluids or space heating systems.
Steam Heaters:

They generate steam to heat industrial processes or for use in steam heating systems.
Electric Heaters:

They use electrical resistances to generate heat, making them suitable for applications where electricity is available.
Gas Burners:

They use gas combustion to generate heat, being common in industrial ovens, greenhouses and air heating systems.
Induction Heaters:

They use magnetic fields to generate heat in conductive materials, being common in quenching and tempering processes.
Thermal Oil Heaters:

They heat thermal oil, which is then used as a heat transfer medium in various industrial processes.
Tubular Resistance Heaters:

They incorporate tubes or electrical resistance elements in direct contact with the fluid to be heated.
The choice of the type of heater will depend on the specific needs of the industrial process, the type of heat required, the characteristics of the medium to be heated and the environmental conditions and energy availability. Each type of heater has its advantages and is selected based on efficiency, cost and specific application requirements.
Air Insufflator Lawes
Air Insufflator Lawes

Machine code: 005-007

Brand: Lawes

Air blower for drying processes.

Usually used to dry dragees, in dragee machines.

Stainless steel.

Brand: Lawes....
Heater/thermoregulating/temperature controller
Heater/thermoregulating/temperature controller  [unavailable

Machine code: 574-805

Brand: Mapre

Heater/thermoregulating/temperature controller.
Brand: Mapre.
Model: MP250/p.
voltage: 220 V-360 Kw....
Large chiller water unit Hebleimar
Large chiller water unit Hebleimar  [unavailable

Machine code: 317-412

Brand: Hebleimar

Components: Bitzer

Large cold water unit.

With two semi-hermetic compressors.

Brand: Bitzer.

Power: With two 7.5 hp motors and water condensation.

Brand: Hebleimar.

Model: URG 5000....
Steam generator J G equipamentos
Steam generator J G equipamentos  [unavailable

Machine code: 331-343

Brand: J.G Equipamentos de Vapor

Steam generator JG EG-16.

heat Production-193,194 Kcal/h.

Evaporation with water at 115° C-216 kg steam per hour.

steam operation pressure 150 PSI-65a.

fuel consumption.

LPG Gas-14.00 kg/h

natural Gas-17 m ³/h.

Motor-0.75 ...
Steam tank for high pressure in stainless steel 400 liters
Steam tank for high pressure in stainless steel 400 liters  [unavailable

Machine code: 573-085

Steam tank.

Capacity: 400 liters.

With metal bands.
Boiler boiler brand Morganti
Boiler boiler brand Morganti  [unavailable

Machine code: 503-524

Brand: Morganti

Boiler water heater boiler brand Morganti.

Model ET-60.

60,000 capacity Kcal / hour....

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