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Chocolate dough molding machine

Main brands:

Aliment, Argental, Ariete, Bralyx, Brapenta, Braslaer, Dinapam, Dinapan, Embrapac, Fripack, Hebleimar, IMD, Incalfer, Indiana, Intermec, Klainox, Limaq, Macforno, Maqtiva, MCI, Perfecta, Pratica, Sampafi, SANTEC, Sigma, Sollich

Argental bread dough moulder
Visualizar Vídeo Argental bread dough moulder

Machine code: 510-763

Brand: Argental

Stainless steel bread moulder.

Universal Auto Group.

Argentine brand.

Model: SGAU.

Automatic equipment for cutting, forming and shaping French bread and others.

Designed to operate for 10 hours a day.

With 3 standard formers for tra...
Salting and sweets making machine Braslaer
Visualizar Vídeo Salting and sweets making machine Braslaer

Machine code: 621-132

Brand: Braslaer

Sweet and savory forming machine.

By mass extrusion system and tweezers.

Brand: Braslaer....
Styling for burger
Styling for burger  [unavailable

Machine code: 355-377

Brand: IMD

Biscuit shaping/Burger.


-Cookies/buttered cracker.

-Cookies/cookie canines.


-cookies 12.3 oz.



Production capacity 300 kg/h .

Note: Used for the production of various types of...
Sollich 310 mm candy and filling molder
Visualizar Vídeo Sollich 310 mm candy and filling molder

Machine code: 181-253

Brand: Sollich

Candy and filling molder.

Manufacturer/brand: Sollich.

Model: SF 320.

To mold solid product (compound) or filling.

With rectangular nylon forming roller.*
*which can be replaced.

Voltage: 220 / 380 V.

RPM: 1080.

Approximate dime...
Biscuit molding machine for biscuits 1000 mm Dinapan
Visualizar Vídeo Biscuit molding machine for biscuits 1000 mm Dinapan

Machine code: 066-243

Brand: Dinapan

Biscuit maker.

Manufacturer: Dinapan.

Width: 1000 mm....
Pastry and ravioli stainless steel filling and forming machine 120 kg Indiana
Visualizar Vídeo Pastry and ravioli stainless steel filling and forming machine 120 kg Indiana

Machine code: 740-813

Brand: Indiana

Automatic pastry and ravioli forming and filling machine.

In stainless steel.

Manufacturer: Indiana.

Model: PRT 200.

Approximate capacity: up to 120 kg / hour.

With device for changing dies.

It has filling compression adjustment (pa...
Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits
Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits

Machine code: 774-832

Brand: Ariete, Hebleimar

Complete line for the manufacture of stuffed biscuits.

Composed by:

- Planetary mixer FPS 600 liters.

- Dumper / hopper in stainless steel.

- Dough scraper.

- Set of reversing feed belts for metal detector.

- Moulder 800 mm.

- Cy...
Intermec hamburger maker
Visualizar Vídeo Intermec hamburger maker

Machine code: 425-184

Brand: Intermec

Hamburger maker.

Manufacturer: Intermec.

Model: FH 150.

Approximate production capacity: 300 kg / hour.

With 3 hamburger cavities of 56g each.

Equipment renovated in 2021....
Perfecta bread maker
Perfecta bread maker

Machine code: 016-873

Brand: Perfecta

Bread maker.

Brand: Perfecta.

Equipment in carbon steel with epoxy paint.

Distance between rollers and felts of the shaper adjustable.

Motor: 0.37 HP - Three-phase


Width: 700mm.

Height: 1.30 m.

Length: 750mm.

Mac Oven bread maker
Mac Oven bread maker

Machine code: 085-383

Brand: Macforno

Bread makers.

Mac Oven brand.

With stainless steel cylinders and carbon steel structure with epoxy paint, equipment for standardizing and shaping French bread, croissants and others.


Width: 750mm.

Height: 1.25 m.

Term forming solid or stuffed bonbon Sollich
Term forming solid or stuffed bonbon Sollich

Machine code: 018-023

Brand: Sollich

Term forming solid or stuffed bonbon.

Brand: Sollich.

With 600 mm.

Equipment comes with a heart shaped nylon forming roller, which can be replaced.

Ideal for molding solid (compound) or stuffed product (filling + compound cover).

Cookie dough Sheeter
Visualizar Vídeo Cookie dough Sheeter

Machine code: 612-624

Molding laminator for biscuit and biscuit dough.

By changing the formatting, extrusion molding of steak sticks, snacks, pet snacks for dogs and cats can be carried out.

Video 1: Equipment running free energized.

Equipment available for visit...
SANTEC hamburger maker
SANTEC hamburger maker

Machine code: 338-314


Hamburger maker with a cavity.

Manufacturer: SANTEC.

Model: compact DIA 170.

Year: 2017.

The equipment has been overhauled.

Approximate productivity: from 15 to 25 hamburgers per minute....
Klainox meat skewer maker
Klainox meat skewer maker

Machine code: 244-831

Brand: Klainox

Stainless steel meat skewer skewer maker.

Manufacturer: Klainox.

Model: KE 360.

Year: 2015.

Pressure: 8 kg....
MCI Almôndegas shaping machine
MCI Almôndegas shaping machine

Machine code: 801-740

Brand: MCI

Almôndegas shaping machine.

Continuous trainer for product modeling.

Manufacturer: MCI.

Model: Ultra 35.

