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Coconut candy

Main brands:

Liteq, Maicom

Coconut candy
Coconut candy manufacturing in the industry involves the use of specialized machines to ensure efficiency, precision and consistency in large-scale production. Here is some information about the purpose and types of machines commonly used in coconut candy making:

Machines Used in the Manufacturing of Coconut Candies:
Vacuum Cooker:

Used to cook the mixture of sugar, water and coconut until it reaches the right consistency for the formation of candies. The vacuum cooker helps control the temperature and prevent excessive caramelization.
Mixer or Mixer:

Mix the necessary ingredients, such as sugar, water and coconut, to create the base dough for the candy.

Responsible for shaping the mass of the bullet. The extruder can have different molds to create the desired shape of the coconut candy.

Cuts extruded candies into uniform sizes. It can be adjusted to produce coconut candies of different sizes.

Used to refine the texture of the mixture, ensuring a smooth and pleasant consistency in the final candy.
Chiller or Cooling Tunnel:

Cools newly formed candies to solidify the structure and maintain its shape before packaging.
Packaging Machine:

Involved in different stages of the process, from individual packaging of the candies to packaging in boxes for shipping.
Ingredient Doser:

Measure and add ingredients in the correct proportion to ensure consistency in candy quality.
Labeling Machine:

Apply labels to candy packaging, including information about ingredients, date of manufacture and other relevant details.
Quality Control System:

Used to monitor and ensure product quality, including detecting possible flaws, incorrect weight, or other problems during production.
General Manufacturing Process:
Ingredient Preparation:

The ingredients, such as sugar, water and coconut, are measured and prepared in the correct quantities.
Mixing and Cooking:

The ingredients are mixed and cooked to form the candy dough. This process is closely controlled to ensure consistency and quality.
Extrusion and Modeling:

The dough is extruded and shaped into the desired shape using specific molds.
Cutting and Cooling:

The bullets are cut and then go through a cooling process to solidify.

Coconut candies are packaged individually or in batches, ready for distribution.
Each step of this process can be automated using the mentioned machines, which contributes to efficiency, consistency and high production in the manufacture of coconut candies on an industrial scale.
Machine to spray with grated coconut continuous lines
Machine to spray with grated coconut continuous lines

Machine code: 175-475

Brand: Liteq

Machine to spray with grated coconut continuous lines.

To apply sprinkles in general, such as chocolate sprinkles, grated coconut and others.

Marma: Liteq.

Capacity: 640 kg / h.

Year: 2014.

Width: 820 mm.

Composed of the spreader, c...
Line for sweet toffee and soft
Line for sweet toffee and soft

Machine code: 061-073

Set for making soft mocha and toffe.

Composed of rotating vertical rod wires and cutting....
Rotary hard candy machine
Rotary hard candy machine

Machine code: 311-322

Rotary hard candy machine....
Coconut candy manufacturing line
Coconut candy manufacturing line

Machine code: 641-322

Coconut candy manufacturing line.

Approximate capacity: 30 k / h per batch.

Composed by:

Tacho gas cooker.

Bullet pull.

Full stainless steel rod.

Trafila with cut.

Stainless steel cooling table.


1.20 mx 700 mm....
Bullet pulling machine Samson Maicom
Bullet pulling machine Samson Maicom  [unavailable

Machine code: 007-028

Brand: Maicom

Bullet pulling machine Samson.

Brand Name: Maicom....
Bullet puller
Bullet puller  [unavailable

Machine code: 641-652

Bullet puller with stainless steel finish....
Coconut grater and cheese
Coconut grater and cheese  [unavailable

Machine code: 620-630

Coconut grater and cheese...

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