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Industrial heaters

Aalborg, Acquatermus, Alfa Laval, Ata, Clayton, Cobrasma, Coelma, Cumulus, GWK, H. Bremer, Heatmaster, Hebleimar, Imarvil, J.G Equipamentos de Vapor, Lawes, Mapre, Meppam, Morganti, Multinox, Polo Sul Máquinas, Sol Aquecedores, W.V.W,

Boiler to generate steam 400 kg h W.V.W
Boiler to generate steam 400 kg h W.V.W

Machine code: 407-774

Brand: Multinox, W.V.W

Components: Brasiltec, Coel, Ksb, Siemens

Boiler to generate steam.

Brand name: W.V.W.

Model: 2PA400.

Year: 2016.

Equipment manufactured and never used.

Capacity: 400 KGV / H.

PMTA: 6 KGF / CM².

S: 5.5 KGF / CM².

P.T.H: 9 KGF / CM².


Siemens Sirius.
Large chiller water unit Hebleimar
Large chiller water unit Hebleimar

Machine code: 317-412

Brand: Hebleimar

Components: Bitzer

Large cold water unit.

With two semi-hermetic compressors.

Brand: Bitzer.

Power: With two 7.5 hp motors and water condensation.

Brand: Hebleimar.

Model: URG 5000....
Steam generator J G equipamentos
Steam generator J G equipamentos

Machine code: 331-343

Brand: J.G Equipamentos de Vapor

Steam generator JG EG-16.

heat Production-193,194 Kcal/h.

Evaporation with water at 115° C-216 kg steam per hour.

steam operation pressure 150 PSI-65a.

fuel consumption.

LPG Gas-14.00 kg/h

natural Gas-17 m ³/h.

Motor-0.75 ...
Pot Bain Marie in stainless steel
Pot Bain Marie in stainless steel

Machine code: 184-586

Brand: Imarvil

Pot Bain Marie in stainless steel.

Brand Name: Imarvil.

15 litre capacity.

Operation: electrical resistance adjustment.
Air Insufflator Lawes
Air Insufflator Lawes

Machine code: 005-007

Brand: Lawes

Air blower for drying processes.

Usually used to dry dragees, in dragee machines.

Stainless steel.

Brand: Lawes....
Solar heating boards
Solar heating boards

Machine code: 317-320

8 solar heaters plates measuring 1.20 x 2.20 approximately....
Steam tank for high pressure in stainless steel 400 liters
Steam tank for high pressure in stainless steel 400 liters

Machine code: 573-085

Steam tank.

Capacity: 400 liters.

With metal bands.
Boiler boiler brand Morganti
Boiler boiler brand Morganti

Machine code: 503-524

Brand: Morganti

Boiler water heater boiler brand Morganti.

Model ET-60.

60,000 capacity Kcal / hour....
Heater/thermoregulating/temperature controller
Heater/thermoregulating/temperature controller

Machine code: 574-805

Brand: Mapre

Heater/thermoregulating/temperature controller.
Brand: Mapre.
Model: MP250/p.
voltage: 220 V-360 Kw....
Line for the production of fermented foods soy based
Line for the production of fermented foods soy based

Machine code: 767-071

Line for the production of fermented foods soy-based.
Composed by:
150 liters capacity.
-water heater.
150 liters capacity.
-automatic filling machine.
-Tank cooler.
3000 litres capacity.
-manual Sealing....
Industrial boiler for 2,500,000 kcal / h Aalborg
Industrial boiler for 2,500,000 kcal / h Aalborg

Machine code: 134-145

Brand: Aalborg, Alfa Laval

Heat exchanger for thermal fluid, boiler.

Brand name: Aalborg, Alfa Laval.

Model: 25-H0-25M.

Thermal Capacity: 2,500,000 Kcal / h.

Volumetric capacity: 2,175 liters.

M.W.A.: 150 psig.

Hydrostatic Test: 225 psig.

Category: 9.

