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Gutters vibratory

Main brands:

Barana, Fabrima, Kuipers, Masipack

Gutters vibratory
Vibrating chute is equipment used in industry for transporting and dosing bulk materials. This technology is especially useful in processes where it is necessary to move granulated, powdered or bulk materials from one point to another in a controlled manner. Let's explore what it's for, how it works, and some common types.

Function of Vibratory Chutes:

Transport of Materials:

The main function is to transport bulk materials from one location to another as part of an industrial process.

Precise Dosage:

They allow controlled and precise dosing of materials, being useful in operations that require specific quantities of material at precise times.

Operation principle:

Mechanical Vibration:

Vibrating chutes operate using a vibration mechanism. A vibrating system is incorporated into the gutter, promoting oscillatory or linear movements.

Slip Transport:

The material to be transported is placed in the vibrating chute. The vibration causes the material to slide along the chute.

Speed and Amplitude Control:

Controlling the speed and amplitude of vibration allows you to adjust the material flow, providing precise and controlled dosing.

Types of Vibrating Chutes:

Linear Vibratory Chutes:

Move material in a straight line. They are commonly used in direct transport operations.

Circular Vibrating Chutes:

They have circular movement, which can be useful in situations where it is necessary to mix or spread the material more evenly.

Tray Vibratory Chutes:

They have a flat tray for moving the material. They are common in dosing applications.

Grizzly Vibrating Chutes:

Designed to pre-classify materials before being sent to subsequent processes, removing smaller particles.

Tubular Vibrating Chutes:

Used for transporting powdered or bulk materials in closed environments, providing sealing and environmental control.

Compact Vibrating Chutes:

Designed for reduced spaces, offering efficiency in places where space is limited.

High Amplitude Vibrating Troughs:

They have wider movements and are used in situations where it is necessary to deal with denser or stickier materials.

Vibratory Feeder Chutes:

Designed to power other processing equipment, such as crushers, screens, or other devices.

Vibratory Chutes for Sieves:

They integrate with screening systems, helping to classify materials.
The choice of the type of vibrating chute will depend on the specific characteristics of the material to be transported, the industrial application, the available space and the needs of the process. This equipment is widely used in sectors such as mining, construction, food, chemicals, among others.
Stainless steel feed chute line with vibrating chute
Stainless steel feed chute line with vibrating chute

Machine code: 420-034

Line of stainless steel feed chutes with vibrating system.

Bosch packaging system vibrating chutes.

For transport on the biscuit line.

- 10 pieces with 1180 length.

- 4 pieces 1680 mm long.

- 1 piece 2380 mm long.

- 1 piece 2300 mm ...
Treadmill with silo and vibrating gutter
Treadmill with silo and vibrating gutter

Machine code: 163-502

Brand: Kuipers

Treadmill with silo, vibrating trough for product extraction and with silo for supply of products.
Brand: Kuipers....
Onion cleaner and sorter Barana
Onion cleaner and sorter Barana  [unavailable

Machine code: 643-378

Brand: Barana

Line for cleaning and classification of vegetables.

It is formatted for classification of onions.

Brand: Barana....
Vibratory trough
Visualizar Vídeo Vibratory trough  [unavailable

Machine code: 543-554

Vibrating chute for packaging machines.

Approximate Dimensions:

Height: 1.35 m.

Width: 730mm.

Length: 1.55 m....
Silos vibratory feeder/ Fabrima
Visualizar Vídeo Silos vibratory feeder/ Fabrima  [unavailable

Machine code: 613-624

Brand: Fabrima, Masipack

Silo/feeder/vibrating trough for vertical volumetric packaging machines or multi heads.

Brand Name: Fabrima.

Model: FV-700...

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