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Electric Pumps

Main brands:

Agimix, Alfa Laval, Forum Energy, FPS, Galileo, Hilge, Jormary, Ksb, Leeson, Netzsch, Omega Ice, Omel, Paem, Plumat, Selovac, Sollich, SPX, Sterling Sihi, Washguard, Watson, Watson Marlon Bredel, WEG

Electric Pumps
Pumps are fundamental equipment in various industries to transfer fluids, liquids or gases from one point to another. Here is information about the function, operation and some common types of pumps used in industry:

1. Function:

Fluid Transfer: The main function of pumps is to transfer liquids or gases from one place to another.
Pressure Increase: Pumps are often used to increase the pressure of a fluid, facilitating its movement through pipes or systems.

2. How It Works:

Displacement Principle: Pumps operate based on different displacement principles to push or pull fluid. This can be done through pistons, rotors, gears, diaphragms, among others.
Suction and Discharge: The general process involves suction of fluid from a point of origin and discharge at a point of destination. The movement of the fluid is generated by the action of the pump.

Centrifugal pump:

It uses an impeller to create a centrifugal flow that moves fluid away from the center of the pump. It is widely used for transferring water and low viscosity liquids.
Positive Displacement Pump:

It includes different subtypes such as piston pumps, gear pumps, and lobe pumps. These pumps physically displace the fluid, providing precise and controlled transfer.

Diaphragm Pump:

It has a flexible diaphragm that moves in and out of the pump chamber, generating vacuum and pressure to transfer fluid. It is used for viscous, corrosive or sensitive liquids.

Pump vacuum:

Removes air or gases from a container, creating a vacuum. It is used in a variety of applications, including industrial processes, laboratory research and refrigeration systems.

Gear Pump:

It has rotating gears that transfer fluid from one part of the pump to another. It is effective for viscous liquids and in high pressure applications.

Submersible Pump:

Designed to operate completely submerged in the fluid. It is commonly used in water pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and other drainage applications.

Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP):

Ideal for viscous and abrasive fluids. It uses a specially shaped rotor inside a stationary cavity to push fluid through the pump.

Jet Pump:

Uses a high-pressure fluid to create a vacuum and suck in other fluid. Can be used in chemical and viscous liquid transfer applications.

Screw Pump:

It has interlocking screws to move the fluid along the pump shaft. It is effective for viscous liquids and in various industrial applications.

Peristaltic Pump:

Uses flexible tubes and rollers to compress and decompress the tube, moving fluid through the pump. It is suitable for sensitive liquids, as the fluid does not come into contact with parts of the pump.
Reciprocating Piston Pump:

Uses reciprocating pistons to displace fluid. It can be used in a variety of industrial applications.
Vane Pump:

It has rotating vanes inside a cavity to move the fluid. Can be used in vacuum and liquid transfer systems.

Importance in Industry:

Pumps are vital for a variety of industrial processes, including food production, water treatment, the chemical industry, oil and gas, among others.
They allow the efficient transport of fluids in complex systems.
They are essential to maintain continuous flow in many industrial processes.
In summary, pumps play a critical role in a variety of industrial sectors, facilitating the controlled transfer of liquids and gases to support different production processes and operations.
Alfa Laval sanitary transfer pump
Alfa Laval sanitary transfer pump

Machine code: 884-628

Brand: Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval sanitary transfer pump

- Pontecia: 7.5 hp - 3 phases.

- Voltage: 220/380 V.

- A 19.1 / 11.1

- Hz 60

- 3,500 rpm...
Modular vacuum system Sterling SIHI
Visualizar Vídeo Modular vacuum system Sterling SIHI

Machine code: 407-254

Brand: Sterling Sihi

- Pump, modular vacuum system.

- Brand: Sterling Sihi / Flowserve

- Model: PL 126 M 10 0A

- Complete technical description of equipment and manual:

Pump to incorporate fruit
Pump to incorporate fruit

Machine code: 248-336

Brand: Omega Ice

Pump to incorporate fruit, pulp, or other products into ice cream or processes.

Product dosing pump.

Brand: Omega Ice.

Model: Mix Pump.

With lung tank.

Frequency inverter for mixing in the tank and frequency inverter in the pump....
Plumat stainless steel transfer pump
Plumat stainless steel transfer pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 587-523

Brand: Plumat

- Transfer pump in sanitary stainless steel.

