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Industrial Robots

Main brands:

Amaterasu, ESAB, Fanuc robotics, Kuka Roboter, Motoman, Robótica ABB, Sumig, Torfresma

Industrial Robots
Industrial robots play a crucial role in automating processes within industry. Here is some information about its usefulness, functioning and types:

Automation of Repetitive Tasks:

Industrial robots are designed to perform repetitive and monotonous tasks, freeing human workers for more complex and creative activities.
Increased Efficiency:

By performing operations consistently and without interruptions, robots can increase production efficiency, reducing human errors and improving accuracy.

They are often used in hazardous or unsanitary environments where human exposure would be risky, improving workplace safety.
Increase in Production Capacity:

Robots can work 24/7, increasing production capacity compared to human operations limited to specific shifts.

Industrial robots are programmed to perform specific tasks through dedicated programming languages or graphical interfaces. Programming can be based on predefined movements or machine learning, depending on the complexity of the task.

Many industrial robots are equipped with sensors to detect objects, obstacles or variations in the environment. This allows them to adjust their behavior in real time.

Advanced control systems ensure that the robot's movements are precise and coordinated. Feedback algorithms allow continuous adjustments based on information from sensors.
Types of Industrial Robots:
Articulated Robots:

They have joints similar to those of a human arm, allowing a wide range of movements. They are often used in assembly and welding lines.
Cartesian Robots:

They move along Cartesian tracks (X, Y and Z axes) in a straight line, facilitating automation in specific tasks.
SCARA Robots:

With fast and precise movements, they are common in assembly and manipulation applications.
Delta Robots:

They have a parallel structure with three or more arms connected to a central point, offering high speed and precision in tasks such as picking and packaging.
Collaborative Robots (Cobots):

Designed to work collaboratively with humans, often performing lighter and safer tasks in shared environments.
Autonomous Robots:

Equipped with artificial intelligence and learning capacity, they can operate autonomously, adapting to dynamic environments.
These are just a few examples, and the diversity of industrial robots reflects the variety of tasks that can be automated in industry.
Motoman handling robot
Motoman handling robot

Machine code: 440-784

Manipulation robot.

Manufacturer: Motoman.

Model: SSF 2000....
Motoman mig tig welding robot
Motoman mig tig welding robot

Machine code: 853-008

Brand: Motoman

Mig tig welding robot.

Manufacturer: Motoman.

Model: SSA 2000....
Automatic manipulator for palletizers WR
Automatic manipulator for palletizers WR

Machine code: 418-467

Automatic manipulator for palletizers, supplying lines and transporting loads.

Brand: WR Equipamentos.

With HMI or CNC, frequency inverter and modules for network communication....
Automatic system for robotic palletizing Torfresma
Automatic system for robotic palletizing Torfresma

Machine code: 826-587

Brand: Torfresma

Automatic system for robotic palletizing.

Robot brand: Torfresma.

Year: 2013.

Assembly of pallets of products previously boxed.

It is a palletizing system made up of conveyors that assist in the movement of the product and the pallets dur...
Machine for metallization and painting robot Amaterasu
Machine for metallization and painting robot Amaterasu  [unavailable

Machine code: 042-168

Brand: Amaterasu

Machine for metallization and painting robot.

Brand: Amaterasu.

Model: MV 1,200.

Year: 2010.

Robot painting.

Model: RP 2000....
Welding robot with welding arm Sumig
Welding robot with welding arm Sumig  [unavailable

Machine code: 488-177

Brand: Sumig

Welding robot with welding arm, source and cell.

CNC robotized welding cell.

Brand: SUMIG.

Model: Moducell LD-3000com.

Laser sensors meet NR10, NR12 and NR17.

Robot: OTC FD-B6L 6 axis and 2m range FD 11 controller with LCD display peda...
Industrial robot Kuka
Industrial robot Kuka  [unavailable

Machine code: 572-175

Brand: ESAB, Kuka Roboter

Industrial robot.

Brand: Kuka.

Model: KR 8 R 2100 - 2 ARC HW.

Soldering machine.

Brand: ESAB.

AristoMig 4004i Pulse System + accessories....
Industrial Robots ABB and Fanuc
Industrial Robots ABB and Fanuc  [unavailable

Machine code: 223-234

Brand: Fanuc robotics, Robótica ABB

Industrial robot.
Brand. ABB robotics.
Model: IRB 6400 M97.

Industrial robot.
Brand: ABB robotics.
Model: IRB 6400 M98.

Industrial robot.
Brand: Fanuc.
Model: S 430i....

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