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Vacuum forming

Main brands:

Dae Kwang Machiery, Hilgeland, Renamak

Vacuum forming
Vacuum Forming Machines in Industry:
Vacuum forming machines are industrial equipment used to mold heated thermoplastic materials, such as plastic sheets, into specific shapes. These machines are commonly used in the production of low-cost plastic parts, such as packaging, trays, automotive panels, toys, and other industrial and consumer components. Let's explore its function, functioning and some common types:

Function of Vacuum Forming Machines:

Plastic Molding:

Vacuum forming machines mold heated plastic over a mold to create three-dimensional parts.

Mass production:

They are effective in mass production of identical plastic parts.

Low cost:

They offer a low-cost solution for the production of simple or complex plastic parts.
How They Work:

Material Heating:

A sheet of thermoplastic plastic is heated until it becomes malleable. It is generally done by infrared heating or by oven.

Positioning on Mold:

The heated sheet is positioned over a three-dimensional mold that defines the shape of the final piece.

Vacuum Application:

The machine creates a vacuum between the heated sheet and the mold. This makes the plastic conform to the shape of the mold.

Cooling and Solidification:

The plastic is cooled to solidify into the desired shape. This may involve the use of cooled air or water.

Removal of the Molded Part:

The molded part is removed from the machine, ready to be used or undergo additional finishing steps.

Common Types of Vacuum Forming Machines:

Single Tabletop Vacuum Forming:

Suitable for low volume productions. The plastic sheet is fixed to a frame and lowered onto the mold.

Double Table Vacuum Forming:

Allows simultaneous production of two pieces. Each side of the machine operates independently.

Continuous Thermoforming Machines:

Used for continuous mass production. The plastic sheet is fed continuously through a conveyor system.

High Speed Vacuum Thermoforming Machines:

Designed for rapid production of small parts, with short molding cycles.

Dual Station Thermoforming Machines:

They allow one station to prepare the plastic while the other performs the molding, increasing efficiency.
The choice of machine type depends on specific production needs, volume, complexity of the parts and the type of thermoplastic material used.
Automatic vacuum forming thermoforming machine Dae Kwang
Automatic vacuum forming thermoforming machine Dae Kwang

Machine code: 853-875

Brand: Dae Kwang Machiery

The machine was assembled and rotated for only a week, being used to make blisters for cell phones of two big companies.

The machine is Korean.

Brand Name: Dae Kwang Machiery.

Model: 2F8100S.

It has 11 m in length and the table of 1200 x ...
Vacuum Forming-30 hours of use
Vacuum Forming-30 hours of use  [unavailable

Machine code: 714-755

Brand: Renamak

Vaccum Forming machine VF 600 x 1200 MM (frame Locking Manual)
Marka Renamak-30 hours of use
* area of 600 x 1200 MM forming course of 400 MM
* Shapes PS sheet, PVC, PET, PETG, ABS, EVA from up to 5 mm thick
* CLP for heating control with 4 ...
Vaccum forming machine Hilgeland
Vaccum forming machine Hilgeland  [unavailable

Machine code: 677-686

Brand: Hilgeland

Vacuum forming machine.

Brand Name: Hilgeland....

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