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Refrigerated display case

Arpifrio, Ártico, Carpigiani, Isa, Refrigas, São Rafael,

Feiras 2023
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Showcase for confectionery Isa
Showcase for confectionery Isa

Machine code: 150-520

Brand: Isa

Display showcase for. confectionery.

Display of cakes and sweets, ideal for high quality products that need exposure in special layout.

Brand: ISA.

Model Past Coere, type ARR.

Platinum, for pies, pastries, cakes and confectionery.

Showcase ISA
Showcase ISA  [unavailable

Machine code: 610-631

Brand: Isa


Brand: ISA.

Model: Millenium.

Year: 2014....
Display window Isa
Display window Isa  [unavailable

Machine code: 830-154

Brand: Isa

Display window.

Brand: Isa.

Model: Gelato Show.

Year: 2014.

To expose chilled or dried frozen products between -18 ° C to 5 ° C.

It has internal lighting to highlight products that are in acrylic vats, increasing the sales appeal.

Frozen display rack São Rafael
Frozen display rack São Rafael  [unavailable

Machine code: 637-252

Brand: São Rafael

Components: Elgin

Freezer display.

Brand: São Rafael.

Year: 2016.

Modular display cabinet.

Insulation in PU 100 mm.

6 Glass doors with anti-fogging system.

Dimensions: 5.39m x 2.40m x 1.12m.

Accompanying 36 steel shelves with electrostatic paintin...
Producer of ice cream dough and accessories Refrigás Ártico
Producer of ice cream dough and accessories Refrigás Ártico  [unavailable

Machine code: 113-382

Brand: Ártico, Refrigas

Producer of ice cream dough and accessories.

Brand: Refrigás.

Year: 1992.

He worked 10 years.

Make 10 L of ice cream every 5 minutes.

Freezer with display for 6 buckets.

Brand: Arctic.

Industrial blender 25 L.

Ice cream cone m...
Ice cream display stand Isa
Ice cream display stand Isa  [unavailable

Machine code: 510-421

Brand: Isa

Display showcase of ice cream.

Brand: Isa.

Model: Milenium.

With 24 stainless steel tanks.

Curved front glass and wood finish.

Equipment went through preventive maintenance every year.

Minimum working temperature: -20 ° C....
Ice cream machine and display machine
Ice cream machine and display machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 116-868

Brand: Carpigiani

Ice-cream display machine.

Brand: Carpigiani.

Capacity: 16/20 liters.

Display machine.

Brand: Carpigiani.

Capacity: 30 / 40 liters....
Exhibitor Arpifrio
Exhibitor Arpifrio  [unavailable

Machine code: 300-063

Brand: Arpifrio


Brand: Arpifrio....
Freezer Isa
Freezer Isa  [unavailable

Machine code: 336-347

Brand: Isa

Freezer Isa.

Vitrine Isa 16 tanks.

Year: 2011....

Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

Feiras 2023
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