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Alcohol industry

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Thermo Quality

Alcohol industry
An alcohol plant, whether for the production of edible ethyl alcohol or ethanol for use as biofuel, uses a series of specialized equipment to carry out the production processes. Below are some of the main types of equipment commonly found in an alcohol plant:

Chippers or Shredders:

Used to crush and prepare raw materials, such as sugar cane or corn, before the sugar extraction process.

Extractors or Mills:

Responsible for extracting the sugar-rich juice or juice from the raw material, such as sugar cane juice.


Tanks where the fermentation process takes place, in which microorganisms convert sugars into alcohol. Fermenters are essential for the production of ethyl alcohol.


Equipment used to separate alcohol from fermented liquid, through the distillation process. This helps increase the alcohol concentration in the final product.


In some plants, especially in the production of fuel ethanol, dehydrators are used to remove water from alcohol, thus increasing its concentration.


Used to separate solids and liquids, often applied in the sugarcane juice separation process or in the dehydration stage.

Heat exchangers:

Equipment that helps control temperatures at different stages of the process, ensuring ideal conditions for fermentation, distillation and other thermal processes.

Storage Tanks:

Reservoirs to store raw materials, intermediate products and the final product. These tanks can vary in size and purpose.

Cooling towers:

Used to dissipate heat generated during thermal processes, such as distillation.

Control and Automation System:

Control panels and automated systems to monitor and control processes in real time, optimizing operation efficiency and safety.

Effluent Treatment Equipment:

Systems to treat liquid effluents generated in the production process, ensuring that waste is managed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Power Generation Systems:

In some plants, generators are used to produce the energy necessary to operate the plant, often using by-products of the process, such as sugarcane bagasse.
These are just a few examples of common equipment in alcohol plants. Specific equipment selection may vary depending on the type of raw material, the production process, and the specific goals of the plant.
Ethyl alcohol production and methanol reducer
Ethyl alcohol production and methanol reducer  [unavailable

Machine code: 156-434

Ethyl alcohol production and methanol reducer.

Line consisting of:

Column B vaporizer

Year: 2006.

Maximum allowable working pressure: 0,70 Kgf / cm².

Hydrostatic test pressure tube side and shell: 3 kgf / cm².

CM column vaporizer.
316 stainless steel columns
316 stainless steel columns  [unavailable

Machine code: 085-310

Brand: Thermo Quality

complete set with heat exchangers * 4 k12k * 1. Column-A
Diameter of 800 m
12 m length 3 meters (skirt)
14 k12k * 2 * trays. Column-B
Diameter 1.100 m
length 16mts 4mts (skirt)
16 k12k * trays * All s...

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