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Cotton processing

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, Fairbain Lawsos

Cotton processing
Cotton processing is a fundamental step in the textile production chain, involving a series of processes to transform the harvested raw cotton fiber into quality raw material for the textile industry. Let's briefly address the main aspects related to cotton processing:

What is cotton processing used for?
Impurity Removal: Harvested cotton contains impurities such as seeds, leaves, dust and other residues that need to be removed to improve fiber quality.

Fiber Separation: It is necessary to separate long fibers from short fibers to ensure consistent, high-quality textile production.

Classification and Standardization: Cotton is classified based on various characteristics such as fiber length, color and maturity to meet specific customer requirements and quality standards.

Preparation for Spinning: The processed cotton is transformed into yarn through carding and combing processes, which align the fibers and remove residual impurities.

How does cotton processing work?

Opening and Cleaning: The harvested cotton is subjected to opening and cleaning processes to remove coarse impurities.

Carding: The fibers are carded to untangle and align, forming a blanket of loose fibers.

Pressing and Baling: Carded fibers are pressed to form compact bales for easier transportation and storage.

Carding and Combing: Further carding and combing processes remove short fibers and impurities, preparing the fibers for spinning.

Spinning: The prepared fibers are spun into yarn during the spinning process.

Industrial equipment used:

Opening and Cleaning Machines: To remove coarse impurities from cotton.

Cards and Mechanical Combs: To untangle, align and separate fibers.

Presses: Used to compact fibers into bales.

Spinning Machines: Transform fibers into yarn.

Sorting Equipment: To classify cotton based on its characteristics.

Quality Control Systems: Including instruments to measure fiber length, fineness and uniformity.

Each processing step contributes to the production of high-quality cotton fibers, essential for the manufacture of durable and comfortable textile products. The efficient use of this equipment ensures that the cotton meets the quality standards required by the textile industry.
Machines for processing of Cotton
Machines for processing of Cotton  [unavailable

Machine code: 072-611

Machines for processing of Cotton....
Equipment for processing natural or synthetic fibers 150 kg hour
Equipment for processing natural or synthetic fibers 150 kg hour  [unavailable

Machine code: 034-552

Brand: Fairbain Lawsos

Components: Douglas Fraser & Sons, English Eletric

Equipment for processing natural or synthetic fibers.

Brand: Fairbain Lawsos, English.

Year: 1952.

Series: 7044.

In perfect condition.

Face for long, natural or synthetic fibers.

Current production: 150 kg / h.

Cleaning interval ...

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