Year: 2020.

Approximate productivity: 3500 units per hour.

Voltage: 220V....
Complete oven line for biscuit making
Visualizar Vídeo Complete oven line for biscuit making

Machine code: 461-721

Brand: Fabrima, Markem-Imaje

Complete line for making biscuits.

Composed by:

- Planetary mixer mixer.
Approximate capacity: 30 kg.

- Rosette.

- Baking oven with 12 meters.
Total length with mat: 20 meters.
Baking mat width: 500 mm.

- Biscuit moulder.

- Cooli...
Biscuit stamps 1 meter
Biscuit stamps 1 meter

Machine code: 288-041

Biscuit stamps 1 meter.

Molds for butter cookies....
Complete line for cookies
Visualizar Vídeo Complete line for cookies

Machine code: 686-420

Brand: Ariete, Brapenta, Dinapam, Embrapac, Fripack, IMD, Sigma

Components: WEG

Complete line for the manufacture of cookies.

For various shapes of cookies without fillings such as donuts, buttery and cookies.

Line composed of:

-Stainless steel mixer.
Brand: Sigma.
Series: OS 233/99.
Approximate capacity: up to 60 kg...
Line for filled wafer cookies
Line for filled wafer cookies

Machine code: 740-617

Line for making stuffed cookies.

Composed by:

Raw dough breaking silo.

Raw dough conveyor belt.

Biscuit maker.
Brand: Fornisud.

Cyclothermic oven with 5 burners and 32 meters long.

Vertical air conveyors for cooling.

Toboggan co...
Food Moulder Maqtiva
Food Moulder Maqtiva  [unavailable

Machine code: 251-286

Brand: Maqtiva

Food processor.

Brand: Maqtiva.

Model: SR 2.0.

Year: 2015/2016.

To make kitchen, kibbe, croquettes, balls, pillow, rolled of sausage, churros, cheese bread and gnocchi, for salted from 8 g up to 180 g.
Equipment Dimensions: 80 cm x 80...
Snack maker Aliment
Snack maker Aliment  [unavailable

Machine code: 516-035

Brand: Aliment

Salting Molding Machine.

Brand Name: Aliment.

Model: Silver 2.0.

The machine produces 5g salty snacks.

The machine works with 1 filling, however, you can mix ham and cheese, chicken with cream cheese, allowing to vary the filling.

Bralyx stainless steel pastry and sweet maker
Visualizar Vídeo Bralyx stainless steel pastry and sweet maker  [unavailable

Machine code: 142-715

Brand: Bralyx

Stainless steel savory and sweet maker.

Manufacturer: Bralyx.

Model: Piccola 2.0.

Machine for mini coxinhas, snacks, sweets and stuffed gnocchi.

With total control of the weight, size, length and shape of the product.

Product size rang...
Limaq rotary molding machine
Visualizar Vídeo Limaq rotary molding machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 328-018

Brand: Limaq

Rotary moulder.

Manufacturer: Limaq.

Model: LMR 420.

For forming bars with a filling, such as those covered with chocolate or similar dough.

This equipment is suitable for: pastry dough, whether fondant or caramel based, marzipan or puff ...
Prática bakery modeler
Prática bakery modeler  [unavailable

Machine code: 860-160

Brand: Pratica

Molders for baking (breads and sweets) in elongated formats.

Manufacturer: Practice.

Model: MPE1000.

Approximate capacity: 6 thousand units / hour.

It has hard chrome-coated pre-laminating rollers.

Exit of modeling with a 1.0 m long di...
Prática Refurbished molding machine
Prática Refurbished molding machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 662-575

Brand: Pratica

Molding molding machine.

Brand: Prática (renovated).

With wheels and locks for movement....
Laminated wafer molder
Laminated wafer molder  [unavailable

Machine code: 803-572

Laminated biscuit cookie molder.

By changing the formatting, extrusion molding of steak sticks, snacks, pet snacks for dogs and cats can be carried out.

Cylinder width: 1 meter.

With copper stamp, round shape used for laminating filled biscu...
Hamburger maker
Visualizar Vídeo Hamburger maker  [unavailable

Machine code: 072-374

Brand: Intermec, Sampafi

Hamburger Trainer.

Brand Name: Intermec

3 Cavities.

Capacity: 300 kg hour.

Burger maker.

Brand: Sampafi

Model: SP 50.

Capacity: 130 kg hour....
Automatic forming of sweets and cookies Incalfer
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic forming of sweets and cookies Incalfer  [unavailable

Machine code: 627-638

Brand: Incalfer

Automatic forming of sweets and cookies
2500 Evolution model-maximum capacity production 2500 units of Brigadier, kisses and cajuzinhos/hour (being of 15 to 35 grams) and with variation of product weight of 15 grams to 100 grams.
-01 cylinder and...
Candy forming Hebleimar
Candy forming Hebleimar  [unavailable

Machine code: 760-041

Brand: Hebleimar

Bonbon forming Hex 600 Brand

Molding machine for biscoitos
Molding machine for biscoitos  [unavailable

Machine code: 531-001

Molding machine for biscoitos.

Butter cookies.

Canine Biscuits.





Capacity: 300 kg / h....
Hebleimar HEX 600 candies forming
Hebleimar HEX 600 candies forming  [unavailable

Machine code: 300-125

Brand: Hebleimar

Rotary candy maker.

Brand: Hebleimar.

Model: HEX 600....

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