Heatmaster Watertube Boiler
Heatmaster Watertube Boiler

Machine code: 563-575

Brand: Heatmaster

Heatmaster Watertube boiler Tag-1004, mixed with 3 passes, 6,900,000 kcal/h, heating surface total of 596 m ² with 32 m ³ furnace tubes volume 2 1/2 "with hull in ASTM 285-C wall thickness 7/8"/ASTM 178 tubes 483 the 3.5 mm wall/with GN capacity of 1...
brand Heaters Cumulus
brand Heaters Cumulus

Machine code: 670-582

Brand: Cumulus


Brand: Cumulus....
Textile Equipment David Giudici
Textile Equipment David Giudici

Machine code: 120-080

Brand: Clayton, David Giudici

Textile Equipment

Italian retort.

Brand: David Giudici.

Containing 192 spindles.

3 twist sets.

50 needle spindles.

1 for bundling wires in reels.

1 incomplete.

1 viceroy with 06 spindles to wind the line in vicones (incomplete...
Steam air heater
Steam air heater

Machine code: 710-665

Aquecedor com placas aletadas.

Modelo: ART 1-1-1915/740-AS-A/ALG - 6F  21,3 A40AL 2,3 PROF. 340mm.

Total para 2 peças.

Aquecedor de ar a vapor.
Boiler 30 tons H. Bremer
Boiler 30 tons H. Bremer

Machine code: 806-046

Brand: H. Bremer

30 ton boiler with little use, in an excellent state of conservation....
Meppam Boiler
Meppam Boiler

Machine code: 736-001

Brand: Meppam

Boiler Meppam:
-steam production: 5000 kg/h
-operating pressure: 10.5 kgf/cm ²
-Pressure Hydrostatic Tests: 15.7 kgf/cm ²
-saturated steam year: 1983
-heating surface: 200 m ²
-model: MDS-GF92
-fuel: BPF oil or wood...
Boiler Cobrasma
Boiler Cobrasma

Machine code: 642-782

Brand: Cobrasma

Boiler Cobrasma:
-steam production: 15000 kg/h
-Design pressure: 25 kgf/cm ²
-operating pressure: 15 kgf/cm ²
-Pressure hydrostatic test: 37.5 kgf/cm ²
-saturated steam year: 1973
-heating surface: 335 m ²
-model: FM-10-57 MD
Hot water units
Hot water units

Machine code: 770-724

Brand: Coelma, GWK

Hot water units ...
Wood-fired industrial heater Sol
Wood-fired industrial heater Sol

Machine code: 807-680

Brand: Sol Aquecedores

Wood burning stove.

Brand: Sol.

Capacity: 1,000 liters heated per hour.

For swimming pools, motels, hotels, farms, sites, industries in general....
Complete vacuum wood dryer
Complete vacuum wood dryer

Machine code: 238-506

Brand: Acquatermus, WDE

Dryer to brand wood WDE (Wood Drying Engineering) with a capacity of 8 m ³, with a wood-fired boiler Arauterm brand, and more the condensation system  ...
Line for the production of recycled tiles
Line for the production of recycled tiles

Machine code: 227-260

Brand: Lamborghini

Machines for the manufacture of tiles and Recycled Board.

Vulcanizing Press.

Heated with thermal fluid.

Dimensions 2500 x 1200 m m.

Two Hydraulic Pistons.

Pressure: 250 ton.

Engine: 5 cv.

Capacity: up to 6 trays for manufacturi...
Ice cream factory
Ice cream factory

Machine code: 066-718

Brand: Ata, Polo Sul Máquinas

Industry for Ice Cream Factory.

Brand: Polo south.

Brand: Polo south.
Weight: 15 Kg.

Weight: 5 Kg.
Quantity: 3 units.

HCM 50.
Brand: Danf...
Heaters, thermal fluid pumps
Heaters, thermal fluid pumps

Machine code: 800-367

-Thermal fluid heater Tag HB-11, diesel oil burner, capacity 850 liters/min., 900,000 output kcal/h
-thermal fluid heater Tag HB-21, diesel oil burner, 1,140,000 output kcal/h
-Several Thermal Fluid pumps...

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