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Metal detectors

Main brands:

Brapenta, Fortress, Haas, Loma Systems, Mineoro, Pefor, THP, Ulma

Metal detectors
An industrial metal detector is equipment used to detect the presence of metallic objects in products, materials or in people passing through a certain area, generally in an industrial environment. They play a critical role in a variety of applications, including safety, quality control and damage prevention in industrial processes. Here is what an industrial metal detector is for and how it works:

What is it for:

Security: Industrial metal detectors are widely used at security points to prevent weapons or dangerous metal objects from entering public places such as airports, schools, prisons and events.

Quality control: In the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, metal detectors are used to ensure the quality of the final product, preventing contamination by unwanted metal parts.

Machine damage prevention: In industrial environments, metal detectors are used to prevent metallic objects from damaging machines and equipment during manufacturing processes.

Regulatory compliance: In some industries, such as food and beverage, compliance with strict food safety regulations requires the presence of metal detectors to ensure that products do not contain unwanted metal fragments.

How it works:

The operation of an industrial metal detector is based on electromagnetic principles. Here are the general steps on how it works:

Emission of magnetic signals: The detector emits a magnetic field into space through a coil or antenna.

Reception of magnetic signals: When a metallic object passes through the magnetic field, it disturbs the field and generates induced electrical currents in the metallic object.

Disturbance detection: The detector measures changes in the magnetic field caused by the disturbance caused by the metallic object. This generates an electrical signal that is interpreted by the detector.

Alarm or signaling: If the detector determines that the disturbance in the magnetic field is significant and indicates the presence of a metallic object, it issues an alarm, signaling the detection.

Sensitivity Adjustment: Metal detectors can be adjusted to different sensitivity levels depending on specific needs. This allows them to be configured to detect metallic objects of different sizes and types.

It is important to note that metal detectors can vary in sensitivity and capabilities depending on the application. Some are designed to detect tiny metallic objects, while others are designed for larger objects. Furthermore, they can be calibrated for different types of metals, adjusting to the specific needs of each application.

Check out industrial metal detector options:
Complete line for Assistecwaffer HAAS wafers
Complete line for Assistecwaffer HAAS wafers

Machine code: 817-600

Brand: Apitec, Assistecwaffer, Bosch, Haas, Markem-Imaje, Pefor

Complete line for wafer manufacturing.

Composed by:

- Exit mat.
Manufacturer: Apitec.
Weight: 50 kg.

- Conveyor belt with reject system (checkwheigher).

- Checkwheigher weight checker.
Manufacturer: Perfor.
Model: SPDLI5.

- Horizon...
Complete wafer manufacturing line Assistecwaffer HAAS
Complete wafer manufacturing line Assistecwaffer HAAS

Machine code: 537-831

Brand: 3M, Apitec, Assistecwaffer, Bosch, Haas, Loma Systems, Markem-Imaje, Perfor

Complete line for wafer manufacturing.

Composed by:

- Box sealing machine.
Manufacturer: 3M.
Dater of Markem Imaje boxes.

- Exit mat with structure in stainless steel.
Manufacturer: Apitec.
Weight: 50 kg.

- Checkweigher weight checker...
Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits
Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits

Machine code: 774-832

Brand: Ariete, Hebleimar

Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits.

Composed by:

- Planetary mixer FPS 600 liters.

- Dumper / hopper in stainless steel.

- Dough scraper.

- Set of reversing feed belts for metal detector.

- Moulder 800 mm.

- Cy...
Metal detector Brapenta
Metal detector Brapenta  [unavailable

Machine code: 100-132

Brand: Brapenta

Components: SEW, Siemens

Metal detector head with mat.

Brand: Brapenta.

Model: Icelander.

Width: 40 cm.

Mouth height: 10.5 cm.

Machine width: 1,0 m.

Machine length: 1,45 m.

Machine height: 1,06.

Motor and reducer: SEW.

Inverter: Siemens....
Set of 7 metal detectors
Set of 7 metal detectors

Machine code: 830-218

Brand: Brapenta

Set of 7 metal detector being:
brand name: Brapenta.
Model: Safeline.
2-compartment crossing 100 mm high x 1500 mm width.
3-compartment crossing 100 mm high x 1300 mm wide.
1 100 ticket compartment mm high x 1200 mm high.
1 Compartment cr...
Metal detector Mineorio
Visualizar Vídeo Metal detector Mineorio

Machine code: 387-780

Brand: Mineoro

Metal detector

- Brad: Mineoro

- With treadmill to work on production line processes.