- Brand: Plumat.

- Manufacture: German.

- q 7.8 m 3 / hr.

- 44.57 m.

- Power: 5.5 Kw - n 2,900 min.

- 2 m 2....
Stainless steel tank with sanitary pump
Stainless steel tank with sanitary pump

Machine code: 640-858

Brand: FPS

Components: Lafert

Gear pump with dosing hopper.

Equipment built in stainless steel.

Brand: Food Process Solutions, Italian FPS.

Voltage: 380 V.

Frequency: 60 Hz.

Power: 1/1 Kw....
Stainless steel fluid transport system
Stainless steel fluid transport system

Machine code: 622-033

Fluid transport system with centrifugal pump in stainless steel-Unilever Origin
Metering pump Omel
Metering pump Omel  [unavailable

Machine code: 154-671

Brand: Omel

Metering pump.

Brand: Omel.

Model: NSP 4 / P / Triplex.

Worked with dosage of reagents.

Capacity: 4,000 L / h.

Pulsations: 116 p.m.

F-150 connections Ø.

Operating pressure: 5 kg / cm².

Pres Aliv: 5.5 kg / cm².

NP SHR 2.0 M....
Water pump KSB
Water pump KSB

Machine code: 504-002

Water pump.

Brand Name: KSB.

Model: WKL 150/3.

Flow rate: 288 m³ / h.

Year: 19972.

ALT. MAN. 157 m.COL.LIQ (m.c.a)

Rotation: 1750 rpm....
Centrifugal pump CAM 75 CV Forum Energy
Centrifugal pump CAM 75 CV Forum Energy  [unavailable

Machine code: 140-831

Brand: Forum Energy

Centrifugal pump Cam.

Brand: Forum Energy.

Year: 2012.

Pump bought and never used.

Quantity: 3 units.

Capacity: 720 m3 / hour.

Max mass: 341 kg (750 lb).

Maximum pressure: 1734 Kpa (250 psi).

Engine: suport 200 HP, using 75 hp...
Sollich chocolate pump
Sollich chocolate pump

Machine code: 573-238

Brand: Sollich

Chocolate pump.
Brand: Sollich.
Model: STP6000....
Pumps for chocolates
Pumps for chocolates

Machine code: 402-314

Pumps for chocolates....
Sanitary fluid pump
Sanitary fluid pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 641-166

Sanitary pump for liquids.

Stainless steel contact piece....
Dual Stage Vacuum Pump Galileo
Dual Stage Vacuum Pump Galileo  [unavailable

Machine code: 658-678

Brand: Galileo

Double stage vacuum pump.

8 units.

Brand: Galileo.

Year: 2007.
Stainless steel transfer pump Hilge
Stainless steel transfer pump Hilge

Machine code: 038-448

Brand: Hilge

Stainless steel transfer pump

Brand: Hilge

Model: Euro Hixgia - 1 - Bloc - Super

Serial Number: 72/10/202804 - sap. 96757085

Q 7.0 m 3 / hr H 43 M.

P 5.5 Kw-N 2.900 min.

Stainless steel tank
Stainless steel tank  [unavailable

Machine code: 347-350

Brand: Laybolt, Selovac

Stainless steel tank.
500 litres capacity of double wall with thermal oil heating in 6 levels.

Tank for high vacuum and pressure up to 6 kg per cm square with agitator and with speed reducer.
With double mechanical seal for vacuum and pressur...
Pumping system for pasty products
Pumping system for pasty products  [unavailable

Machine code: 236-247

Pumping system with motor, reducer, panel and pump in stainless steel.

For pasty products.

3.2 CV.

1600 rpm.

160 volts.

With transformer for 280 volts....
Sanitary centrifugal pumps 1 cv
Visualizar Vídeo Sanitary centrifugal pumps 1 cv  [unavailable

Machine code: 505-751

Sanitary centrifugal pumps.

Equipment in stainless steel 304.

1 C.V engine

Brand: WEG.

More information on the boards.

Two units, to be confirmed....
Stainless steel lobe pump Leeson Washguard
Stainless steel lobe pump Leeson Washguard  [unavailable

Machine code: 475-676

Brand: Leeson, Washguard

Stainless steel lobe pump.

Brand: Lesson Washguard.

