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Lines for the production of chocolates

Cacautec, Carle & Montanari, Fabbe, Hebleimar, Jcmaq, Limaq,

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Chocolate production line
Chocolate production line

Machine code: 560-731

Brand: Jcmaq

Continuous cooling tunnel for chocolates and sweets.

Brand: JCMAQ.

Working temperature: 5 º to 18 º.

Length: 7,5 m and floor area 6,0 m.

Expanded polyurethane insulation with cracks for uniform cold distribution.

Conveyor belt type san...
Line for the production of gingerbread
Line for the production of gingerbread

Machine code: 006-007

Brand: Cacautec, Elpack

Line for the production of gingerbread, composed by:
-Metering with 2 options of nozzles, with adjustable volume (Pneumatic). Manufactured in 2014.
-Flow Pack Packaging 80 ELPACK packaging brand per minute and with numerous adjustments of packagi...
Chocolate Line Limaq
Chocolate Line Limaq

Machine code: 552-488

Brand: Limaq

Machine for temperament of chocolate.

Brand: Limaq.

Model: LTF 30.

Capacity: 30 Kg / h.

Machine composed of a jacketed container, equipped with internal side scrapers and an endless screw type system in the lower part of this container, w...
Chocolate manufacturing line
Chocolate manufacturing line

Machine code: 605-770

Brand: Carle & Montanari

Large chocolate industry for sale consisting of:

System of refinement by shells of chocolates and melangeur.

Carle and Montanari refining cylinder.

Chocolate chocolates.

Tanks jacketed for chocolates.

Cooling Tunnels


Line for chocolate coating
Line for chocolate coating

Machine code: 003-825

Brand: Hebleimar

Line for chocolate coating.

-200 ML model line consists of the following facilities:
-continuous Temperadeira TPR model 30 with a capacity of 30 kg/h of chocolate.
technical characteristics:
direct Cooling cylinder R134A.
initial Heating ...
Industry/line for manufacture of chocolate/Truffles
Industry/line for manufacture of chocolate/Truffles

Machine code: 700-102

Brand: Hansel Processing, ICMO, Limaq, Otto Haensel, Rotia, Startec

Composed by:
-ICMO automatic Feeder MAX for ICMO Creams PI 1095.
Rotia tanker of 150 kg 150 RTD model.
-Rotia cooling tunnel portrtop model 320/8 n° de serie 96.
-vibrating Table LIMAQ vibrating model n° de serie 001.
-vibrating Tray limaq ...
Chocolate tempering machines and enrobing machine
Chocolate tempering machines and enrobing machine

Machine code: 442-506

Brand: Fabbe, Limaq

Chocolate tempering machines.

Brand: Limaq.

Model: LTF-100.

Year: 2005.

enrobing machine + output mat.

Brand: Limaq.

Model: LC-320.

Year: 2005.


Brand: Fabbe....

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