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Automatic metering weighing machines

Main brands:

Bravaeco, Cetro, Delgo, Donar, Dosetec, Embrapac, Emzo, Fermac, Garvens Automation, Golpack, Hansella, Hobart, Inkjet, Ishida, JCV Maq, JHM, Lenke, Matisa, MCI, Milainox, Mirainox, MRE, MVL, Nippon, Sasa

Automatic metering weighing machines
An automatic weigher, also known as a scale or automatic doser, is equipment used in industry to measure and dispense precise quantities of products, such as powdered ingredients, granulates, liquids or bulk products. These machines are essential in industrial processes where precision in product weight is critical, such as in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Let’s explore what an automatic weigher is for and how it works:

What is it for:

Precise Dosing: The main purpose of an automatic weigher is to accurately dose the correct quantity of a given product, ensuring consistency in production batches.

Increased Efficiency: Automating the weighing process increases efficiency compared to manual methods, reducing production time and minimizing human errors.

Quality Control: The automatic weigher plays a critical role in quality control, ensuring that each batch of product meets specific weight and composition standards.

Waste Reduction: By accurately dispensing the necessary quantities, the automatic weigher helps to reduce raw material waste, contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of the production process.

How it works:

Initial Calibration:

Before production begins, the automatic weigher is calibrated to ensure weights are measured accurately. This usually involves adjusting machine settings to match the specific product.
Product Supply:

Products to be weighed are fed into the machine, usually through hoppers, conveyors or other automatic feeding systems.
Program Selection:

The operator selects the desired program or setting on the automatic weigher. This includes information about the product to be weighed, such as target weight, tolerances, etc.

The machine begins the weighing process, where the precise quantity of product is measured. This may involve the use of load cells, scales or other measuring devices.
Product Discharge:

After weighing, the product is unloaded from the automatic weigher and can be directed to the next stage of the production process.
Monitoring and control:

Throughout the process, the automatic weigher continuously monitors the weight and adjusts as necessary to ensure accuracy.
Reporting and Traceability:

Many automatic weighers are equipped with traceability and reporting systems to document production, providing essential data for quality control and compliance.
Automating the weighing process using an automatic weigher is essential to guarantee precision, consistency and efficiency in industrial production. These machines are designed to handle different types of products and provide strict control over the weighing process, contributing to the quality of the final products.
GOLPACK container multi-head scale packer
GOLPACK container multi-head scale packer

Machine code: 216-358

Brand: Golpack

Vertical packaging machine with 4 stainless steel scales.

With multi head scale.

Manufacturer GOLPACK.

Model: Four.

Year: 2020.

With dosing mat for pots.

Model: EP35.

Voltage: 220V.

Frequency: 60Hz.

For products such as gra...
Delgo grain packing batcher
Visualizar Vídeo Delgo grain packing batcher

Machine code: 136-173

Brand: Delgo

Components: BHS, Bonfiglioli, Coel, Instrutek, Lapp Group, Moeller, OMRON, Pial Legran, Siemens, Steck, Telemecanique, WEG

Weighing dry grain dosing machine.

To pack grains, nuts, peanuts, among others.

Manufacturer: Delgo.

Model: DG-2000.

With 12 positions / lines.

With molds for 250 g and 500 g pots.

With scale and Weg controller.

Principais compon...
SASA Automatic stainless steel bagging machine
Visualizar Vídeo SASA Automatic stainless steel bagging machine

Machine code: 058-873

Brand: Sasa

Automatic stainless steel bagging machine.

Manufacturer: SASA.

Model: EG - 60 - G / AB.

Year: 2015.

Voltage: 220V.

For open bags up to 60 kg.

Thread baggers with frequency inverter.

Electronic scale with digital weighing indicato...
Metering / Weighing with load cell and double stainless steel silos brand Donar
Visualizar Vídeo Metering / Weighing with load cell and double stainless steel silos brand Donar

Machine code: 306-317

Brand: Donar, MVL

Components: WEG

With vibrating chute feeder for solid products.

Presence sensor for container packaging, moved by conveyor belt with talisca.

The equipment has two stainless steel silos, each silo has a scale/load cell and a CLP itself.