Engine: 5 hp.

R.P.M: 1165.

With reducer....
Agimix sanitary centrifugal pump
Agimix sanitary centrifugal pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 837-071

Brand: Agimix

Components: WEG

Sanitary centrifugal pump.

Brand: Agimix.

Engine: 7.5 hp.

R.P.M: 1740.

Frequency: 60 Hz.

Equipment in stainless steel 304 with protective cover.

Seal with mechanical seal....
Netzsch stainless steel helical positive pump
Netzsch stainless steel helical positive pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 461-356

Brand: Netzsch

Components: WEG

Positive helical transfer pump.

Brand name: Netzsch.

Internal stainless steel equipment.


Weg electric motor....
Worm pump Netzsch
Visualizar Vídeo Worm pump Netzsch  [unavailable

Machine code: 510-704

Brand: Netzsch

Worm pump.

Brand: Netzsch.

Ideal for pasty pumping.

Stainless steel interior.

With silo for receiving the product....
Transfer pump in stainless steel
Transfer pump in stainless steel  [unavailable

Machine code: 173-620

Brand: Alfa Laval

- Transfer pump in stainless steel.

Type Sol 10c2.

- B 190 mm.

- Brand: Alfa Laval.
Water pump WEG
Water pump WEG  [unavailable

Machine code: 065-867

Brand: WEG

Components: WEG

- Water pump.

- Pump with reducer and support for the propeller assembly.

- Serial Number: r17544.

- Model: C216F

RPM: 1725.

- WEG engine.

- Voltage 220 / 380v....
Stainless steel transfer helical pump Netzsch
Stainless steel transfer helical pump Netzsch  [unavailable

Machine code: 716-712

Brand: Netzsch

- Transfer pump with helical axle for liquid and pasty product.

- Stainless steel interior.

- With motor and reducer.

- Origin: multinational pharmaceutical industry....
Gear pump Jormary
Gear pump Jormary  [unavailable

Machine code: 743-754

Brand: Jormary

Gear pump.

Stainless steel.

With panel, stand.

With 1 valve in the support for compressed air.

Gear pump.

With Weg brand motor....
Industrial pumps Ksb
Industrial pumps Ksb  [unavailable

Machine code: 742-866

Brand: Ksb

Industrial pumps.

Brand: KSB.

New 500 m³ pump with 150 hp engine.

Quantity: 2 equipments.

New 200 m³ pumps with 150 hp engine.

Quantity: 2 equipments.

New 40 hp immersion pumps....
Peristaltic pump Watson Marlon Bredel
Peristaltic pump Watson Marlon Bredel  [unavailable

Machine code: 148-264

Brand: Watson Marlon Bredel

Components: SEW

Peristaltic pump.

Brand name: Watson Marlon Bredel.

Model SPX 80.

For high flow.

Capacity: 39,100 L / H.

capacity per turn: 11.7 l.

Maximum discharge pressure: 16 Bar.

maximum temperature: 80 ° C.


Motor reducer:...
Pneumatic diaphragm pump
Pneumatic diaphragm pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 008-468

Pneumatic diaphragm pump.

With 1 "input and output connections.

Flow up to 53 GPM and 200 LPM.

Constructive material of polypropylene.

Its construction in conjunction with a wide range of materials, offers greater resistance to chemical c...
Plate heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger  [unavailable

Machine code: 416-428

High pressure pump, Eric Murphy's phone.
Parts in contact with product manufactured in 316 stainless steel.
2 input SMS, SMS 1.1/4 output.
80 bar safety valve.
9 KW engine.
Cast-iron shaped body coated with anti-corrosion epoxy paint.
Pump vacuum Paem
Pump vacuum Paem  [unavailable

Machine code: 477-388

Brand: Paem

Vacuum pump.
Panem brand.
Engine 1 CV, 550mg, air 40 m³ / h....
Peristaltic pump-stainless steel  SPX
Peristaltic pump-stainless steel SPX  [unavailable

Machine code: 420-431

Brand: SPX, Watson

Peristaltic pump-stainless steel Supplier SPX Watson...
Plastic Centrifuge Pump
Plastic Centrifuge Pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 044-184

Plastic Centrifuge pump
Centrifugal Pump Bomax Max model 071/Bloc 2
25 HP Motor 2 p 04002303707
No.  ...

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