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Main brands:

Almapal, Amádio, Arno, Cepem, Chavantes, Cosmar, Damtubo, Eletro-Forming, Ethik Technology, Exteec, Fabrima, Fischbein, Glatt, Hogner, Jemak, Lawes, Lemaq, Manesty, Melton, Meteor, Neuberger, Nova ética, Omas, Paludo, Pharmainox, Pharmapack, Promaler, Riva, Sansuy, Stokes, Treu, Trevi, Valco Melton, Wada

The veterinary medicine and cosmetics industry uses a variety of specialized equipment to produce products intended for animal health and care. Here are some of the common equipment found in this industry:

Equipment for the Production of Veterinary Medicines:

Reactors and Fermenters:

Used in the synthesis of active ingredients of medicines by chemical or biotechnological processes.

Mixers and Agitators:

Equipment for mixing active pharmaceutical ingredients (IFAs) and other components.

Filtration and Purification Systems:

For purifying ingredients and removing unwanted impurities.


They dry products after liquid processes to produce solid forms, such as powders or tablets.

Granulation Equipment:

For the formation of granules, especially important in the production of solid dosage forms.

Tablet Compression Machines:

For compressing powdered mixtures into solid tablets.

Coating Machines:

Used to coat tablets, capsules or other pharmaceutical forms to improve stability or provide controlled release.

Packaging Machines:

Automatic machines for packaging products in blisters, bottles, boxes, among others.

Labeling Machines:

For applying informative labels to packaging.

Weighing and Dosing Equipment:

They guarantee precision when adding ingredients to the formulation.

Purified Water Systems:

They produce purified water for use in production processes.

Quality Control Equipment:

Including spectrophotometers, chromatography, and other instruments to check the quality and consistency of products.

Equipment for the Production of Veterinary Cosmetics:

Mixing Tanks:

For mixing ingredients used in the manufacture of cosmetic products.


Used for the production of emulsions, such as lotions and creams.

Mills and Homogenizers:

They reduce particle size and provide a smooth texture in creams and lotions.

Filling Machines:

They fill products in specific containers, such as jars or tubes.

Dosing Equipment:

They guarantee the precise amount of each ingredient in the formulation.

Stabilization and Preservation Equipment:

Including greenhouses, refrigerators and preservation systems to maintain product quality.

Quality Control Equipment:

Instruments to evaluate the consistency, color, odor and other attributes of cosmetic products.

Cleaning and Sterilization Equipment:

To maintain hygiene and quality during production.
These are just a few examples, and the exact configuration of the production line will depend on the specific type of product, the production volume and the technologies adopted by the company in the veterinary medicine and cosmetics industry.
Vertical cartoning machine
Visualizar Vídeo Vertical cartoning machine

Machine code: 086-844

Brand: Melton, Promaler, Valco Melton

Components: Festo, Melton, ReeR, SEEKA, SEW, Siemens, Valco Melton, WEG

Vertical cartoning cartoning machine for cartridge packing.

Manufacturer brand: Promaler.

Model: EVI-04.

Year of manufacture: 2015.

Format: 3 tabs with glue.

Intermittent equipment with manual product feed.

With melting pot manufact...
Bin silos for column mixers Glatt
Bin silos for column mixers Glatt

Machine code: 336-363

Brand: Almapal, Glatt

Bin silos for column mixers.

Brand: Glatt.

Approximate equipment measurements:

Bin height: 1,300 mm, without casters.

Bin width 820 mm.

Bin feeding mouth: 410 mm.

Internal height: 980 mm.

With opening valve.

Stainless steel: 3...
Climatic chamber for laboratory Nova Ètica
Climatic chamber for laboratory Nova Ètica

Machine code: 203-645

Brand: Ethik Technology, Nova ética

Climatic chamber for laboratory.

Brand: New Ethics.

Model: 410 / 3ND.

Literature: 336 L.

Power 800 W.

Frequency: 60 Hz.

Power supply: 220 V....
Pressure reactor for manufacturing of hormones Pharmainox
Visualizar Vídeo Pressure reactor for manufacturing of hormones Pharmainox

Machine code: 880-175

Brand: Meteor, Pharmainox

Components: Novus, Siemens, WEG

Pressure reactor for manufacturing of hormones.

Brand Name: Meteor, Pharmainox.


Useful / total capacity: 50 L.

Working pressure: 0.5 kgf / cm².

Design pressure: 1.0 kgf / cm².

Maximum permissible working pressure at ...
Bag sealer pinch style paper bags Fischbein
Visualizar Vídeo Bag sealer pinch style paper bags Fischbein

Machine code: 288-157

Brand: Fischbein

Components: ABB, Ac Tech, Allen-Bradley, Bussmann, Carlo Gavazzi, Dwyer, Entrelec, Lenze, Ogden

Bag sealer pinch style paper bags.

Brand: Fischbein.

Model: PBC 6000.

To seal packages with paper that have pre-glue, fold the top with glue and sealing by heating.


Carlo Gavazzi.


Engine brand Lenze.