CLP brand GTA.
JCV semi-automatic dosing weigher
Visualizar Vídeo JCV semi-automatic dosing weigher

Machine code: 608-531

Brand: JCV Maq

Semi-automatic dosing weigher.

Manufacturer: JCV.

Model: Versatil.

Dosing system with three chutes.

With parts in contact with the product in stainless steel.

Approximate weighing capacity for dry products: 30 g to 1 kg.*
*depending o...
Golpack dosing filling machine
Visualizar Vídeo Golpack dosing filling machine

Machine code: 264-482

Brand: Golpack

Dosing filling machine.

Fanricant: Golpack.

Model: LR 700.

With 50 operational programs, according to the type of product to be weighed.

Cycle per hour: 600.

Approximate weighing capacity: from 5 g to 3 kg.

Area of contact with the ...
Semi automatic filling machine for Mirainox aluminum pots
Visualizar Vídeo Semi automatic filling machine for Mirainox aluminum pots

Machine code: 864-202

Brand: Mirainox

Semi-automatic filling machine for pots with aluminum lid.

Manufacturer: Mirainox.

Model: CG 900.

Approximate production: 1100 packs per hour.

For pots from 40 g to 2 kg.

Quantity of pots: 10.

With rotating disc.

Automatic activa...
Golpack grain and powder filling machine
Golpack grain and powder filling machine

Machine code: 357-663

Brand: Golpack

Weighing stainless steel dosing machine.

Manufacturer: GOLPACK.

Model: Three.

Year: 2008.

With three scales.

For grains, powders, teas and solubles....
Complete and automated line for the production of powder products
Complete and automated line for the production of powder products

Machine code: 071-476

Complete and automated line for the production of powder products.

Raw material receiving platform equipped with bag extractor and Big Bag.

Receipt of raw materials made of stainless steel and rounded profiles with low loss and contamination....
Mixer in stainless steel with screw
Mixer in stainless steel with screw

Machine code: 234-255

Industrial mixer in stainless steel with screw and VFD....
Fillers doser for sweets line Hansella
Fillers doser for sweets line Hansella

Machine code: 540-562

Brand: Hansella

Cream rinsers with piston.
Brand: Hansella.
Model: Werke....
Continuous feeder MCI for Pasty products
Continuous feeder MCI for Pasty products

Machine code: 074-262

Brand: MCI

Continuous dosing system MCI brand to Pasty with frequency inverters, 2 2 engines, 1 nut screw and with bypass system, manufactured all in stainless steel.
application: fillings for cakes, pies, pastries, sweets, pulp, etc....
NIPPON packaging dosing bagger
NIPPON packaging dosing bagger

Machine code: 848-036

Brand: Nippon

Packaging dosing bagger for open bags.

Manufacturer / Brand: Nippon Indústria de Máquinas Ltda.

Model: 307 PM.

Year: 2022.

It was used to bag collagen mix/blend. (food powders)

Screw bagging machine for open-mouth bags weighing 5 and 2...
Selector and weigher for Lenke meat cuts
Selector and weigher for Lenke meat cuts

Machine code: 734-083

Brand: Lenke

Stainless steel weight grader for meat cuts.

Selector and weigher for steak cuts.

Manufacturer: Lenke.

Model: CPL 1200.

Year: 2015....
JHM Automatic Weighing Packer
Visualizar Vídeo JHM Automatic Weighing Packer

Machine code: 137-573

Brand: JHM

Automatic weigher.

Manufacturer: JHM.

Model: Helimatic.

Voltage: 220V.

Year: 2017.

Power: 880 Watts.

Structure in epoxy paint and all surfaces in contact with the product in stainless steel....
Complete line for cassava production
Complete line for cassava production

Machine code: 314-108

Brand: Hobart, JHM, Milainox

Complete line for the production of cork type cassava.

Approximate capacity: up to 375 kg / h.*
*3 tons per day.

Line composed of:

- Stainless steel pans. (4 units to confirm availability).
Approximate capacity: 300 liters.

With winch a...
Dosing machine with automatic triple scale Cetro
Dosing machine with automatic triple scale Cetro

Machine code: 176-210

Brand: Cetro

Dosing machine with automatic triple scale.

With 1900 mm vertical conveyor with supply.

Manufacturer: Scepter.

Year: 2020.