- Dimensions of the mouth: 700 mm L x 250 mm A....
Complete oven line for biscuit making
Visualizar Vídeo Complete oven line for biscuit making

Machine code: 461-721

Brand: Fabrima, Markem-Imaje

Complete line for making biscuits.

Composed by:

- Planetary mixer mixer.
Approximate capacity: 30 kg.

- Rosette.

- Baking oven with 12 meters.
Total length with mat: 20 meters.
Baking mat width: 500 mm.

- Biscuit moulder.

- Cooli...
Metal detector THP
Metal detector THP  [unavailable

Machine code: 126-655

Brand: THP

Metal detector for inspection of metal contaminants.

For treadmill.

Brand: THP.

Model: DCM 180.

Available models: 400 mm x 100 mm - 400 mm x 200 mm - 400 mm x 300 mm - 500 mm x 100 mm - 500 mm x 200 mm - 500 mm x 300 mm - 600 mm x 100 mm ...
Detector Brapenta
Detector Brapenta  [unavailable

Machine code: 365-277

Brand: Brapenta


Brand: Brapenta.

Model: Icelander.

Power: 220/230 W 33 V, 60 Hz....
Metal detector for food lines
Visualizar Vídeo Metal detector for food lines  [unavailable

Machine code: 543-451

Brand: Brapenta

Metal detector for food lines.

Brand Name: Brapenta.

Model: Ice Lander quattro, Combo....
Line for packing and boxing Ulma
Visualizar Vídeo Line for packing and boxing Ulma  [unavailable

Machine code: 408-437

Brand: Ulma

Components: ABB, Allen-Bradley, B&R, Becker, Bongfliglioli, Crouzet, Danfoss, Eaton, Guardmaster, Larraioz, Laumas, Lotec, Neugart, Proauto, Schmersal, Schneider, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens, Tecnotrans

Line for packing and boxing.

Composed by:

Vertical vertical wrapping machine.

Brand: Ulma.

Model: VTI 460.

With two transverse seals and one longitudinal.

For solid or hard to handle products.

Special for bulk packaging.

Metal detector Brapenta
Metal detector Brapenta  [unavailable

Machine code: 624-411

Brand: Brapenta

Metal detector.

Brand: Brapenta.

Model: Icelander 27, 5 - 65....
Industrial Metal Detector Loma Systems
Industrial Metal Detector Loma Systems  [unavailable

Machine code: 030-845

Brand: Loma Systems

Metal detector with treadmill.

- Brand Name: Loma Systems.

- Model: IQ 2.

- Complete equipment....
Waffer line with 64 Haas plates
Waffer line with 64 Haas plates  [unavailable

Machine code: 155-058

Brand: Haas

Line for wafer with 64 plates.

Brand: Haas do Brasil.

Model: Swakg 64.

Year: 2001.

Approximate capacity: 300 to 400 kg/hour.

Line composed of:

-Oven 64 carts (7 to go).

-TBK leaf cooler.

-WSTM creamer without head.

-KKS fib...
Metal detector Fortress Phantom
Visualizar Vídeo Metal detector Fortress Phantom  [unavailable

Machine code: 663-851

Brand: Fortress, Ulma

Metal detector with lifting belt.

Brand: Fortress.

Model: Phantom.

Year: 2015.

The equipment was part of an Ulma packaging line.

Voltage: 380V.

Frequency: 60 Hz.

Power: 0.75 kW.

Consumption: 2.5 A.

Approximate measurements ...
Metal Detecting Machine Brapenta
Metal Detecting Machine Brapenta  [unavailable

Machine code: 134-307

Brand: Brapenta

Metal detecting machine.

Brand: Brapenta.

Model: Celander 10-80.

Voltage: 220V.

Year: 2005.

Spaghetti drying system
Spaghetti drying system  [unavailable

Machine code: 801-674

Brand: Braibanti, Brapenta

Drying system BGM spaghetti with 12Hp through suction and ventilation. The equipment was developed for extrusion of thermoplastics with a capacity of up to 500 kg/h
brapenta * k12k metal separator * metal separator FOREMOST

powder separator sid...

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