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ACGO, Baldan, Cartepillar, Cat, Grajatec, John Deere, Kamaq, Massey Ferguson, Michigan, New Holland, Nogueira, Selgron, Serspray, Tatu, Uniparts, Volvo,

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Tractor Excavator Caterpillar
Tractor Excavator Caterpillar  [unavailable

Machine code: 354-806

Brand: Cat

Tractor Excavator.


Model: 924F.

Year: 1998.

HOUR: 26,773 H.

Fuel: Diesel.

Bucket capacity: 1,7 m³....
Sorter of grain Selgron
Sorter of grain Selgron

Machine code: 574-782

Brand: Selgron

-Metallic Box for storage.
Used for processed rice.
Capacity of 30 tons.

-Sorter of grain.
Brand Name: Selgron.
With 52 channels....
extraction machine for soybean oil Grajatec
Visualizar Vídeo extraction machine for soybean oil Grajatec  [unavailable

Machine code: 043-065

Brand: Grajatec

Lines for extraction of complete soybean oil.

Brand: Grajatec.

Year: 2011.

Capacity: 4000 liters / h.

Silos of supplies.


Press filter.

Full electrical part.

2 units of tanks of 30,000 liters each....
Tractor tire
Tractor tire  [unavailable

Machine code: 105-116

Brand: Massey Ferguson

Tractor tire.
Manufacturer Massey Fergunson.
model 275.
Year 2000.
With front blade set with independent Exchange pump Armadillo 3 levers, hydraulic steering, PTO. very good condition....
Wheel loader Michigan tire
Wheel loader Michigan tire

Machine code: 724-736

Brand: Michigan

Tire loader.
Michigan Manufacturer Model 55 c.
1989 Year....
Loader tire
Loader tire

Machine code: 575-587

Brand: Volvo

Tire loader.
Manufacturer Volvo.
Model Year 2002....
Loader tire
Loader tire

Machine code: 404-406

Brand: Cartepillar, Cat

Tire loader.
k12k * Manufacturer Caterpillar Model 924G *.
Year 2005....
Track Tractor Caterpillar
Track Tractor Caterpillar  [unavailable

Machine code: 568-775

Brand: Cartepillar

Tractor treadmill.

Make: Caterpillar.

Model: D6K.

Year: 2009....
Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels paulista
Visualizar Vídeo Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels paulista

Machine code: 601-513

Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels.
open area with 8000 acres in pasto.
complete infrastructure.
various houses House shed for machinery.
Ranch on the edge of the river.
Seat with corral all surrounded with motor power...
Farm with total area 327 acres = 781.66 acres
Farm with total area 327 acres = 781.66 acres

Machine code: 021-433

Total area of 227 Acres Paulista = 781 Acres.
321 Bushels Red Earth.
100 bushels of mata.
220 Bushels formed in pastures.
8 km from dam k12k * 5. *.
3 Dams homes employee.
1 Corral for 800 heads; all mounted with crush and scale.
2 Shed...
Set of agricultural machinery
Set of agricultural machinery  [unavailable

Machine code: 824-236

Brand: Baldan, Cartepillar, Cat, Kamaq, Uniparts

Cat 924 G wheel loader year 2005.
MF Tractor 297/4 year 2008.
Kamaq. Tatu 16 x 26 Grid.
Churumeira * k12k 2000 liters. Lely * Atomizer FMC super-turbo 2000 liters.
Plow Ikeda 4 nozzles with disarmament.
double Cutter * Subsolador k...
Farm with total area of 4379
Farm with total area of 4379

Machine code: 046-458

Farm with total area of 4379, hectares = 1809 BUSHELS PAULISTA = 2.42
BEING SOME 500 HECTARES FORMED = 200 bushels paulista = 2.42
legal reserve already MENTIONED.
Features LAU, CAR,
headquarters House employee House
Corral ...
Germinadora Computerized seeds
Germinadora Computerized seeds  [unavailable

Machine code: 485-406

Computerized seed germinator.

- 220 V

- Included items: microcomputer, stainless tank, 64 boxes, temperature and water level sensors....
Harvesters New Holland
Harvesters New Holland

Machine code: 056-458

Brand: New Holland


Brand name: New Holland.

Model: NH CR9060.

Year: 2008.

With 30 foot platform....
Tractor ACGO MF 4275
Tractor ACGO MF 4275  [unavailable

Machine code: 663-675

Brand: ACGO


Brand: ACGO.

Model: MF 4275

Year: 2011....
Planters Baldan solográfica 5000
Planters Baldan solográfica 5000

Machine code: 005-255

Brand: Baldan

02 Planters
solográfica * k12k Planter Baldan 5000 * in the fertilizer and seed Pantographic
11 lines of 50 cm
year 2004
cut-off wheels placed new, with a planting

Jacto Columbia cross
Jacto Columbia cross  [unavailable

Machine code: 000-860

Columbia cross 2002 cable command
Jet line marker, two new tires.
Brand: Jacto.

Farm with plain perfect for planting crops
Farm with plain perfect for planting crops

Machine code: 007-051

Area with plain perfect for planting crops such as soybeans, rice, corn, sunflower and also for planting grass for livestock grazing, farm wide open with all flat land with no buritizal Hill never stirred Earth virgemÁrea with hectareEscriturada 881 ...
Planter Tatu
Planter Tatu

Machine code: 113-082

Brand: Tatu


Brand: Tatu.

Model: PST2.

With 7 lines.

Year 1997....
Wheel Loader
Wheel Loader

Machine code: 038-715

Wheel loader
equipment with less than 50 hours of use-Cummins Engine
Model Year-2013
capacity-1.7 m ³

Desolhadeira Nambiar
Desolhadeira Nambiar  [unavailable

Machine code: 624-060

Brand: Nogueira

01 Desolhadeira brand: agricultural machinery-solid Walnut-20 HP Engine Threephase.
vibrating screen for Product selection-Motor 1/2 HP.

Desolhadeira: Mark Nogueira 01 agricultural machinery-20 HP Engine Threephase.
vibrating screen for Produ...
Wheel loader SL30W
Wheel loader SL30W

Machine code: 635-004

 Wheel loader

Wheel Loader model: SL30W
97kw Mass: 10800Kg
Lxnxh: 7068x2484x3193mn
: k12k *...
Combine harvester John Deere
Combine harvester John Deere  [unavailable

Machine code: 761-544

Brand: John Deere

Combine harvester.

Brand: John Deere.

Model: 9750 STS

Year 2003.

30 feet....

Machine code: 052-012

Brand: Serspray

CAT 416 backhoe 4 x 2
CAT 416 backhoe 4 x 2  [unavailable

Machine code: 630-232

Brand: Cartepillar, Cat

Tractor backhoe.

Brand: Cat.

416 4x2

Current hour 4,800.00.

Engine and the four retreaded tires with 4,400 h.

Original material. new engine shaft and injection pump....
Colhetadeira John Deere 1550
Colhetadeira John Deere 1550

Machine code: 681-052

Brand: John Deere

1550 Colhetadeira year 2005...

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