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Laser cutting machine plasma

Amada, Bysprint, Bystronic, Cutlite, Cutlite Penta, Finn Power, Hypertherm, Jenoptik, Oxipira, Prima Power, Primartec, Rofin, Schulz, TRUMPF, Unistamp, Vesta,

Feiras 2023
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Laser cutting machine Jenoptik DC 015
Laser cutting machine Jenoptik DC 015  [unavailable

Machine code: 436-643

Brand: Jenoptik

Laser cutting machine manufacturer Jenoptik, dc 015 model.

Voltage: 400 VAC
Londa = 10600 nm
Fech. Cont. = 1.8 KW
Puls. Max. = 7.5 KW
Tpuls. = 0.5 ms to infinity

Manufacturing serial No.: 20992099
hour meter: 64801 71 ho...
Laser cutting machine Cutlite
Laser cutting machine Cutlite

Machine code: 676-886

Brand: Cutlite

Laser cutting for wood, acrylics and other products.

Brand: Cutlite do Brasil.

Model: PLUS 250 W.

Only owner.

Comes with stabilizer and chiller....
Laser cutting and engraving machine Vesta
Laser cutting and engraving machine Vesta  [unavailable

Machine code: 155-428

Brand: Vesta

Laser cutting and engraving machine.

Brand: Vesta.

Model: 1320/180.

Power: 180 watts.

Year: 2018.

Working area: 1300 mm x 2000 m....
Laser cutting machine
Laser cutting machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 826-775

Laser cutting machine.

For cuts of 1.40 m x 0.90 m.

Equipment worked with cuts in mdf and acrylic plates, handicrafts, souvenirs, decoration, pictures, key chains and among others.

Brand: Sun.

Year: 2019.

130 tube, with 2 nozzles.

Laser cut TRUMPF
Laser cut TRUMPF  [unavailable

Machine code: 523-224


Laser cutting machine.

Brand: TRUMPF.

Model: TC L 3030.

Power: 1800 W.

Year: 1998.

Electrical network: 440 V 60 hz.


24 V.

3 fuses of 100 A.

Compressed air: 6 Bar.

Nitrogen connection: 30 Bar.

Oxygen connectio...
Laser cut Bystronic
Laser cut Bystronic  [unavailable

Machine code: 552-504

Brand: Bysprint, Bystronic

Components: BTL, Herding, Keller

Laser cutting machine.

Brand Name: Bystronic.

Series: Bysprint.

Model: 3015.

Year: 1997.

BTL laser power: 1800 Watts DC - Resonator.

Area working 3000 mm X 1500 mm.

CNC: Selectron CNC 96 / Win 95.

Automatic table exchange opti...
Plasma cutter cnc Hypertherm Powermax 1650 G3
Plasma cutter cnc Hypertherm Powermax 1650 G3  [unavailable

Machine code: 247-600

Brand: Hypertherm

CNC plasma cutting machine.

Brand: Hypertherm.

Model: Powermax 1650 G3.

Cutting table size: 1400 mm x 3500 mm....
Plasma cutting machine Primartec
Plasma cutting machine Primartec  [unavailable

Machine code: 658-886

Brand: Primartec

Plasma cutting machine.

Brand: Primartec.

Cutting table: 12 m x 3 m.

With system of retention of smoke by water.

Source: Hyperterm Powermax 1650 G3.

Cut 4.75 8.0 mm....
Plasma cutting machine Oxipira
Plasma cutting machine Oxipira  [unavailable

Machine code: 181-063

Brand: Oxipira

- Plasma cutting machine.

- Brand: Oxipira.

- Equipment year: 2015.

- Machine purchased and never used....
Plasma cutting Unistamp
Plasma cutting Unistamp  [unavailable

Machine code: 270-682

Brand: Unistamp

Brand Name: Unistamp.

Model: Uniplasma II 2560.

Voltage: 220 V

power: 3 Kw.

weight: 165 kg.

Year: 2013.

Hyphrterm source 200.

Desktop: 6000 mm x 3000 mm.

cutting capacity: 32 mm.

with a table for cutting: 7000 mm x ...
Laser Jenoptik / Rofin
Laser Jenoptik / Rofin  [unavailable

Machine code: 117-225

Brand: Jenoptik, Rofin

Jenoptik/Laser Cutting Machine,gsi,synrad.rofin,laser,mitsubishi.

Model: DC-015.

Voltage: 400 VAC

Londa: 10600 nm.

Keep closure: 1.8 KW;

Puls. Max: 7.5 KW.

Tpuls: 0.5 ms to infinity....
Plasma and Oxyfuel cutting CNC Table
Plasma and Oxyfuel cutting CNC Table  [unavailable

Machine code: 060-081

Brand: Hypertherm, Schulz

Plasma and Oxyfuel cutting CNC Table 3000 X 6000 mm
-Hypertherm Powermax105 Source
integrated sacrifice-CNC (Mach3)
-digital stainless steel Keyboard IP66 industry
-19 "Touch Screen Monitor
anti-collision Sensor magnetic-planet...
Amada Laser Machine
Amada Laser Machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 251-272

Brand: Amada

Amada Laser machine.
k12k * Tag. * Beloved model: 4020 FO.
Resionador FANUC k12k 4000 KW. * * With Exchange 2000 x 4000 mm pallet.
Year 2007....
Laser cutting machine Prima Power FPL 6 BL
Laser cutting machine Prima Power FPL 6 BL  [unavailable

Machine code: 526-038

Brand: Finn Power, Prima Power

Laser cutting machine
6 FPL BL Year 2001
Plate Exchange: automatic
Power: 3500 W
table size: 1500 x 3000 mm
perfect condition...
Laser cutting machine Cutlite Penta
Laser cutting machine Cutlite Penta  [unavailable

Machine code: 015-712

Brand: Cutlite Penta

Laser cutting machine.

Dimensions of the table: 2440 mm x 1300 mm of cutting area.

Brand: Cutlite Penta.

Year: 2005.

For cutting wood, acrylic and derivatives....
Laser cut Cutlite do Brasil
Visualizar Vídeo Laser cut Cutlite do Brasil  [unavailable

Machine code: 538-505

Brand: Cutlite

Laser cutting machine.

Brand: Cutlite do Brasil.

Model: PLUS 500 Watts.

Year 2008.

In operation.

Produtos: Acrylics, metal, MDF among others.

This system allows accelerations of 8m / s² (0.8G) with positioning speeds of 50 m / min, ...
Laser cut Cutlite do Brasil
Laser cut Cutlite do Brasil  [unavailable

Machine code: 345-511

Brand: Cutlite

Laser cutting machine.

Brand: Cutlite from Brazil.

Model: Way 500.

Application: Engraving and cutting in brass, acrylic, fabrics, wood engraving, glass, plastics and other materials.

Process made current: Pair of shoes.

Speed: 5,000 pa...

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Feiras 2023
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