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Mobile crane on rails
Mobile crane on rails

Machine code: 330-086

Brand: Siti

Mobile crane on rails.

Manufacturer: Siti society and industrial electrical installations.

Model: CRANE MI-25-75.

Approximate capacity: up to 10 tons.

Year: 2010.

Voltage: 380V.

Widely used in the construction of buildings.

Free ...
Crane crane for cargo handling Bauma
Crane crane for cargo handling Bauma

Machine code: 140-581

Crane crane for cargo handling.

Brand: Bauma.

Capacity: 150 / 30 tons.

Length between columns: 25 meters.

Working height: 18 meters....
Hoist with electric trolley Climber
Hoist with electric trolley Climber  [unavailable

Machine code: 271-670

Brand: Climber

Components: ABB, WEG

Hoist with electric trolley.

Brand: Climber.

Model: 2020 RC1308.

Year: 2020 never used.

Voltage 220v.

With panel and control button.


WEG motors and ABB electrical components....
Gantry for transporting objects GH
Gantry for transporting objects GH  [unavailable

Machine code: 600-865

Brand: G.H

Gantry for transporting objects.

Capacity: 8 tons, maximum weight loaded 2.5 tons.

With complete manuals.

Manufacturing certificates and NR 12....
Lifting winch
Lifting winch  [unavailable

Machine code: 803-713

Lifting winch.

Capacity: 3 tons.

Year: 2007.

Winch for lifting and transporting parts.

Upgrades made:

Engine replacement by a MWM.

Power steering installation.

Air brake installation....
Industrial clamps for hoisting Heppenstall
Industrial clamps for hoisting Heppenstall

Machine code: 141-272

Brand: Heppenstall

Industrial clamps for hoisting.

It was used for hoisting of coils.

Unused equipment.

Brand Name: Heppenstall.

Complete with documents.

With hydraulic system.

For coils of up to 30 tons.

Year 2013.

Maximum opening: 2 m.

Crane for 30 tons Zoom Lion
Crane for 30 tons Zoom Lion

Machine code: 317-224

Brand: Zoom Lion

Crane for lifting.

Capacity: 30 tons.

Brand: Zoom Lion.

Model: QY 30.

Year: 2010.

Status: Equipment in operation....
25 ton crane Villares
25 ton crane Villares

Machine code: 406-448

Brand: Villares

Crane P & H Villares 425 TC.


Capacity: 25 tons.

Year: 1971....
Rotating arms
Rotating arms  [unavailable

Machine code: 080-481

Brand: Demag

Rotating arms.
Mark: Demag.
Year: 2015.
Model: various models (500 Kg to 2000 Kg).
Condition: New.
Only used for cargo handling winch type.
For any area, usually for mechanical industry, workshop, businesses use mechanical arm....
Winch Canary
Winch Canary  [unavailable

Machine code: 062-074

Brand: Hyster

Winch Canary.
brand: Hyster.
capacity: Approximately 2 tons....
Hydraulic Winch Marcon
Hydraulic Winch Marcon  [unavailable

Machine code: 641-508

Brand: Marcon

Marcon hydraulic winch for 500 Kg

Crane driven by tires CSM for 20 ton
Crane driven by tires CSM for 20 ton  [unavailable

Machine code: 563-015

Brand: CSM

Components: Neverflat

Portico On Tires.

Brand: CSM.

Model: SPH-20t.

Year: 2014.

Capacity: 20 tons.

Used for load drives.

Elevation: 8,9 m.

They go (between the centers of the wheels): 17,4 m.

Command: 24 VDC.

With Diesel Engine MB.

With 04 CC...
Crane for 25 ton Zoom Lion
Crane for 25 ton Zoom Lion  [unavailable

Machine code: 436-157

Brand: Zoom Lion

Crane for 25 tons.

Brand: Zoom Lion.

Model: QY 25.

Lifting capacity: 25 tons.

Year: 2010....
Mechanical claw turning 180º to 2 tons Metalúrgica Global
Mechanical claw turning 180º to 2 tons Metalúrgica Global  [unavailable

Machine code: 552-335

Brand: Metalúrgica Global

Mechanical Claw.

- New machine year: 2017.

- With rotation of 180º.

- Capacity: 2 tons.

- To join materials deposited in soil for loading in vehicles....
Clamp for horizontal transport Heppenstall
Clamp for horizontal transport Heppenstall  [unavailable

Machine code: 358-750

Brand: Heppenstall

Horizontal clamp for transport handling of coils, with capacity for 30 tons, with electric panel.

Brand Name: Heppenstall.

Model-Z 411094.

Quantity: 6 pieces of equipment....

Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

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