Cartoner machine Jemak
Visualizar Vídeo Cartoner machine Jemak

Machine code: 054-602

Brand: Jemak

Components: Alfamatec


Brand Name: Jemak.

Production: 60 cartridges per minute.

Double system for application of glue, lot recording and validity.

Coleman Makmelt.

Machine has input and output matrices.

Year: 2010.

Machine operated unti...
Line for breeding bird feed
Line for breeding bird feed  [unavailable

Machine code: 878-575

Brand: Chavantes, Exteec

Line for breeding bird feed.

Model: EX-500.

Year: 2011.
Packing of medicine capsules
Visualizar Vídeo Packing of medicine capsules

Machine code: 457-341

Tablet encapsulator.

With disc set.

Ideal for small production and production of capsule remedies for veterinary industry...
Remedy compactor Neuberger
Remedy compactor Neuberger

Machine code: 586-832

Brand: Neuberger

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger Tools.

Model: MN21.

With funnel in stainless steel.

With 16 punches.
For animal nutrition industry
For animal nutrition industry

Machine code: 753-305

Is a new company in the segment of animal nutrition, which will target the production of animal feed and concentrate for several species of domestic and exotic animals, such as horses on his first deployment step, cattle and sheep.


Reactor/Cooker-J  [unavailable

Machine code: 375-733

Brand: Cepem

State of equipment: Used
origin: Johnson...
Reactor for Creams and ointments-J
Reactor for Creams and ointments-J  [unavailable

Machine code: 751-605

Brand: Arno

Reactor for Creams and ointments
State of equipment: used/reviewed
origin: lab. Pfizer
capacity: nominal capacity 850 Liters
dimensions: 1200 mm diam. 1950 mm Alt
weight: reactor to Creams and ointments

: Arno Brand power: 1 HP
Medical Bags forming machine
Medical Bags forming machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 361-413

Brand: Sansuy

Medical Bags forming machine
is a Medical Scholarship in forming machine PVC/EVA, with Electronic radio frequency Welding 7 kW Brand Sansuy.
PVC bags forming machine p/soros, blood collection, culture media, etc.
Accompanies an array, for the m...
Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger
Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 780-441

Brand: Neuberger

Components: WEG

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger.

Model: MN 20 F.

Stainless steel equipment.

Direct power to the distributor.

With funnel, funnel opening register, funnel dust inspection transparent connection, angle feeder and direct powder...
Y industrial mixer 300 kg
Y industrial mixer 300 kg  [unavailable

Machine code: 868-526

Brand: Damtubo

Components: WEG

Y industrial mixer.

Brand: Damtubo.

Capacity: 300 kg.

Year: 2009.


Body: 2.15 m.

Body diameter: 70 cm.

Between supports: 2.30 m.

Support height: 2.15 m.

Height of stairs: 1.92 m.

Accompanying control panel, elec...
Rotary medication compressor
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary medication compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 801-823

Brand: Lemaq

Components: Delta

Rotary medication compressor.

Brand: Lemaq.

With two tablet feeding systems.

With a compression outlet.

Number of punches: 27 stations.

Puncture and die size: The measurements are in the photos.

With vacuum cleaner.

Brand: Lemaq....
Blistering machine Fabrima
Visualizar Vídeo Blistering machine Fabrima  [unavailable

Machine code: 447-617

Brand: Fabrima

Blistering machine for packing tablets.

Brand: Fabrima.

Model: UPS 300.

With manual....
Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 524-540

Brand: Neuberger

Components: Siemens

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger.

Model: MN 43 F.

With 43 compression punches.

Production: 3700 u / min.

Type: Puncture B.

Matrix Type: BB

Maximum compressive strength: 20 TON.

Maximum insert diameter: 11 mm.

Rotary compressor for tablet production Riva
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary compressor for tablet production Riva  [unavailable

Machine code: 736-428

Brand: Riva

Rotary compressor for tablet production.

Brand: Riva.

Series: Precompress I.

Number of Punctures: 33.

In stainless steel, cabin with acrylic protection.

With hopper and paddle powder feeder for compression....
Coater for tablet coating Lawes
Coater for tablet coating Lawes  [unavailable

Machine code: 141-343

Brand: Lawes

Coater for tablet coating.

Brand: Lawes.

Capacity: 300 kg.

Polished stainless steel, probably 316 or 316 L stainless steel.

Measurements: 1.50 m x 1.50 m x 2.0 m.

Voltage: 220 V.

Three phase.

Type: Biconic dredger with internal s...
Line for aerosol filling machine Cosmar Omas
Line for aerosol filling machine Cosmar Omas  [unavailable

Machine code: 341-683

Brand: Cosmar, Omas

Components: Emerson, Festo, Legrand, REO Elektroniki, Siemens

Line for aerosol filling machine.

Aerosol filling machine.

Brand: Cosmar Italiana.

Model: MR - PN / 18.

Automatic selection and insertion of caps on to the cans.

Brand Name: Omas Tecnosistemi.

Model: G-250.

Year: 2011.

