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Industrial crusher

Main brands:

AJM, Cid, Dynamic Air, Fabbe, Hebleimar, Incalfer, TRITURAC, Tuffer

Industrial crusher
Industrial crushers are essential equipment in industry, designed to reduce the size of large or bulky solid materials. They play a crucial role in a variety of industries, helping with recycling, waste treatment, materials processing and other applications. Below is some information about the usefulness and common types of industrial shredders:

What is it for:

Size Reduction: Industrial crushers are used to reduce the size of large or bulky materials, transforming them into smaller particles. This facilitates the handling, transport and subsequent processing of these materials.

Recycling: Shredders are used to recycle various materials, such as plastics, metals, cardboard and tires, transforming them into recyclable materials that can be reused in production.

Waste Treatment: In waste management, shredders are used to process urban solid waste, construction and demolition waste, industrial waste, among others, facilitating final disposal.

Preparation of Alternative Fuels: Crushers can be used to prepare organic materials and solid waste for the production of alternative fuels, such as pellets or briquettes.

Food Industry: In some cases, industrial crushers are used in the food industry to reduce the size of ingredients or to process food waste.

Types of Industrial Crushers:

Jaw Crushers: Ideal for hard and abrasive materials. These crushers have a fixed jaw and a movable jaw that moves toward the fixed jaw to compress the material.

Impact Crushers: Use impact between material and bars or hammers to reduce size. They are suitable for less hard materials.

Cone Crushers: Common in the mining industry, these crushers use a rotating cone to compress material against a wall.

Roller crushers: Composed of two rollers that rotate in opposite directions to compress the material. They are often used for minerals and ores.

Hammer Crushers: They have oscillating hammers that hit the material to break it up. They are used in a variety of applications.

Double Shaft Shredders (Double Rotor): They have two shafts that rotate in opposite directions, efficient for bulky materials.

Single Shaft Shredders (Unisshaft): They have a single shaft that rotates, effective for a wide range of materials.

Bottle Crushers (for plastic): Designed specifically to crush plastic bottles, facilitating the processing of plastic waste.

The choice of the type of industrial crusher will depend on the type of material to be processed, the desired size of the crushed material and the specific requirements of the industrial process or application.
Triturac food waste crusher
Triturac food waste crusher

Machine code: 853-731


Industrial organic waste crusher.

Brand: Triturac, Disposer.

Model: HG 750.

Engine: 7.5 hp.

Rotation: 1740 R.P.M....
Crusher for candy
Crusher for candy

Machine code: 824-740

Crusher for candy.

Capacity: 40 kg per hour.

Stainless steel equipment.

Engine: 1.5 hp.

Rotation: 1,740 R.P.M.

Stainless steel equipment....
Coconut crusher Cid
Coconut crusher Cid

Machine code: 315-683

Brand: Cid

Green Coconut Rest Crusher.

Brand: Cid Products LTDA.

Engine: 5 cv.

Voltage: 220 V.

Network: single phase....
Stainless steel fruit chopper
Visualizar Vídeo Stainless steel fruit chopper

Machine code: 408-320

Fruit chopper stainless.

Three-phase motor 3 HP.

220 v Voltage....
Crusher for stainless steel crusher
Crusher for stainless steel crusher

Machine code: 246-258

Crusher / chopper / mill for stainless steel crust bar.

Can be used for other products.

Three-phase motor of 3 cv.

Voltage 220v....
Industrial vegetable and vegetable cutter 750 kg AJM
Industrial vegetable and vegetable cutter 750 kg AJM

Machine code: 787-602

Brand: AJM

Industrial vegetable and vegetable cutter.

Brand: AJM.

Model: CVD 200.

Year: 2019.

For food processing.

Stainless steel equipment....
Lump breaker powder aerator Tuffer Dynamic Air
Visualizar Vídeo Lump breaker powder aerator Tuffer Dynamic Air  [unavailable

Machine code: 761-342

Brand: Dynamic Air, Tuffer

Components: WEG

Dehumidifying Aerator for solids.

Ideal for delivering compressed powder products for processing or transportation.

Brand: Dynamic Air, Tuffer.

Series: 2412.


Abrasion resistant, compact, simple, self-cleaning system.
Industrial crusher - Fabbe
Industrial crusher - Fabbe

Machine code: 060-744

Brand: Fabbe

Crusher - Fabbe....
Stainless steel shredder with Incalfer rotary blades
Visualizar Vídeo Stainless steel shredder with Incalfer rotary blades  [unavailable

Machine code: 205-888

Brand: Incalfer

Stainless steel shredder with rotating knives.

Manufacturer: Incalfer.

Model: TTR.

For processing garlic, onion, chestnuts and other seeds.

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 1.50 m.

Width: 450 mm.

Length: 1.00 m....
300L crusher tank
300L crusher tank  [unavailable

Machine code: 057-530

Crusher tank.

Approximate capacity: 300 liters.

With thermal insulation and heating via 4 resistors of 5,000 W.

Voltage: 220/380V.

Accompany motor for stirring the crusher shovel.

With two inputs and one output....
Granulator crusher
Granulator crusher  [unavailable

Machine code: 461-532

MF 400 granulator crusher.

Year: 2013.

For recycling medium parts.

With 20 hp.

Voltage: 380/660V.

Rotation: 1775 RPM.

Front bearing: 6309 - c3.

Rear bearing: 6209-z-c3.

4 b76 belts....
Shredder for recycling wood and small parts
Shredder for recycling wood and small parts  [unavailable

Machine code: 058-748

Shredder for recycling wood and small parts.

Brand: Mecanofar.

Model: MF 300.

Year: 2012.

Rotary Knives (un): 2 or 3.

Fixed Knives (un): 2 Motor (hp): 10, 12.5 or 15.

Rotor rotation (rpm): 908.

Rotor (mm): Ø 217.

Axis (mm): Ø ...
Cookie Crusher
Cookie Crusher  [unavailable

Machine code: 101-102

Industrial cookie crusher.

It also serves to grind other foods and products.

Width 0.74 m x 1.50 m length x 1.50 m height....
Equipment for crushing the scrap of biscuits Hebleimar
Equipment for crushing the scrap of biscuits Hebleimar  [unavailable

Machine code: 814-662

Brand: Hebleimar

Equipment for crushing the scrap of biscuits, biscuits and similar products.

Brand: Hebleimar....

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