Voltage: 220V....
Mecapack JHM vertical dosing packer
Mecapack JHM vertical dosing packer

Machine code: 086-301

Brand: JHM

Vertical packaging and dosing machine for snacks, among others.

Brand: JHM.

Packing model: Mecapack MD-200L.

Dosing model: Helimatic.

Approximate productivity: from 480 to 600 packages per hour.

It has a lifting mat....
Visualizar Vídeo

Machine code: 338-302

Brand: Fermac

Fermac weighing machine.

Type: Exact 4.

Voltage: 110v.

Dimensions: 2.65 m high x 1.00 m wide x 1.20 m long....
Weighing of fruits and vegetables
Weighing of fruits and vegetables

Machine code: 180-774

Brand: MRE

Weighing of fruits and vegetables.

Brand: MRE.

For weighing from 500 g to 2,500 g.

Production between 5 to 12 weighings per minute.
Semi automatic weighing machine Matisa
Semi automatic weighing machine Matisa  [unavailable

Machine code: 585-321

Brand: Matisa

Semi automatic weighing machine.

Brand: Matisa.

Model: M. B1 / B.

Year: 1996.

With silo conveyor, elevator mugs.

Voltage: Three phase 220 V....
Dosing machine Helimatic
Dosing machine Helimatic  [unavailable

Machine code: 853-864

Dosing machine.

Brand: Helimatic....
Dosing Machine Maximatic JHM
Dosing Machine Maximatic JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 776-446

Dosing Machine Maximatic.

Brand: JHM.

Model: CLP 3000....
Weight control system Garvens Automation
Weight control system Garvens Automation

Machine code: 185-106

Brand: Garvens Automation

Weight control system Garvens Automation.
Fermac currently weighing for grains
Fermac currently weighing for grains  [unavailable

Machine code: 007-000

Brand: Fermac

Grain weighing machine.

Brand: Fermac....
Weigher High Dream
Weigher High Dream  [unavailable

Machine code: 330-241

Weighing BA model Embrapac -3
Weighing BA model Embrapac -3  [unavailable

Machine code: 045-218

Brand: Embrapac

Embrapac BA -3 model weighing
for weighing and filling Machine for mechanical linear scale or through load cell Pack grains, flakes, or similar farinácios.
weighing 100 to 600 grams

k12k * Equipment *...
Weighing packer JHM Helimatic
Visualizar Vídeo Weighing packer JHM Helimatic  [unavailable

Machine code: 736-040

Brand: JHM

Weighing packer JHM Helimatic.

Brand: JHM.

Model: Helimatic.

Year: 2016.

Power: 1980 watts.

Voltage: 220V - 60hz - F + N + T.

Electronic weighing system with PLC system with digital controls and liquid crystal.

Helical vibrating ...
Automatic weighing machine
Automatic weighing machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 643-205

Automatic weighing machine

- Voltage: 220 V three-phase.

- Components: 01 engine generating 0.75 KW of power.

- Dimensions, 1490 mm long by 740 mm wide.
Filling machine JHM
Filling machine JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 741-753

Brand: JHM

Filling machine.

Brand: JHM.

Model: Helimatic in stainless steel.

Voltage: 220V.

Capacity: 320 to 460 packs per hour....
Vertical wrapping machine JHM
Vertical wrapping machine JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 833-774

Brand: JHM

Vertical packing for solids.

Brand: JHM.

Model: MecaPack.

Year: 2010.

With vibrating chute and load cell.

Brand: JHM.

Model: Helimatic.

Estimated production capacity: 11 packages / minute, varies according to the format, environm...
JHM helical weighing machines
Visualizar Vídeo JHM helical weighing machines  [unavailable

Machine code: 714-115

Brand: JHM

JHM helical weighing machines.
Stainless steel machine with vibrating trough dosing.
Capacity approx. 5,000 parcels per day....
JCV automatic packer and weigher
Visualizar Vídeo JCV automatic packer and weigher  [unavailable

Machine code: 537-810

Brand: Inkjet, JCV Maq

Automatic packaging and weighing machine.

Brand: JCV.

Automatic packaging machine: model JC-E160.

Approximate productivity: 600 packages/hour.

Dosing scale: model JC 1400.

Approximate weighing capacity 30 / 1000 grams.