Pharmaceutical granulate dryer Hogner
Pharmaceutical granulate dryer Hogner  [unavailable

Machine code: 768-504

Brand: Almapal, Hogner

Components: Danfoss, Festo, Phoenix Contact, Saia-Burgess, Schneider, Telemecanique

Pharmaceutical drying oven.

Brand: Hogner.

Model: Dryer 8001 E / SP Anti-explosive.

Year: 2009.

Tray dimension: 880 mm x 880 mm x 40 mm (Width x Length x Height).

Width: 980 mm.

Height: 1750.

Depth: 1,000 mm.

Volume: 1715 m³. ...
Extruder for feed Exteec
Visualizar Vídeo Extruder for feed Exteec  [unavailable

Machine code: 014-134

Brand: Exteec

Components: Cestari, WEG

Eteec Extruder.

Model: EX-500.

Year: 2011.

Manufactured in stainless steel.

Extrusion shirt modulated.

Production: 500 Kg/h


Length: 500 mm.

Width: 400 mm.

Height: 1200 mm....
Remote Stoks model B2
Visualizar Vídeo Remote Stoks model B2  [unavailable

Machine code: 410-421

Brand: Stokes

Remote Stoks B2 model....
Biorreator 10 L Trevi
Visualizar Vídeo Biorreator 10 L Trevi  [unavailable

Machine code: 060-403

Brand: Trevi


Brand: Trevi.

Model: PCT V 10.

Capacity: 10 L.

Ideal for microbiological laboratory.

Year: 1996.

Aço inox: 316.

Pres.Trab: 1 KGR/CM².

Vacio: 650 MMHG.

Pot.Contr: 0,75 HP.

Pot.Homo: 0,75 HP.

Vel.Contr: 0 - ...
Linear piston filling Wada
Linear piston filling Wada  [unavailable

Machine code: 755-432

Brand: Wada

Linear piston filling Wada.

With 4 Pistons.

Filling machine can fill gel alcohol


Duo gravity Filling.


Makes packages of 20 ml to 5000 ml....
Blister machine Pharmapack
Visualizar Vídeo Blister machine Pharmapack  [unavailable

Machine code: 226-706

Brand: Eletro-Forming, Pharmapack

Components: Coel, Festo, Merlin Gerin, Paem, S&E, Telemecanique

Blister machine.

Type: Pharmapack.

Brand: Electro-Forming.

With tooling for other formats.

Blister pack for alu + pvc.


S&E CITD 721 temperature controller.

Valves, cylinders and pneumatic components.

Brand: Festo. ...
Oscillating Granulator Manesty
Visualizar Vídeo Oscillating Granulator Manesty  [unavailable

Machine code: 257-160

Brand: Manesty

Oscillating Granulator.

Brand: Manesty....
Reactor with internal electrostatic polishing 316 L stainless stee
Reactor with internal electrostatic polishing 316 L stainless stee

Machine code: 420-176

Components: Alfa Laval

316 L stainless steel reactor with internal electrostatic polishing.

For viscous products.

For batches up to 12 tons, depending on the product density.

Internal part stainless steel 316 L electrostatic polishing.

Model: RD 100 - P120 - 15...
Planetary shaker in stainless steel 130 L Amadio
Planetary shaker in stainless steel 130 L Amadio  [unavailable

Machine code: 636-433

Brand: Amádio

Planetary shaker in stainless steel.

Brand: Amadio.

Model: LHA 130.

Capacity: 130 L.

It has a racket type batter....
Rotary filling with capper Wada
Rotary filling with capper Wada  [unavailable

Machine code: 162-300

Brand: Wada

Stainless steel filling machine.

With "batch" filling system.

Stainless steel machine.

Brand Name: Wada....
Wrapping machine strip Paludo
Wrapping machine strip Paludo  [unavailable

Machine code: 607-006

Brand: Paludo

Components: SKB

Strip wrapper.

Brand Name: Paludo.

Model: MP 8.

With panel and system....
Rotary filling machine with 6 stainless steel spouts
Rotary filling machine with 6 stainless steel spouts  [unavailable

Machine code: 064-376

Brand: Wada

Stainless steel Rotary filling for liquid and Pasty products.
With 6 filling nozzles and thread cutting and forming.
With electronic control of production and packaging....
Hermetic reactor
Hermetic reactor  [unavailable

Machine code: 787-220

Airtight reactor

5200 capacity Litres


316 Stainless Shaker

To chemicals or other

Sells State or revised

Pharmaceutical industry machines
Pharmaceutical industry machines  [unavailable

Machine code: 004-471

Brand: MECALOR, Promaler, Treu

Components: Eberle, GWK, Ksb, RTS, WEG

Pharmaceutical industry machines

plate Rails Pump
Cell * stainless steel
k12k * Command pump Control
Promaler vertical Filter dust collector
motor pump controller ID
air mixer with pump
Plastic tube packer and filling Meteor
Plastic tube packer and filling Meteor  [unavailable

Machine code: 050-212

Brand: Meteor

Tube packer.

To bottle creams and products from bottles of the type tube.

Brand Name: Meteor.

Model: Tubetta....

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