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Processing of rice

Indumak, Lucato, Sangati Berga, Sanmak, Sannmak, Satake, Seletron, Selgron, Sifer, Suncue, Suzuki, Thomé, Water Polish, Zaccaria,

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Rice processing machine Zaccaria
Rice processing machine Zaccaria

Machine code: 042-866

Brand: Zaccaria

Rice processing machine.

Capacity: 50 bags per hour.

Composed by:

Pre-cleaning of wood.

Brand: Zaccaria

Horizontal blower BHZ Zaccaria 2008 2.4 to 3.6 ton / h

Stone separator SDZ / CF-1.

Brand: Zaccaria.

Year: 2008.

Line for processing of rice 3,000 kg Lucato
Line for processing of rice 3,000 kg Lucato

Machine code: 780-636

Brand: Lucato

Rice processing line.

Capacity: 3,000 kg / h.

Brand: Lucato machines.

Year: 2004.

Operated until December 2016....
Sorter of grain Selgron
Sorter of grain Selgron

Machine code: 574-782

Brand: Selgron

-Metallic Box for storage.
Used for processed rice.
Capacity of 30 tons.

-Sorter of grain.
Brand Name: Selgron.
With 52 channels....
Vibrating screen double rice Thomé
Vibrating screen double rice Thomé

Machine code: 405-668

Brand: Thomé

Vibrating screen double rice Thomé.
top fabric: holes 2 mm.
bottom screen: 1.5 mm holes
year: 1990...
Sorter Sannmak rice
Sorter Sannmak rice

Machine code: 331-242

Brand: Sannmak

Sorter Sannmak rice.
Model: AZ24ES
24 channels
year: 1990....
Sannmak rice of the classifier Sannmak
Sannmak rice of the classifier Sannmak

Machine code: 860-080

Brand: Sannmak

Sorter Sannmak rice.
Model: 12,000 AZ
12 channels.
Year: 1986....
Seletron grain Selecionadeira
Visualizar Vídeo Seletron grain Selecionadeira

Machine code: 808-820

Brand: Seletron

The Seletron selecionadoras are equipped with innovative technological advances, resulting in greater efficiency, high productivity and better cost/benefit ratio among all similar equipment available on the market. So, before purchasing any other fig...
Complete industry for rice production
Complete industry for rice production

Machine code: 258-270

Brand: Atlas Copco, Indumak, Lucato, Sangati Berga, Sanmak, Satake, Schulz, Sifer, Suncue, Suzuki, Tecnotok, Toledo, Water Polish

Complete industry of 4 tons per hour, and can be rolled back to 7-8 tons per hour with the installation of a sailor and a Trieur.

comprised of. 01-Rotary Sifer (pulls a straw) Chinese to 48 tons per hour.
01-grain cleaning to 12 tonnes per hour...
Grain sorter Seletron
Grain sorter Seletron

Machine code: 303-246

Brand: Seletron

rice (white, parboiled, integral).
electronic Fund with memory to record 2 settings;

Display of electronic signals on the front panel.

gutters with special treatment offer greater abrasi...

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