Year: 2018.
Bravaeco powder screw dosing weighers
Bravaeco powder screw dosing weighers  [unavailable

Machine code: 441-012

Brand: Bravaeco

Thread dosing weighing machine for powders.

Brand: Brava Eco.

Approximate Dimensions:

Height: 2.10 m.

Width: 1.20 m.

Length: 1.20 m.

Hood measures: side 620 mm X height 750 mm....
Semi-automatic food wrapping machine JCV
Visualizar Vídeo Semi-automatic food wrapping machine JCV

Machine code: 175-334

Brand: JCV Maq

Semi-automatic food wrapping machine.

Brand: JCV.

With programmable HMI....
Automatic grain weigher Dosetec
Automatic grain weigher Dosetec  [unavailable

Machine code: 044-686

Brand: Dosetec

Powder and grain dispenser.

Brand name: Dosetec.

Weigher, grain and powder metering unit composed of two scales, vibratory chute and feed hopper.

It has the scales with movable buckets articulated with automatic discharge.

Capacity of eac...
Packing and weighing machine JHM
Packing and weighing machine JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 433-852

Brand: JHM

Automatic packing machine.

Brand: JHM.

Weighing machine.

Brand: JHM.

Year: 2016....
Weighing machine JCV
Weighing machine JCV  [unavailable

Machine code: 378-301

Brand: JCV Maq

Solid weighing machine.

Brand: JCV.

System of transport by vibratory chute and balance with load cell....
Helical weigher JHM
Helical weigher JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 035-871

Brand: JHM

Weighing machine helical.

Brand: JHM.

Model: CPL 1000.

Year: 2011.

Estimated weighing: 420 to 720 weighings per hour, depending on the product.

With scale.

220 V....
Weighing dosing JHM
Weighing dosing JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 758-727

Brand: JHM

Heavy and liquid product weighing machine.

-Brand: JHM machines.

-A machine has change for liquid dosage.

- Machine part in stainless steel....
Emzo to post thread filling in stainless steel
Visualizar Vídeo Emzo to post thread filling in stainless steel  [unavailable

Machine code: 177-361

Brand: Emzo

Emzo to post thread filling in stainless steel.
Model: DT-10 p....
Scale Ishida
Scale Ishida  [unavailable

Machine code: 110-227

Brand: Ishida


Brand: Ishida.

Model: 212-S-CCW - JOB 92/10207....
Vibratory weigher for solid products JHM
Vibratory weigher for solid products JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 185-107

Brand: JHM

Vibratory weigher for solid products.

Dosage made through vibratory system.

Brand: JHM.

Stainless steel....
JHM maximatic weighing
JHM maximatic weighing  [unavailable

Machine code: 501-013

Brand: JHM

technology: precision in measurements or counts. Touchscreen Panel (CLP) with 100 memory programs for different products and weights.
Practicality: Small, for various products such as grains, powders, herbs, biscuits...
Weigher JHM
Weigher JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 252-264

Brand: JHM


Brand: JHM.

Model: Mediomatic CLP 1000....
Packing machine JHM
Packing machine JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 815-762

Brand: JHM

Packing machine.

Brand: JHM....
Weighing machine for powder JHM
Weighing machine for powder JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 450-706

Brand: JHM

Weighing machine for powder.

Brand: JHM.

Model: CLP 1000.

Year: 2011.

Usage time: 200h.

Voltage: 220V.

Estimated yield: 360 to 600 weighings per hour, depending on the weight of the product and the operator.

With martelete in the...
Food weighing machine JCV
Food weighing machine JCV  [unavailable

Machine code: 134-481

Brand: JCV Maq

Food weigher to be packaged.

Brand: JCV.

Model: JC 1400.

Two thick rails with vibration and a thin front gutter for weight adjustment.
with excellent precision in the final package.

Ideal for:




Packing Machine Golpack
Packing Machine Golpack  [unavailable

Machine code: 168-525

Brand: Golpack

Packing Machine.

Brand: Golpack.

Model: 5000.

Series: G 5000.

Year: 2007.
Dosing machine JHM
Dosing machine JHM  [unavailable

Machine code: 663-460

Brand: JHM

Dosing machine.

Brand: JHM.

Model: CLP 3000.

Voltage; 220 v.

With scale....

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