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Main brands:

, Consolid, FNB, Ralf Winter, Razi, Sulinox, Veolia, VIMA, Zegla

The industry uses a variety of filters for different purposes, depending on the type of process, substances to be filtered and specific requirements. Here are some common types of industrial filters:

Air Filters:

Bag filters
Cartridge Filters
Paper filters
Electrostatic filters
Water Filters:

Sand Filters
Activated carbon filters
Membrane filters (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis)
Disk filters
Oil Filters:

Cartridge Filters
Centrifugal filters
Magnetic Filters
Solid Particle Filters:

Press filters
Rotary Drum Filters
Basket Filters
Gas Filters:

Activated carbon filters
Ceramic filters
Fiberglass Filters
Chemical Process Filters:

Nutsche pressure filters
Plate and frame filters
Bag filters
Liquid Particle Filters:

Cartridge Filters
Screen filters
Gravity Filters
Biological Process Filters:

Aerobic biological filters
Anaerobic biological filters
Filters for Specific Materials:

Polymer filters
Metal filters
Ceramic filters
Filters for Specific Fluids:

Blood filters (for medical applications)
Hydraulic fluid filters
Transformer oil filters
These are just a few examples and the diversity of industrial filters is wide, varying according to the specific application and process requirements. Each type of filter is designed to handle certain types of contaminants and operating conditions.
Stainless steel filter bag
Visualizar Vídeo Stainless steel filter bag

Machine code: 547-544

Stainless steel filter bag.

Dust collector with shaking system.

Approximate measurements:

Overall height: 2600 mm.

Inner diameter: 410 mm.

Bottom diameter (outlet): 115 mm.

Distance from outlet to floor: 560 mm.

Side width: 820 m...
Industrial dust collector
Industrial dust collector

Machine code: 286-066

Brand: Razi, VIMA

Two industrial dust collectors.

Unity 1.

Brand: Razi.

Model: RZ - CP3BT.

With 3 H.P.

Voltage: 220V.

Frequency: 60 Hz.

Unit 2.

Dust collector.

Brand: VIMA....
Stainless steel bag Consolid
Stainless steel bag Consolid

Machine code: 818-064

Brand: Consolid

Stainless steel bag.

Brand: Consolidated

Equipment in polished stainless steel 304.

This equipment can be combined with screw conveyors we have in stock, as well as other silos, powder mixers and feed line assembly....
Vertical stainless steel diatom filter Zegla
Visualizar Vídeo Vertical stainless steel diatom filter Zegla

Machine code: 574-615

Brand: Zegla

Ground filter for beverages and liquids.

With vertical plates.

Brand: Zegla.

For 8,000 L.

Manufacturing Standard: ACS.

Stainless steel.

With filters.

With support for top and bottom cover....
Filter sparkler 50 L
Filter sparkler 50 L

Machine code: 472-874

Filter sparkler.

Stainless steel.

Capacity: 50 liters.

With pump....
Silo for powder feeder
Visualizar Vídeo Silo for powder feeder

Machine code: 402-414

Brand: Consolid

Silo for powder feeder.

Brand: Consolidated

Equipment in polished stainless steel 304.

With engine and exhaust.

With new filter set.

This equipment can be combined with screw conveyors we have in stock, as well as other silos, powder m...
Cabin with bag filter
Visualizar Vídeo Cabin with bag filter

Machine code: 163-446

Cabin with bag filters.

Dust collector.

Filter quantity: 25.

Approximate filter measurements:

Diameter 110 mm x 1860 mm Height.

Approximate external measurements for transport: (Height x Width x Length)

2600mm x 1200mm x 1200mm.
Diatomaceous earth filter for syrup drinks Ralf Winter 9000 liters
Diatomaceous earth filter for syrup drinks Ralf Winter 9000 liters

Machine code: 271-558

Brand: Ralf Winter

Filter for syrup and drinks diatomaceous earth in stainless steel.

Manufacturer: Ralph Winter.

Approximate capacity: 9,000 liters / hour.

For filtering simple syrup and beverages.

Year: 2014.

Self-cleaning equipment with vertical plate...
Softening filter
Softening filter

Machine code: 551-803

Softening filter.

Diameter 1300 mm.

cylindrical height 2.20 m.

Plate thickness 9 mm.

Number of crepines 70.

316 stainless steel crepes.

diameter of 50 mm.

height of 60 mm.

3/4 "thread....
Water filter
Water filter

Machine code: 356-523

Water filter or pressure vessel type softening filter.

Number of crepe holes: 100.

Crepine dimensions: diameter 50 mm.

Diameter: 1800 mm.

Cylindrical height 4500 mm.

Side plate thickness: 12 mm.

Mirror thickness: 3/4 ".

crepines ...
Pressure vessel softening filter
Pressure vessel softening filter

Machine code: 440-713

Pressure vessel type softening filter.

Diameter: 1500 mm.

Side height (cylindrical): 2000 mm.

Side plate thickness: 12 mm.

Tops thickness 1/2 ".

Crepine fixing mirror: 12mm.

Number of crepes: 100.

Crepine: diameter 60 mm.

Industrial active carbon filter 20.000 L Veolia
Industrial active carbon filter 20.000 L Veolia  [unavailable

Machine code: 724-044

Brand: Veolia

Industrial active carbon filter.

Brand: Veolia.

Useful volume: 20,000 L.

With 200 crepines.

Operating Pressure: 7kg.

8 mm plate.

Empty weight: 3,507 kg.

Production capacity in operation: 45 m³ each.

Application: Water filtrati...
Filter nucha
Filter nucha  [unavailable

Machine code: 041-152

Filter nucha.

Nucha filters are much needed equipment in places that perform the separation of solid and liquid elements from corrosive solutions.

There are various filter models, such as the pressure filter, the pressure filter with agitator a...
Sparkler stainless steel filter
Sparkler stainless steel filter  [unavailable

Machine code: 041-053

Capacity tank 120 liters.

With internal plates.

Filter Sparkler....
Dust collection system with bag filters Elite
Dust collection system with bag filters Elite  [unavailable

Machine code: 643-430

Dust collection system with bag filters.

Capacity: 15,000 m³ depending on the particles.

Brand: Elite Industrial Equipment.

Filter with 120 bag filters.

Equipment was used to collect soot from the burning of the boiler, filtering the air ...
Filter for stainless steel processes Sulinox
Filter for stainless steel processes Sulinox  [unavailable

Machine code: 554-545

Brand: Sulinox

Filter for stainless steel processes.

Brand name: Sulinox.

Year: 1999.

Diameter: 440 mm.

Cylindrical height: 330 mm.

Empty weight: 357 kg.

Operating weight: 507 kg....
Dryer Filter nucha FNB
Dryer Filter nucha FNB  [unavailable

Machine code: 756-640

Brand: FNB

Dryer Filter nucha.

Vacuum dryer pressure filter.

Brand: FNB.

Filter liquid solid.

For extraction filtration and vacuum drying.

Hermetic system.

Filter surface from 0.07 to 15 m².

Process volumes: 19 L 15,000 L.

Operation by l...
Rotary filter
Rotary filter  [unavailable

Machine code: 138-201

Components: SEW

Rotary filter
SUPPLY DESCRIPTION 01 Rotary Drum vacuum filter type Belt with 350 ft. ² area,
dimensions Ø 8 x 14, predominant material 316 l stainless steel manufacturer Door Oliver.

2 BASIC SCOPE: Rotating Type vacuum Belt Filter Ø 8 x 1...

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