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Lines for the production of soft drinks

Etol / Mesal, Glória, Hosten, IMSB, Krones, Luvison, Narita, Zegla, Ziemann Liess,
Rotary filling machine with nozzle 14 IMSB
Rotary filling machine with nozzle 14 IMSB

Machine code: 161-547

Brand: IMSB

Components: Siemens

Stainless steel monobloc/tribloc filling machine.

Brand: IMSB.

Model: ERSB 1414/4.

Manufacturing Standard: MS.

Electrical Characteristics: 380 V.

Weight: 3.200 KG.

With 14 filling nozzles.

With 4 arms for threading caps.

With ...
Mixer of carbon in liquids Unimix Zegla
Mixer of carbon in liquids Unimix Zegla

Machine code: 538-457

Brand: Zegla

Components: Siemens, Telemecanique

Composed of deaerator, mixer, pre-carbonator and carbonator.

Constructed entirely in stainless steel AISI 304, with sanitary finish.

Low pressure CO2 injection system to eliminate suspended oxygen in water.

Water and syrup mixer, built in AI...
Storage tank for 7,500 L in stainless steel
Storage tank for 7,500 L in stainless steel

Machine code: 281-621

Brand: Zegla

Storage tank in stainless steel.

Capacity: 7,500 L.

With thermal insulation.

With agitator on the bottom, motor on the side.

Brand: Zegla.

Engine brand: Eberle.

Outlet of the product at the bottom of the tank, with valve operated by...
Complete line for soft drinks
Complete line for soft drinks

Machine code: 127-148

Brand: Zegla

Machines for the production of soft drinks.

Line consisting of:

Polishing filter.

- Stainless steel.

- Brand: Zegla.

- Model: ACS.

- Capacity: 15,000 L.

Filter with earth system.

- Stainless steel.

- Brand: Zegla.

- Mode...
Labeling machine Narita BOPP
Labeling machine Narita BOPP

Machine code: 843-574

Brand: Narita

- BOPP labeling machine, fed balel / roll roll, for pet bottles and smaller bottles.

- Brand: Natira.

- Model: MZ 200.

- Year: 2007.

- For BOPP labels.

- Capacity for 150 bottles / minutes for current format.

- Maximum capacity: 200...
Set of machines for production of soda
Set of machines for production of soda

Machine code: 470-008

Brand: Glória

Soda machine.
The equipment is used in great condition.
Brand of equipment: Glory

production Details:
production: 200 packs per hour.
Number of employees: from 06 to 08 people.
Infrastructure: mt 10 x 20 Mt.

equipment details:
1 F...
Automatic rotary labeller Etol / Mesal BOPP - MR 12
Automatic rotary labeller Etol / Mesal BOPP - MR 12

Machine code: 316-728

Brand: Etol / Mesal

Automatic rotary labeller BOPP-12
operational characteristics.
Product label: mineral water/energy.
Filling temperature: environment.
Pet: 350 ml/500 ml/1000 ml.
production capacity: 500 ml Pet 12,000 bottles per hour.
Line for production of drinks in cans
Line for production of drinks in cans

Machine code: 602-113

Brand: Zegla

Machine set for cans.
Capacity: 4,000 cans per hour.
With carbonator, rinser and matting.
Collator Shirink oven.
Brand Name: Zegla.
Was used for carbonated products such as beer, soft drinks and carbonated water and not from the juices....
Labeling machine Krones Ultramatic
Labeling machine Krones Ultramatic

Machine code: 312-087

Brand: Krones

Labeling machine.

Brand: Krones Ultramatic.

Model: 24-8-6 / 130....
Line of soft drinks
Line of soft drinks

Machine code: 502-242

Brand: Hosten

Soft drink line.
01-filler 30/6.01-16.01-filler feeder hosten 08 Pistons,
01-2 .01 columns Gasifier-ro-51.01 labeller-hosten, labeller, conveyor belts,
stainless tanks reducers and other parts.
Set of machines for production of soda
Set of machines for production of soda

Machine code: 551-062

Brand: Chiaperini, Luvison, Ziemann Liess

Set of machines for production of soda:

-Rinser for washing of Pet and glass, with adjustment of vials.
Year: 1995.
Brand: Ziemann Liess.

-2 Compressor heads.
Year: 1995.
Brand Name: Chiaperini.
Bike: 30 HP.

-Ammonia cooling sys...

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